VPNUK Review

VPNUK service is a recently opened VPN provider, that makes a lot of promises when you sign up to their service. While their website might look a bit amateur compared to some of the other websites that the competition boasts, they do provide a solid amount of information and set up guides for all of the different services that they offer. They attempt to go above and beyond the call of duty and in regards to offering enough information to make their service as easy to utilize as possible. VPN UK offers a number of different plans, each providing different features, making it easy for you to find the feature that you need in order to get the features and usability that makes the most sense for you.

Installation and Configuration

VPNUK offers a number of different ways to connect to their proxy servers. They offer traditional methods such as PPTP, L2TP, as well as some additional methods including the open source software OpenVPN, as well as smartDNS. For each of the different methods, the company offers an in-depth setup guide, that also includes the type of operating system that you will be utilizing in order to connect to the software. Their servers are able to be connected to on a variety of different systems including all Microsoft operating systems, mac OS X, IOS, Linux, Android, and a variety of other systems as well. Their in-depth guides provide you with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for setting up their VPN service, and connecting to their servers, which makes the process quite easy for those who are doing so for the first time.


Subscription Cost

The company offers a number of different plans that are each aimed at solving a number of different needs. Each of their plans are able to utilize any of the available connection methods in order to connect to their servers. Their most basic dedicated plan, the Static IP VPN plan, allows you to utilize multiple and single user accounts, provides unlimited bandwidth and usage, and has servers available in the United Kingdom, Italy, and in the United States of America. This plan provides you with a unique IP address that remains static for only £9.99 per month. They also offer a Shared IP VPN plan, which gives you access to a dynamic IP address. This plan Utilizes all of the basic connection methods, but allows for multi user accounts, with up to two users, unlimited bandwidth and usage, access to over 17 different countries and multiple servers within those countries, amounting to a total of more than 100 different servers. The dynamic IP assignment and smart DNS access for only £5.99 per month makes it an excellent choice. They also offer a Dynamic IP VPN plan that is available for the same price, without all of the necessary bells and whistles.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

The speed, reliability, and bandwidth that is provided by VPNUK make them an excellent consideration. Their servers are hooked up to 100 Mbps nodes, which means that they will be able to deliver top-notch speeds. Additionally, each of their plans come with unlimited bandwidth and usage, which means that you will be able to utilize these accounts for a wide range of different uses including streaming HD video content, getting around geo-IP restrictions, or even downloading from peer to peer clients. All of the servers are quite reliable, with very little downtime and maintenance being performed on them. This makes them an excellent option for individuals that are looking to get around geo-IP restrictions, or connect from a variety of different servers, in order to remain completely anonymous while web surfing.


Server Locations

The company offers servers in over 17 different countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the United States, and Norway, among others. This makes it easy for you to find a location that is going to be suitable for your uses, and also find a location that is going to be close enough your current location to provide you with the quick speeds that the company is able to deliver. Although 17 seems like a small number, for most users it is going to be more than enough. Veteran VPN users that are looking for servers to utilize in specific countries, will also be able to evaluate available options and determine whether or not the server locations that are provided by VPNUK will be enough.

Customer Support

VPNUK provides excellent customer support to their users. Not only do they have a live chat function available during business hours at any time of the day, but they also make e-mail support available . Members are able to use a support ticket system, giving you priority over the presales questions. They go above and beyond the necessary steps to make for excellent customer support, that is not only responsive, but quick. Even their e-mail sport is able to get back inquiries much quicker than you would expect, allowing you to get into contact with the company whenever problem should arise. Their customer support is one of their shining features.

VPNUK Review Conclusion


In the end, VPNUK is an excellent provider that provides a wide range of different services, including servers and over 17 different countries, with more than 100 servers to connect to overall. They offer excellent support, making them an prime subscription service for new VPN users, and veteran VPN users alike. Take your time, evaluate the available options and make sure that you utilize their set up guys in order to help walk you through the process of setting up your VPN server and also using it for the purposes that you would like to use it for. VPNUK has grown rapidly since their original launch, and they continue to grow their customer base rapidly because of the high quality of service that they provide. If you are looking for a provider that has the infrastructure in place to offer high speeds and quick, responsive customer service, VPNUK is an excellent choice.

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