VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN (https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn) is a VPN service that has been around since 2010 – making it one of the very first commercial VPN products that became publicly available for personal use. The Swiss VPN service provider is brought to you by Golden Frog – a company that is well-known for its rich history of elevating user privacy.

VyprVPN seems to be a favorite VPN service among VPN users across the globe. That being said, our goal in this article is to provide a detailed review of the overall VyprVPN product offering.

So, what’s all the fuss about VyprVPN? Let’s take a closer look at what VyprVPN has to offer in this comprehensive VyprVPN review.

Security and privacy features

First things first. Before even purchasing a VPN service plan, it is important to know the security features you are signing up for.

Data protection and logging privacy

Being based in Switzerland, VyprVPN generally complies with the Swiss laws and regulations regarding data protection. Switzerland’s privacy laws are actually favorable to VPN users because the Swiss constitution guarantees that user privacy is a priority.

In recent news, the Swiss and US government has reached an agreement (US-EU Safe Harbor Framework) that further guarantee the protection of data flow from the two said countries. Knowing the jurisdictions that VyprVPN complies with, it’s somewhat reassuring that the company does value user privacy.

In terms of logging practices, VyprVPN states that it collect and record certain user information for billing and troubleshooting purposes and also to keep its system up-to-date.

Connection logs are stored in the VPN client but are never sent to Golden Frog or VyprVPN. Among the information being stored are IP addresses (user IP and VPN server IP), connection durations (start and stop time sessions), and total data / bandwidth consumed.

VyprVPN assures the users that it only retain recorded data for 30 days.

VyprVPN product features

VyprVPN offers many VPN features and also some exclusive and proprietary technologies that is only available with a VyprVPN plan. The VPN service provider offer fast and secure connections through its own servers – yep, VyprVPN does not use 3rd party VPN server providers.

With its optimized global VPN network, VyprVPN can seamlessly provide fast and highly secure VPN connections.

VyprVPN now has over 73 server locations operating in 64 countries. Over 200,000 IP addresses are readily available for users to connect to – maintaining unrestricted internet speeds that is ideal for accessing streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

The VPN service does not restrict or cap bandwidth usages. With VyprVPN, you will always have unlimited speeds, downloads, and even server switches.

Aside from the regular VPN client, VyprVPN also offers its very own Chameleon technology that prevents VPN blocking and throttling. The VPN client is also equipped with the VyprDNS feature, which automatically activates when you connect to the VPN network.

NAT Firewall can also be activated with the PRO and PREMIER plans. The added layer of security will make sure that suspicious programs and accesses are prevented from reaching your device or computer.

Pricing plans and promo

VyprVPN has made its VPN plans more personal and at a much affordable prices. VyprVPN now offer two main VPN plans which are the basic VyprVPN and the Premium VyprVPN Plan.

If you opt for the basic VPN plan, you can choose to be billed monthly or annually. If you choose the former method, you will be billed US$9.95 per month. You can save 50% if you opt for the annual billing which will only cost you US$60.00. With the basic plan, you get unlimited data usage and can use the account on 3 devices simultaneously.

The Premium plan comes with better features. For only US$12.95 per month, you can enjoy 5 simultaneous connections, unlimited data usage, your own dedicated cloud VPN server, and an exclusive access to the Chameleon technology. VyprVPN’s Premium plan can be purchased monthly or annually. Annual billing costs US$80 per year.

Users can pay with their credit card, Alipay, or with Paypal. We would also like to see the Swiss VPN company add other payment options such as Bitcoin so those who are looking to completely transact anonymously online can do so with ease.

VyprVPN has removed their old seven-day money back guarantee and now offering a three-day free trial. This implies that you don’t have to pay for the free trial, and if you desire to continue with the VPN service, you will be billed from the fourth day onward. Otherwise you can terminate the service within the three days. You will still need to provide your payment details to activate the trial period though. VyprVPN promises to grant refund requests as long as they are reasonable. It would appear that there are not many complaints regarding refunds.

Device compatibility and performance

VyprVPN is compatible with numerous devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebook and wireless routers. VyprVPN will also work on older phone models like Blackberry and Windows Phone but may need to be manually setup.

All major security protocols are supported by VyprVPN. You can use OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP or Chameleon (unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit).

Currently, VyprVPN has servers in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Marshall Islands, Algeria, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

One of the benefits of using VyprVPN is that it allows unlimited switches between servers. This is actually an advantage on VyprVPN’s part, but there are no dedicated IPs. Dynamic IPs are offered to all their customers.

Traditionally, VPN companies chose to install several different server farms in a specific country or server location. For instance, if a company has chosen the UK as a server location, there will be multiple servers and IPs that will be identifiable to the user as uk1, uk2, uk3, etc. as the prefix to the server address or URL. VyprVPN, on the other hand, chose to install a single server farm with multiple clusters.

This ensures that the user will only have access to a single server address starting, like ‘uk1’, but behind that, you’ll find multiple clusters that will reroute traffic according to the load or speed/bandwidth deficit. VyprVPN claims that this automatic server re-routing and switching will reduce downtime, which will, in turn, have positive effects on the user-experience.

VyprVPN has done well in the speed tests. Realistically, one can expect speeds ranging from 40-60 percent of the available browsing speed. At best, we were able to reach around 69 percent of the maximum available browsing speed, making VyprVPN an above average VPN service provider in the industry.

Without VyprVPN
With VyprVPN (PPTP)

You can stream videos and enjoy a few medium-sized downloads at pace. But if you are really working on an extremely fast network, you will find that VyprVPN has its speed capped to cater to all of their customer demands (VyprVPN says that they offer unlimited speeds). In essence, the percentage of speed available loses its significance, but for the sake of privacy and security, the speed can be justified.

VyprVPN is quite reliable, but there have been instances when we have experienced drops in speeds. It can lead to extended website loading times, and you will also see timeout errors. This can be rectified by switching to a different server or changing your security protocol. If that doesn’t work, you can also try the customer service to see if there is any existing issue.

Installation and aftersales support

Installation is pretty straightforward. Just download the VPN client app and install it on your device. On Windows operating systems, the TAP adapter will need to be installed too in order for the VPN to work. Upon installing the VPN app, it will automatically ask permission to add the TAP adapter.

There are also specific apps for mobile devices that you can download and install on your device. Unfortunately, only Android and iOS users have this privilege. If you want to use VyprVPN on other devices, you can simply use the OpenVPN client and manually setup to make the VPN work.

There are tutorials to help you with installation and configuring the software, or you can also contact their customer care.

VyprVPN promises quality customer service, and all the correspondence is through email, live chat or ticket system. The live chat is available 24×7 and you can avail of round the clock assistance from the helpful staff. Other VPN providers claim they have live chat support when in fact it’s barely even online.

Support ticket systems are notorious for their reputation of being backlogged. It might take a while to get through to support using the email or ticket system. The fastest option for reaching customer service should be the live chat feature. Once you reach a representative, you will find them to be helpful and attentive.


VyprVPN is excellent for those who expect safe and reliable web browsing with greater protection from security issues. With the recent reduction in subscription cost, VyprVPN will give you the highest performance available on the market today. The application can easily launch upon login and run smoothly in the background.

VyprVPN allows you to enjoy unlimited usage and bandwidth, which is indeed a significant plus point to really commit to VyprVPN.

Product Summary


  • Fast connections
  • Extremely secure
  • Straightforward installation


  • Limited payment options
  • Only two VPN plans (monthly, annually)

More details about VyprVPN and special deals can be found on VyprVPN’s website. If you have any comments to this VyprVPN review, please express your opinions in the comment box below here.

33 thoughts on “VyprVPN Review

  1. Simply put it, this is a bad service. It works slow, you can’t get above 1Mbit/ps with it, you can’t access many websites because many have blacklisted their servers. Better go for some other VPN. I personally use Hide My IP VPN much better than Vypr.

  2. Vypr are scumbags. Avoid.
    To explain, BBC and Amazon have successfully blocked them for six months now. Six months. Every expat friend of mine who uses other VPN services isn’t having any problems. Worse, Vypr tech support made me waste hours of my time troubleshooting when they must have known the problem is their end.
    And to add insult to injury, their auto-renewal kicked in and I’ve paid for a year of a service that doesn’t do what I need it to do. I would have cancelled the auto-renew but the wording when doing so suggests the service will stop working straight away and not at the end of the subscription (it won’t stop straight away). They haven’t offered me a refund either.
    The silver lining is that I’ve discovered Unlocator, which is vastly superior. But I’m still paying twice for the same thing.
    This is a highly competitive marketplace and business practices such as this need to be punished by customers. Please, do not use Vypr – and if you do, please cancel your subscription and use someone else.

    1. Still waiting my claim for their 30-day Money Back Guarantee. My local ISP provides same service at a much lower price. Live Support with Chat just keeps telling you your case is being attended but no email advice ever. I was quickly shut off from any access to their service after I filed the cancelation but they are taking their sweet time processing my claim. Scum bags.

    2. Access to streaming sites such as Netflix USA, Amazon and the BBC iPlayer currently work with our service. Sometimes when these types of streaming services step up their efforts to block VPN services it is done on many levels and it is a game of cat and mouse to keep access to these sites open. It could be that certain IP addresses are being blocked by the streaming service while some still work, some servers may be blocked while others are still open. This is why the VyprVPN support team will work with our users in trying to find a way to get connected to these services. As mentioned already, VyprVPN is currently working consistently well and is not blocked by services such as Netflix USA, The BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Sky GO, Sky Go Italy and Amazon etc.

      Auto-renewal – We state clearly in our Terms of service “Your service will automatically be renewed at the end of each service period, repeating the length of the previous service period, unless you cancel. You can upgrade your service, downgrade your service, or cancel your service by using our online Control Panel located at: http://www.goldenfrog.com/ All accounts are renewed automatically until a cancellation request is received.”

  3. Vyprn VPN did not work for me in China. It worked fine when I was home, once I got to China, no use of it. Other VPNs did work. The problem is their customer service which is terrible (and thus you lose money waiting for them to answer) and the fact that if you post something against it on some website which most probably gets paid to post the “best” VPNs for China, your comment doesn’t appear.

    1. We noticed the above comment was made back in 2015. The Chinese Government continues to heavily crack down on VPN services and is very successful in blocking them, however, thanks to our proprietary Chameleon technology which was created specially to help users in countries such as China, VyprVPN has had great success over the past couple of years helping our users access a free and open internet there. We also now have systems in place where we can constantly monitor how much China related traffic is flowing on our servers to help us quickly identify any issues and get a fix in place quickly (while we still see other providers struggling to get back online).

  4. VyperVPN keeps logs for 90 days. Or to quote: Golden Frog states that although they collect session data, they do so “for use with billing, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service. We maintain this level of information on a per-session basis for at least 90 days(…)”

    1. VyprVPN keeps a minimal amount of logs for 30 days (not 90 days). We retain session data for 30 days to use with billing issues, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service. We do not log a user’s traffic or the content of any communications. Unlike a lot of other providers that claim they do not keep logs, we are transparent with our logging policy. You may also want to read our 7 myths about logging and anonymity article for more information about VPN logging: http://www.goldenfrog.com/blog/7-myths-about-vpn-logging-and-anonymity

  5. Pretty good service. No problems 3 months into using it. I love the ‘fastest server’ option that automatically connects me to the fastest server. Cool apps all round.

  6. VyperVPN is great. Although I started to have issues to connect to Netflix at all since end of January 2015. I don’t know if this is temporary or if netflix has now also worked out how to block Vypr.

  7. I’m using (latest beta) on the Mac. At this point none of the “quit” routines work. The app, itself, has to be force quit when the service drops a connection to the server. Previously, if a connection dropped while the Mac was unattended, Vypr would make one or two attempts to reconnect, then just “hang.” The workaround was to open Macintosh>Utilities>Activity Monitor.app, and force quit the “vyprvpnservice.”

    A re-connect would then take place, successfully, without having to quit the application, or reboot, or whatever people were doing. It was the vyprvpnservice that was actually preventing the so-called “auto-reconnect” which is supposedly a feature of the application.

    Over the last five beta updates, the app has gone progressively downhill. These people either aren’t testing the builds, or, if they are testing, then the persons going the alleged testing are incompetent.

    Not recommended.

    1. Thanks Brian. I’m also using VyprVPN on Mac OS X and I agree it’s not working well. I have two major problems with it: Every time the app is updated, I have to re-enter my login credentials. When computer wakes up from sleep it cannot automatically re-establish VPN connection. I have to quit the application and open again. Not sure if VyprVPN/GoldenFrog are aware of these issues. It’s definitely about time to fix them. Anyway… just my 5 cents.

      1. The comments made on our Mac app are from 2014 when the app was still in beta. Our Mac app is now a robust one which now includes features such as:

        • Connection per app. Manage and customize VPN connection behavior on a per-app basis for more control of your online privacy.

        • Kill switch. Enable Kill Switch to automatically block all Internet and network traffic when VyprVPN disconnects or is not enabled.

        • Fastest Server Selection. Set VyprVPN to connect to the fastest server location available or ping test any 70+ global server locations to see different speeds.

        • Connect On Untrusted Wi-Fi. When you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network, VyprVPN will automatically connect and encrypt your Internet traffic.

        • Port Selection. Automatic or manual selection for UDP traffic.

  8. Wow, super impressive. I thought I’d just be using it for a trip to China over the summer as I’d heard good reports about Chameleon. Now i’m back and i’ll continue to use it as i’ve never felt so safe online. Good apps that come with vyprvpn too.

  9. I used the trial quite some time ago and liked the service a lot but the price put me off back then so I passed them over. Just found out that they now offer yearly accounts that work out a lot cheaper and I have to say they are worth every penny now. I travel a lot for my job and vypr is a life saver, even in China!

  10. Best vpn i’ve used so far by far. I can easily watch netflix and the BBC i-player. I always connect with my first attempt which hasn’t been the case with my previous providers.

  11. I’m new to vpns but saw the Colin Nederkoorn video showing how fast he was downloading netflix and took a chance with vypr. Very happy customer. In regards to logs I’m not doing anything shifty or illegal online so I don’t see what the issue is.

  12. Same comment than for HideMyAss: What About privacy, security, anonymity, logging policy ? Have you reed their TOS ??? One of the worst vpn I think.

  13. My problem with them is they keep logs, and that kind of defeats the purpose of a VPN don’t you think?

  14. Windows version of VyprVPN application could not be installed on my PC running Windows 7. Support said that it was a “known issue” which was going to be resolved soon. Until then I was supposed to put up with it and connect to their servers manually. Having had so many other choices I decided not to wait and I cancelled the trial subscription.

  15. Oh my god I accessed the i-player so easily. I love this service. I never access the internet at all now without connecting to vypr first. I signed up for a monthly account to begin with but just upgraded to a yearly plan which works out a lot cheaper.

  16. I’ve been very happy with vypr. I’m surprised people are calling it a scam. I believe being a Swiss registered company means they come under Swiss jurisdiction even if they have offices in the US or elsewhere. I’m pretty sure HMA work similar to that in that they’re based in the UK but have support based in the Croatia/the Czech republic or somewhere in that region anyway.

    Anyway my experience with vypr has been nothing but positive. It was very easy to set up and my speeds are good. I’ve never had a single problem getting connected.

  17. VyrpVPN is a scam. They false advertise that they are based in Switzerland when all they have there is a PO Box.
    They are actually located in Austin, Texas and even their support hotline is under a US phone number.

    That’s why they also repeat several times on their site that their respect US laws and regulations.

    They also keep logs for 90 days.

    Stay away from this scam site – you are not protected at all.

  18. After 2.2.2 the service is nothing but a pain in my a$$.

    NEVER HAD PROBLEM with 2.2.2! Since upgrading 2.3.x it will not connect automatically. I am so sick of rebooting and deal with these a$$holes.

    Their support is joke! Been dealing with this for over a month. I can role to 2.2.2 and it works fine.

  19. i have not had a great experience. Inconsistent and nukes my connection all the time. VyperVPN came as part of a bundle (with two other subpar programs) for another service i use. It’s been a waste of money for me. i would never pay for this thing on its own.

  20. I have had an excellent experience with VyprVPN for the past 3 years. No complaints there, they're reliable, and if you cant' set it up on a mac it's because you're dumb. Google works much better than any tutorial.

  21. My experience is entirely the opposite. VyrpVPN is not easy to install on OS X. No app exists. The setup instructions provided for OS X do not correspond to what I actually see on my MacBook. One method requires me to buy another tool. Another wants me to download and use unknown software from Google's code repository. None of their setup instructions work. I have filed several trouble tickets. They promise a 15-minute response, but all i have are auto replies. It's either broken or a scam.

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