VPNCast Review

VPNCast Review

VPNCast is a Canadian based VPN company launched in 2013. Being a new company, VPNCast does not seem to have what it takes to become one of the popular VPN service providers in the industry. We will find out more in this brief VPNCast review.

Installation & Configuration

Most VPN companies usually design their own VPN solution and offer a dedicated VPN platform for their users. VPNCast, on the other hand, utilizes a third party software known as Viscosity to offer VPN services. Viscosity runs on the OpenVPN platform and is highly efficient; therefore there are no concerns of speed, efficiency or reliability while using the VPN. Still, to be a proper VPN service provider, a VPN company should be able to design their own VPN terminal, which VPNCast failed to do so.

The Viscosity platform is easy to install and run, but finding the dialer is difficult. Normally a VPN company sends details of platform download and login parameters to their users directly through email correspondence. In Viscosity’s case, they will simply direct the users to the FAQ page, and it is up to the user to determine the source of download and setup instructions.

Mobile OS does not find any favors from VPNCast, as there are no dedicated guides for setting up VPN on any mobile device, either for iOS or for Android. VPNCast does offer 256 bit data encryption over PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN platforms.

Subscription Cost

There is only a single VPN plan available at VPNCast, but the company has complicated the selection process by diversifying their single package into different VPN package names. Currently they offer VPN services under ‘Torrent VPN Package’, ‘Bypass Censorship VPN Package’ and ‘Premium VPN Package’. In reality, all of these packages are one and the same, and VPNCast has simply diversified the names to attract different types of users into signing up for their services.

Cost of VPNCast subscription starts at $7.99/month. There are discounts available for the quarterly, semi-annual and annual packages. The quarterly and semi-annual package costs $6.99/month, and the annual package costs $4.99/month. While this is close to the industry standards, the pricing cannot be compared with other mainstream VPN service providers, largely due to the fact that VPNCast offers sub-par VPN features and services.

Payment options for subscription ranges from major credit cards to online payment gateways such as PayPal and Skrill (Moneybookers). They do offer a 30-days money back guarantee, but in the TOS, it is clearly stated that there are several restrictions associated with this money-back guarantee, and therefore, the maximum duration for a free trial is 48 hours. This is also not highly confidence inducing for the user.

Speed, Bandwidth & Reliability

VPNCast has certainly been left behind in this area, as most of their servers offer up to 60% efficiency in speed at maximum potential. This means that realistically, one can expect to tap into 60% of the available ISP speed while using servers from VPNCast.

VPNCast promises unlimited speed and bandwidth, but we are not sure if we faced speed caps or if the servers were truly clogged up during our test runs. We believe the speed deficiency arises from the low number of servers and limited server infrastructure.

Reliability issues were persistent, and we faced a lot of connectivity issues. The main problem with VPN is that a drop in connection usually exposes the original IP address, which is why a ‘kill switch’ or ‘DNS Leak Protection’ comes in handy. We did not get any similar feature from VPNCast.

Servers & Server Locations

VPNCast has servers in just 3 countries, US, Canada and Romania. Therefore, if you want to access content specific to the US, you can choose the servers from the US. However, if you want to unblock other geo-targeted content, you will have to choose other VPN service providers. The number of servers are severely limited, and this is one of the reasons why VPNCast performed poorly in the speed, bandwidth and reliability tests.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

VPNCast offers a torrent VPN option, but that is just an advertising gimmick to lure customers into signing up for a VPN service. We couldn’t find any ‘no-log’ policy on the entire website; therefore, we believe that VPNCast cannot be considered to be a truly anonymous and private VPN service provider. Also servers in US and Canada are always prone to jurisdictions of the US court, which makes VPNCast one of the least preferred VPN service providers.

Customer Support

VPNCast has been pro-active in adding a phone number to their website, but it only works during US (Eastern Time) working hours. There is a live chat function which also functions during US hours. This means that there is no 24X7 support. If you are lucky to get hold of a customer service representative, you can get a prompt response, but emails and tickets can get delayed responses.

We also found out that sales related questions were addressed at the earliest instance, while support and technical related queries from customers were given a back seat priority. This discrimination has serious implications, and we believe that such discrimination reflects badly on the company.

We can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the knowledgebase as well, since, there is only a small component of setup instructions provided for desktop VPN setup, and all other queries should be addressed by the user alone.

Issues & Problems

VPNCast is certainly full of issues and problems starting from the efficiency of the VPN services to the customer support. Being a new company does have its drawbacks, and we believe that VPNCast should revamp their services if they are to remain in the picture in the coming days.

Review Conclusion

VPNCast is not a VPN company that we would recommend due to a lot of issues. The subscription cost is way too high for the VPN services rendered, and we are aware of a large number of free VPN service providers that offer better VPN services for no cost at all.

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