VPNGeeks Review

Among the various VPN providers claiming to provide top notch security for you, VPN Geeks has been heard of often. A relatively new company established with the goal to cater to the ever increasing security needs of the customer, VPN Geeks provides foolproof Virtual Private Networks that can put your mind at ease every time you operate online.

Not only does the VPN service promise secure browsing activity, VPN Geeks also helps to protect any and every kind of information you use to run your website. From Credit Card details to email IDs and passwords, the company can be entrusted with all kinds of personal data with 100% security. However, despite all these features, subscribing with a Virtual Private Network Provider requires finances and constant IT support and infrastructure. Therefore, investing in one should be an educated and well thought out decision.

How well can VPN Geeks fulfill your needs and online security demands? Let’s have a look at some of the most salient features and pitfalls, of this company.

Server Location And Sites

At present, VPN Geeks has servers in 5 different countries. These include its home country, the Unites States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden and Ukraine. With these servers, you can have a private network that unlocks unlimited websites that would otherwise be restricted geographically. VPN Geeks also allows its subscribers to switch between servers unlimited times, thereby giving them the opportunity to unlock many more content rich portals like ABC, Hulu, NetFlix and HBO On Demand.

With security as a top priority, once you are on-board VPN Geeks, hiding your IP address to surf websites like Facebook or MySpace would be no problem at all! This is a definite plus if you live in a country that has blocked usage of such social forums.

VPN Bandwidth and Speed

Unlimited bandwidths and considerably high speed is characteristic of VPN Geeks’ service. While there is no restriction of how much content you download, company representatives are always present to suggest ideal usage capacities so that you can enjoy high speed streaming everyday.

With no restrictions on bandwidth, one of the biggest benefits of VPN Geeks is easy download of big files and heavy images- something not all providers facilitate.

Types of IPs Availbles

VPN Geeks offers various kinds of IPs. Depending on your need, finances and the duration for which you want to use the IP, a subscriber can take a pick from a list of choices. These include Dedicated IPs, Shared IPs, Shared IP Dynamic and Shared IP Static.

While all IPs serve the basic function of hiding your original IP address and providing a fake one to be used, there are a number of special features associated with each that can enhance performance and security manifolds.

Privacy Settings

VPN Geeks privacy setting revolves around a 128- 2048 bit encryption. It uses two protocols namely, OpenVPN and PPTP, both of which are ideal for different usages. While OpenVPN is the best service to use for instances that require high security such as financial transactions, PPTP is the best protocol to use for streaming and other loaded activities.

Privacy Settings are VPN Geeks’ strength. Even when you connect to public hotspots and Wi-Fis, the strong protocols in use keep you and your information 100% safe. With such measures in place, you can be absolutely sure of complete privacy at all times.

Compatibility With Systems

VPN Geeks’ VPN is compatible with all widely used software and hardware. These include Windows 7, iOS, Android, Windows Vista and Linux. It also has specifically designed applications for tablets and Smartphones. Moreover, installation of the VPN is a piece of cake, all thanks to the step by step instructions and guides provided.

Pricing Options

Payment for VPN Geeks’ VPN packages is monthly based; however, this monthly rate depends on the kind of package you chose. VPN packages differ in terms of the protocol you want to use for secure web browsing. The PPTP VPN package starts from $3.50 per month while the OpenVPN package starts from $8 a month. If you want security protocols that are a combination of two stand-alone protocols like PPTP based Dedicated IP, the cost can go up to $10 a month.

If you are one for free trials and refunds, try not to sound disappointed when you discover VPN Geeks do not offer free trials. Refunds are a rare occurrence as well, however, if a special situation arises it may be possible to demand a refund.

Is VPN Geeks Your Ideal VPN Service?

Choosing VPN Geeks as your service provider depends on what you prioritize: a large company with well established servers in many countries or an affordable VPN service that has commendable service and a number of packages to choose from.

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