Last modified May 14, 2012 by Paul Nash Review is a personal VPN service provider based in Sweden, but the company has recently expanded and have installed servers in other countries such as Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and the United States. prides itself in the fact that it does not keep logs of online activities, thus user data and privacy is completely protected, as even the VPN service provider doesn’t know what they are doing on the Internet.

In this short review, we will take a look at how stacks up with the competition. Availability and Compatibility’s client is a very easy to use OpenVPN client that can be setup in a matter of minutes. The client supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and even iOS and Android platforms. supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols.

The client sports a cool looking Dashboard that lets users log in with their username and password, as well as select the country they wish to use as their VPN server. The client also has a Connection guard feature, which forces listed applications to use the VPN connection instead of connecting directly to the Internet.

It should be worth noting that’s servers are based in the Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, US and the Netherlands, with datacenter capacities clocking in at 10Gbps. If you live within or near said countries, you may stand a better chance of getting good speeds. Pricing Details’s plans are competitive, even though the fact that they price it in euros may turn off individuals who are only paying attention to the numbers instead of the currency sign. The company doesn’t offer a free trial to customers, but it offers discounts on long term commitments.

The standard (OpenVPN) plan costs 5 euros for 1 month, 14 euros for 3 months, 27 euros for 6 months, and 49 euros for a year. This plan works with computer setups only. If you want support for mobile devices, better subscribe to the Premium plan. Premium package starts at 7 euros per month. Discounts are also available for multi-month subscription terms. Customer Support is also commendable for it’s customer support system. It provides a variety of support methods to cater to its growing number of subscribers. Users are provided with an email-based support, live chat and a FAQ page. Support is also available in 3 languages, English, Deutsch and Francais. Against the Competition

VPNTunnel’s biggest selling point is the fact that it doesn’t even keep their own log of customer’s connections, making them safer than the competition, because even themselves don’t keep track of what the clients are doing on the Internet.

As per the blog, there are users who complain of connectivity issues when connecting through their US based servers. We assume that this is because their US Data center is a new addition and they’re still ironing out the kinks. Their transparency regarding their problems with the US server speaks volumes about the company’s honesty and credibility. Review Conclusion’s lack of free trial may turn off users who don’t want to commit to a subscription immediately, but the company’s upfront honesty and the fact that they don’t keep logs of the users make a good choice. Their main servers being based in Sweden is also a big plus, since Sweden is one of the few countries where privacy and Internet freedom is respected by the government.