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VPN4All is a provider that has a well established position within the VPN industry. First established in 2009, VPN4All has continued to grow as a company to offer more than 500 VPN servers in 50 different countries, making them one of the largest and most successful providers available today. Based in the Netherlands, they offer unrestricted VPN servers and a completely secure experience to users. Their huge number of servers are ideal for casual users that are looking to get around basic GEOIP restrictions and professional users alike. Because of their no-restrictions policies, they are also great for those that are looking to avoid bandwidth penalties from their own providers.

Installation and Configuration

The installation of VPN4All is about as simple as it gets, since they offer their own software to connect to their servers. This make sit especially easy for individuals that have never used a VPN before and a looking for a simple and straightforward way to connect to servers after they have subscribed. Their client can be downloaded and reviewed prior to subscribing to any plan. Additionally, on the “Downloads” page, they provide you with an in depth guide that allows you to ensure that you have a an understanding of how to go about installing the software. If you run into any issues during the installation or configuration process you can contact their support who is willing to walk you thorough the setup process individually.

Subscription Cost

VPN4All offers a number of different plans, allowing you to choose what is going to be the best for your situation. VPN4All is marginally more expensive than other options that ar eout there. Their basic VPN4All-50GB plan is for basic browsing, works on Windows and Mac, and has a 50 GB bandwidth limit per month. However, they do have more than 10,000 IPs in over 80 different locations available, mkaing it easy to remain anonymous and hide your surfing. The VPN4All-50GB plan will cost you $9.95 per month, which is more expensive than you would expect to pay at most competing companies.

vpn4all review

For unlimited bandwidth, their VPN4All-Unlim plan is available at $16.95 per month. This account is excellent for streaming and downloading. The pricetag is quite high, but the unlimited bandwidth is an excellent consideration for individuals that are going to be using their VPN services to get around GEOIP restrictions and access HD streaming content.

They also offer a mobile online plan, named VPN4All-Mobile. This is for mobile and tablet devices, and works on Android, iOS and Surface devices. This plan is available for $5.95 per month, and has a 5GB bandwidth limit per month. However, you still retain access to more than 100 IPs from more than 80 countries in the process.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

They offer both metered as well as unlimited plans, neither of which have any limits on speed, with only bandwidth amounts being restricted. Their high quality servers are connected to 1 GBPS dedicated ports that utilize smart routing technology to provide the fastest and most seamless experience to users. Their excellence servers are certainly where VPN4All stands out from the competition, and helps to justify the higher prices that they charge for their services.

You will not find more reliable servers in the business, with relatively little downtime for maintenance and enough servers to connect to to make occasional maintenance a minimal annoyance.

VPN4All also allows their servers to be used for peer to peer sharing, but this feature is limited to certain servers in specific locations including Germany, China, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Romania and Lithuania. Their excellent speeds and the fact that they have P2P servers available makes them an excellent consideration for individuals that are looking to download a large amount of data but would like to avoid doing it over their normal connection, or for individuals that are looking to get around GEOIP restrictions.


Server Locations

VPN4All stands out from competitors most of all in their choice of servers. They have more than 500 VPN servers available in more than 50 countries including in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Hong Kong, Bulgaraia, Romania, and Seychelles among others. This makes it easy for you to find the country of oyur choice and maximize the speed of your browsing experience. This also is excellent for users that are looking to avoid GEOIP restrictions by accessing content from another country. The wide choice of different options make it easy for you to customize your experience when using VPN4All.

Customer Support

As one of the larger companies in the industry, it is only logical that VPN4All should offer some of the best customer support in the business. They offer an extensive knowledgebase to help individuals that have common questions and a variety of guides to walk users through the process. They also make a 24/7 live chat support platform available, which you can use to receive immediate help from an expertly trained customer support representative. VPN4All also offers an email support ticket system that you can use to receive answers to less pressing questions and problems.


VPN4All Review Conclusion

VPN4All is a true leader within the industry. With more than 500 servers in total, the number of options that they make available to users has thrust them well beyond the expectations of most. This combined with the 1 GBPS connections make them an excellent choice for individuals that are looking to transfer a large amount of data or stream HD movies.

One thing that must be taken into consideration when considering subscribing to VPN4All is the fact that their prices are a little more expensive than you will find from other sources. However, their quality is much higher and you are definitely getting what you pay for in this case. Their many servers are very fast, and the unlimited plan makes them an excellent consideration for professional users that require the utmost in quality.

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  1. It may be “logical” that it has some of the best support in the business but did you actually try to get in touch with them via their Live Chat? I doubt it. I have tried three times (with no luck) and other reviewers have criticized this aspect of their service. So either you were very lucky when you tried or you’re just relying on logic in your presumptions, which is a lazy way of evaluating a company’s claims (and ultimately misleads your readers). Do a little research next time. They’re NOT God’s gift to anonymity on the internet as your article implies lol.

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