What is a VPN Router

vpn over router

If you have multiple computers and devices connected to your network, and want them all to be routed through a VPN connection, you can configure the VPN connection directly on your a VPN compatible router. By doing so, you don’t need to configure each device separately, as your router will automatically connect all devices on the network to the VPN service.

This is especially useful for connecting devices with no built-in VPN support, such as games consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii), Apple TV, and other set top boxes. The easiest way is to get a DD-WRT supported router. The DD-WRT supported router then acts as the client to connect to the VPN service and all traffic will go through the VPN – no configurations needed on individual devices.

Below is a list of the best VPN compatible routers, and which are additionally recommended by the VPN industry leader Hidemyass! Pro VPN. You can find individual reviews of some of the routers in the menu bar above (under ‘VPN Routers’).

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