Last modified June 5, 2014 by Paul Nash

ZenVPN Review

A new VPN service is emerging by the day, as if there aren’t hundreds of VPN services we can choose from already. But what this only indicates is that more and more people are now learning about the great benefits of VPN technology.

This only makes the VPN industry a tougher place to compete in, but there are still those that dare ride the wave along with reputable VPN companies. Among the newest VPN services is ZenVPN. Based on its branding, this seems like a good VPN service and that it can truly provide excellent anonymity services. But we’ll see.

In this short review, we will go over what ZenVPN has to offer. At the end of this review, we will answer the crucial question, is ZenVPN a reliable VPN service?

ZenVPN Service Offering


ZenVPN describes its VPN service as simple. Quite frankly, we can’t agree more. ZenVPN does not have various plans unlike other VPN providers. But instead, it offers two, a standard and an unlimited VPN service.

A standard ZenVPN service comes with 5GB of daily data transfer. This daily bandwidth should suffice if you only perform regular surfing activities. This VPN plan is available for subscription on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. The service costs $2.95 per week, or $5.95 per month or $49.95 per year.

As for the unlimited plan, the 5GB daily limit is dropped. Instead, users are treated to unlimited data transfers from their subscriptions. The service costs $5.95 per week, or $9.95 per month or $95.50 per year. Unfortunately, both the standard and unlimited plans are not available on quarterly, semi-quarterly or bi-annual subscription terms.

The good thing is that the every subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the service or if something is not working for you, just inform the ZenVPN team and they’ll process a refund for your order with no questions asked.

ZenVPN also offer free trial accounts. However, this free trial is very limited and users might not be able to fully test out what ZenVPN is offering.

ZenVPN Compatible Platforms

ZenVPN offers PPTP and IPSec support. Users can also manually set the VPN service on an OpenVPN software. The service will work on Windows platforms without any hassle. To use ZenVPN with other platfroms such as Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, users will have to follow the manual configuration instructions provided by ZenVPN.

Also, while there is a VPN client to download and install on your computer, it seems that it’s only purpose is to connect and disconnect from the network. If you wanted to change your location or IP address, you have to do it on the ZenVPN Web portal. Not only does it contradict its claim as being a ‘simple’ VPN service, but using the service can also cost inconvenience to users.

ZenVPN Server Locations

ZenVPN claims they have servers in 23 locations. You may check and change your Virtual Location by clicking on the location/s shown on the website.

Countries where ZenVPN has a VPN server are as follows: Netherlands, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Germany, US, UK, Russia, Canada, Chile and France.

ZenVPN Review Conclusion

Overall, we learned that ZenVPN offers a service that is good enough – not great and not bad either. Then again, ZenVPN is still a relatively new VPN player so let’s give it more time to grow and develop its service. But for now, we would recommend you check out other VPN services first.

So our answer to the question posted earlier is: Yes, ZenVPN is a reliable VPN service. But if you’re looking for a superb VPN service, ZenVPN is not what you’re looking for. You’re better off with a reputable VPN company.