Privacy Policy

Personal data and how to protect your personal data

In general, you are not required to provide us with any personal data when you visit our website

However, this principle has some exceptions. Indeed, for certain services offered by my site, you can be brought to communicate certain data to us such as: your name, your function, the name of your company, your electronic address, and your telephone number. This is the case when you fill in the form that is offered online, in the “contact” section. In any case, you can refuse to provide your personal data. In this case, you will not be able to use the services of the site, in particular that of requesting information on our Internet site, or to receive our newsletter.

Finally, we may automatically collect certain information about you when you browse our website, including: information about your use of our site, such as the areas you visit and the services you access, your IP address, your browser type, and your access times. Such information is used exclusively for internal statistical purposes, in order to improve the quality of the services offered to you.

How to protect your personal data

On our website we will answer the question “how to protect my personal data”, we will answer it and explain you how with the help of advices and also with the help of VPN software.

One of the uses of VPN software is to protect your personal data, in addition to allowing you to access geographically protected content, like Netflix for example.

A VPN software allows you to anonymize your internet connection by hiding your personal data (especially your IP address which allows to track you individually) from the websites you visit and from your internet service provider, or from hackers or other government agencies that would listen to the internet links between you (your computer) and the website you visit.

In short, to protect your personal data and your privacy in general, read the articles and eventually subscribe to a VPN service.