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Most likely, you have already seen a ninja – whether they are real ninjas or those that appear in the movies, in cartoons, even in video games and also in comic strips. Ninjas are often perceived as warriors that attack by surprise or when the enemy is most vulnerable. If there is anything that a ninja is good at, it is being stealth.

The ability to be stealth is very much needed in the cyber world. Anyone who uses the internet should be invisible so as to avoid all sorts of cyber threats like hacking. Only a VPN service can provide such feature that allows for safe and private internet browsing experiences.

Speaking of ninjas and VPN, there is one tool or service that truly masters the art of being a ninja and provides the best stealth solution. Introducing VPNinja – a VPN service / company that aims in fighting The Man’s increasing control of the internet. In this comprehensive review, we will look at how good VPNinja’s “stealthing” features are and whether it can indeed provide secured and anonymous surfing activities.

VPNinja Availability and Compatibility


VPNinja was founded in 2009 by individuals whose main goal was to provide a solution to the ever progressing issue on internet suppression and censorship. Whether they are REAL ninjas or not, we do not know. The VPN company is based in Hong Kong but it has multiple servers located in 5 countries. Servers are strategically located in the US, UK, Japan, France and Luxembourg.

VPNinja offers stealth mode by using the most common security protocols namely PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPNinja (OpenVPN). Both OpenVPN and L2TP provide 256-bit encryption, while PPTP provides 128-bit.

When it comes to speed, PPTP provides the most stable and fastest speed of the 3 protocols. This is because PPTP uses lower encryption levels. On the other hand, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols introduce some slowdowns due to heavy encryptions.

The service is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. The service will also work on Android and iOS which is a good thing since it allows users to bring the service (online security) wherever they go.

VPNinja claims to be 10x faster than its competition(s). It uses dedicated bandwidth so that users don’t have to bear with slow connections.

VPNinja will allow access to geographically restricted websites such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC One and others. For steps on how to setup the service, a detailed guide is provided on the website.

VPNinja Pricing Details

The company offers flexible VPN plans. First off, there is no free trial access. There is, however, a VPN package that is only good for 1 week. This service costs $3.00 – in a way, this serves as the trial account. This package comes with a 1-day refund policy. With the weekly plan, you already have 20GB of dedicated bandwidth.

For the standard monthly plan, the total price to pay per month is $6.00. The allotted dedicated bandwidth consumption under this package is 100 GB/bandwidth. VPNinja’s annual rate is $58.00 with a dedicated bandwidth of 1.2T.

Monthly plan comes with 2 days of money back guarantee while it is 3 days for the annual package.

VPNinja Customer Support


Complete setup guides are provided by the company. As far as customer support is concerned, it seems that VPNinja only provides an email-based support option.

VPNinja Review Conclusion

We enjoyed reviewing VPNinja and quite frankly, this VPN service is an excellent value for money. The service scored high on our tests and provided stable and fast VPN connections.

VPNinja is indeed a superior VPN service – it’s fast, reliable and affordable. We recommend using VPNinja to anonymously surf the web.

Be with a ninja today and never worry about your security ever again. VPNinja is truly the perfect VPN solution.

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  1. I’ve been with ninja since 2013 but from aug 3 to date (aug 6) it’s not been working and i’ve had no updates by email for 2 days. Thinking of moving to expressvpn.

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