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People who are extremely cautious with their web experience are more than willing to invest a few bucks in security-based tools. And it seems that people now prefer the use of VPN than of proxy services which are known to be unsafe for the most part.

The need for internet anonymity is becoming more widespread than ever. While both proxy and VPN services have IP-changing features, the latter gets the upper hand when it comes to completely securing the network. What proxy services lack, VPN makes up for it big time.

In recent years, more VPN companies sprouted all over the web. So if you are new to VPN services, you’d have a hard time figuring out which VPN service is better. One VPN company that claims to know the importance of protecting customer data is VPNHQ.

This VPN service is brought by a London-based company called UK2Group. If you don’t know what UK2Group is – it’s a reliable company that specializes in providing security and hosting services.

So is this VPN service any good? Let’s find out.

VPNHQ service information

VPNHQ is a fairly new VPN service and this can be a red flag for potential customers. But, in fairness to VPNHQ, it performs rather well compared to other VPN new players.

It does not have an extensive number of servers, but they are strategically located in 6 countries to cater to all its customers’ needs while maintaining the quality of service. VPNHQ has servers across 6 cities namely Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. in the US, London and Manchester in UK, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and in France.

VPNHQ allows unlimited server switches. So if you want to access sites such as HULU, HBO On Demand, BBC or EuroSport, you can change servers depending on the IP address required.

This VPN service will work for most platforms. It currently supports Open VPN and L2TP/IPSec. The service is also compatible with major operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. For those who needs an On-the-go VPN service, VPNHQ is also a good choice. It is guaranteed to work on Android and iOS based devices.

It does not take a genius to setup or configure the VPN service on the platform of choice. It took us about 5 minutes to get the service running. Simply follow the detailed instructions found on the website for setting up the service.

How much for it?

This leaves us with the most important question – how much does the service cost. For only $7 per month, you can already have full access to the VPNHQ service. Most VPN providers offer free trial accounts for users to test out the service before subscribing. VPNHQ has a unique way of offering free access though. Users need to subscribe to the standard plan first so they can avail of the 30-day free trial. It does not offer any refunds, but hey, $7 for 2 months is more than reasonable. Currently, payment processing is only available through credit cards and Paypal.

VPNHQ also provide various customer support systems. Users can reach the VPNHQ team through phone, live chat or email. The live chat and telephone options, however, are only available during business hours. So those who reside outside of the company based are stuck with the email support option. VPNHQ though responds to queries promptly so there really is no issue with customer support.

The Verdict: How does VPNHQ performs?

As much as we’d like to write a complaint about VPNHQ, we can’t do so. From the time we tested the service, we didn’t really find anything annoying or problematic. So we conclude this review with a good impression with VPNHQ. At the end of the day, we would recommend VPNHQ for anyone who is looking for a reliable VPN service.

What is your experience with the service? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “VPNHQ Review

  1. The link on this page links to a page where the security certificate expired (Almost 4 months ago).

    I have to say if this sort of thing is missed, it doesn’t inspire me to want to try this service. Even for $7 for 2 months. (It only takes 2nds to get infected or tracked).

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