There are certain websites that are not accessible by visitors who resides in a different country other than that of the website’s main office. Say you want to watch your favorite TV show online but because users from your country are prohibited from accessing the page, you weren’t able to watch it. Our IP addresses reflect our exact locations. That is how they can detect your country of origin. The IP address is basically the identification of each computer all over the world.

But how can you access a certain website that prohibits you from accessing their page primarily because you belong to an alien country? Yes, this can absolutely be done just by sitting comfortably in your own home. This is possible with the help of a Virtual Private Network service or VPN for short. The concept behind a VPN is simple. Your real IP address will be represented by another IP address that is acceptable to the website you are viewing the video from. It’s like tricking the server that you are actually a resident from the country they are operating in.

A VPN service will also give you extra security when you are browsing the internet. Say for example when you use the google search engine. Everything that you have searched for for the past years are recorded in their database. In short, they can track where the queries are coming from. But as long as you have a VPN service, your IP address will never be tracked. They can track the masked IP address all they want and waste their time doing so.

You can be a United States resident with a VPN. You can enjoy all your favorite shows without getting blocked by certain websites. You can watch Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. online all you want.

Experience limitless internet surfing

What’s the essence of a “World Wide Web” if you can’t even access all the sites? The internet was invented so that all of us can share information or data even if we are miles apart. So what’s the point of restricting users from other countries, right?

An example of a very strict internet access is that of Saudi Arabia. The government controls and limits their residents on what is accessible on the internet and what is prohibited. If you belong to a country such as Saudi Arabia, using a VPN would be very beneficial.

Learn how to change IP country, hide your ip, and ‘virtually reside’ in another country using a VPN connection. Experience all the good things the internet has to offer. Get a VPN service right now and go beyond the limit.