Here’s Why You Can’t Trust a Free VPN

A lot of internet users still don’t understand and appreciate the importance of using a VPN. There are tons of reasons why people should be connected to a VPN service.

Ideally, you need to be connected to a professional or premium VPN service to be able to maximize the many features and advantages that comes with a full VPN product such as privacy, security, and anonymity. If you only browse the internet every now and then, using a free VPN should suffice too.

Concerns With Free VPN Services

The problem with free VPNs is that you are only getting half the service that you’d get with a full VPN. In our opinion, using a free VPN service is almost the same as not using one at all. Furthermore, free VPN services also come with other concerns like tracking and a lack of security.

More often than not, people that use free VPNs have too many complaints with the service they chose. Issues such as advertisements, capped bandwidths, slow connections and unresponsive support are just some of the many problems people face with free VPN services. Aside from under-performance, there are also concerns with free VPNs regarding data collection and privacy.

Often a VPN provider may start out as free but will eventually start charging. Let’s take FrootVPN for instance. When it hit the market in October 2014, people thought it was some kind of a scam as it was offering free and unlimited VPN services. It turns out it would eventually start charging for its VPN services.


Many believe that companies offering free VPN services are only after consumer data that are then sold to third parties for marketing purposes. Some VPN providers will sell you out.

Another thing to be wary of when considering a free VPN service is the legitimacy of the provider. In some cases, there are free VPN software that are in fact just hacking tools for breaching user data. It’s too late when victims realize they’ve just downloaded a deceptive free offer.

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Are Free VPNs Really Useful?

We have nothing against free VPN services but you are only getting half of the features with a free version of a VPN service and that can be a bad thing.

Premium VPN products don’t cost much. Most paid VPN services cost under $10 a month but you’ll get an effective and unrestricted VPN connection.

But since you’re opting to use a free (VPN) service, we recommend that you use the services of a dependable VPN provider. Check out our review of the VPN service providers offering the best free VPN services.

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