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If you play online games through your video game console, you know that you are probably being spied on. Privacy concerns may be inherent in the design of the game itself, such as games that require access to your webcam or microphone. This […]

A POODLE attack intercepts communications between browsers and web servers. If successful, it can expose users’ private information, such as passwords and payment card numbers. What is a POODLE attack? Discover and understand What is a POODLE attack? contents Understanding the POODLE attack […]

Data is worth a lot of money, most people know that by now. However, few really understand the data market. This is because the majority of players are rather secretive and it is easy to see why. What is a data broker? Find out and understand. What is a data broker? […]

Data privacy is not just a business concern, it is also a personal issue, as much of this information is private. It is therefore very important to know what data privacy is and why it is essential. As data becomes more and more digitized, it is very […]

Data-driven business models have seen unprecedented growth and their rise has raised awareness about the importance of data. Many people are aware that they are the product of any free online service. Today, most people are well aware of the value of their data. Why is it so valuable to have our data? “It’s all […]

Often debated with governments in many countries, but rarely discussed with the general public, net neutrality is, to this day, a very important part of Internet freedom. It was in 2018, that the topic received the most media coverage. Net Neutrality has ended in the United States. In reality, this principle […]