VPN Worldwide Review

VPN Worldwide is a Netherlands based company founded in 2011. VPN Worldwide is a provider of unhindered and secure connections across the globe with an array of products. It unblocks banned sites and ensures a safe wireless internet connection.


VPN Worldwide has a network of 15 servers centered mostly in the European region. It has five servers in the USA, 5 in United Kingdom, 1 in the Netherlands, 1 in Sweden, 2 in Czech Republic and 1 in Slovakia. The servers have an uptime of 99.97%. You can benefit from unlimited switching between the servers.

VPN Worldwide provides multiple protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPsec. The company website cites protocol recommendation based on the system you are using. It is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista and 7), Android, Linux and Mac OS. It can be used on both mobile devices and PCs.


VPN Worldwide has a huge variety when it comes to the product offering. There are products suitable for global customers and others suitable for specific countries. VPN Worldwide also offers special products for expats who might be having connection problems in host countries. Let us take a look at the offers.

Dedicated VPN- VPN Worldwide provides dedicated VPN with a static IP in multiple cities of all the six countries in its network. The monthly charges for this package are $11.99 for whichever server location you choose.

Dynamic VPN- VPN Worldwide provides dynamic VPN at all the servers. The monthly charges for a dynamic VPN are $9.99. The most popular package form the provider is the USA VPN plus USA TV at monthly subscription.

VPN Combo packs- You can choose a combo of servers from 2-6 countries. The charges are:

  • A combo of 2 countries costs $10.99/month
  • A combo of 3 countries costs $11.99/month
  • A combo of 4 countries costs $12.99/month
  • A combo of 5 countries costs $13.99/month
  • A combo of 6 countries costs $14.99/month

The more the countries in your combo, the higher the online anonymity you have.

P2P Torrent VPN-This package is available in fixed country combos. The servers that allow P2P torrent are:

  • Dedicated VPN Stockholm and Sweden cost $11.99/month
  • Dedicated VPN torrent Bratislava and Slovakia cost $11.99/month


There are a lot of payment methods for paying for the VPN Worldwide service. You can use 2CO, Liberty Reserve, credit card, PayPal, Ukash, web money and wire transfer. Credit cards include Discover, Master card, Visa etc.


The packages have a duration of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The subscription charges are charged at the start of the service (whether 1, 3, 6 or 12 months). The billing is recurring and will keep on charging to your account on every renewal date unless you cancel the subscription. Any issues regarding billing should be brought into the company’s knowledge in 90 days. If you fail to do so, you lose the right to claim.

Customer Care

  • Customer support if provided round the clock. You can email, live chat, call, fax or mail the support staff. Live chat is available on the company website www.VpnWorldwide.com.
  • For queries related to ordering and subscription, you can contact through email at [email protected] Technical queries can be sent at [email protected]
  • The site has a FAQ section detailing about common concerns regarding connectivity, security and service. You can also opt for instant response option on the site.
  • A setup guide is available on the site. For all operating systems- Windows, Android, Mac or Linux pictorial guidelines and protocol recommendations are available.
  • VPN Worldwide has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping customers with installation and setup. The links to the video are available on the site as well.
  • Moreover, the site has some testimonials from current users that may be helpful in judging the service.

Privacy Policy

VPN worldwide ensures safety of your information through SSL. Your credit card information is kept only as long as the transaction is in the process; on completion of the process, your information is removed. User information is not shared with anyone other than business partners and law agencies. In the event of violation of company rules or unlawful activity, your details can be retained for an indefinite amount of time. VPN Worldwide uses cookies for a better user experience, but if you don’t like that you can simply limit or block the cookies. VPN Worldwide provides a 100% refund if the subscription is cancelled within 3 days.


If you like variety then VPN Worldwide is the right choice. The long list of locally customized product options is surely appealing and you can choose a country combo based on your preference. The price tag is reasonable if we look at the benefits offered. However, the refund duration is short, i.e. 3 days only, which may not be enough time to decide whether to keep the service or not.

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