VPNReactor Review

A VPN is something all internet users need to have secured and anonymous browsing activities. If you don’t have a VPN installed in your system, you might just be exposing yourself, your personal information, financial information and even sensitive and important data to the entire cyber world.

If you want VPN-connections without paying for anything, you may want to consider VPNReactor. This VPN service provider offers absolute free-for-life VPN accesses. Read along and learn more about what VPNReactor has to offer. Check out this short and straight to the point review on VPNReactor.

VPNReactor FREE accounts

Just like any free VPN services out there, VPNReactor also has some limitations/restrictions with its free service offering. One limitation is that is doesn’t offer any support for FREE account users. Those having difficulties or technical problems with their free accounts may have to figure out the solution on their own. They can refer to the FAQ section on the company’s website for any issues.


Another drawback is the 30 minute time limit. After you’ve connected to the server for 30 minutes, it will automatically disconnect the VPN tunnel. To reconnect, you need to wait for 30 minutes before you can manually re-establish your VPN connection.

Aside from the 30 minute time limit, you also need to manually confirm your subscription to the free VPN service every month. You will receive a notification and if you wish to continue using the service, you need to click on a link to keep using your free account.

If you want to have full access to VPNReactor, you should get a premium account.

VPNReactor Paid Accounts

If you wish to subscribe to a premium VPNReactor plan, you have two options. You can either subscribe to a VPN MAX ($9.99/month) or VPN BASIC ($7.99/month). The only difference between the two is that VPN Basic doesn’t support L2TP/IPSec protocols. Both paid accounts have 7-day FREE trial periods.

VPNReactor Installation/Setup

Users can refer to the step-by-step installation guide from the website. The VPN client is available for Windows and Mac computers only. VPNReactor also has multiple servers located in the US, UK and the Netherlands.

The Verdict: Is VPNReactor a reliable VPN service provider?

Overall, VPNReactor is a good service. However, it is not as great as those that are already established brands such as HideMyAss!, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.

The 30-minute time limit for free accounts could be really annoying to a lot of users. But considering it is a free service, it is quite a good service for those who are not looking to spend a dime on a VPN subscription.

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  1. I cancelled my free 7 day trial after 5 days because it was slowing things down. They put my payment through paypal anyways and now they don't respond to me.

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