VPN Shazam Review

Have you ever heard of VPN Shazam? When I first learned about VPN Shazam, the first thing that came to my mind was the classic superhero Captain Marvel. He would shout the name (or words) SHAZAM! to transform into the mighty Captain Marvel. This would give him amazing powers to fight the forces of evil.


So I was intrigued by how VPN Shazam performs. Although it is not directly associated with the superhero Captain Marvel, I still wanted to know if VPN Shazam can give justice or equal to the might of the said superhero. Will it also be able to defeat the forces of evil online (e.g. cyber criminals, hackers, spammers, suppression of internet freedom)?

Hold on to your seats because we’re taking you to the furthest of the universe to explore the fullest potentials of VPN Shazam!

VPN Shazam’s Origin

VPN Shazam is brought by an Israel-based company, Shazam Tech. LLC. It was established in September 2009 with the goal of providing the best solutions to the ever rising issues of internet freedom suppression. Although it is located in Israel, VPN Shazam is available to users around the globe. This VPN service is now becoming one of the most trusted VPN providers in the entire VPN industry.

The company truly understands the need for a VPN technology. Since the internet is no longer a safe place to connect to, it has now become a cyber-criminal’s haven, Shazam Tech. LLC introduces a way to banish the evil forces that have evaded and are corrupting the cyberworld nowadays.

VPN Shazam’s Powers and Abilities

The company has 77 servers located in 33 different countries. Although its server count does not come close to that of more prominent VPN providers, it’s still a fairly wide selection of servers. It has servers in major VPN markets including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belguim, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia and Singapore.

VPN Shazam has an excellent infrastructure to facilitate maximum surfing speed. It currently supports a 100MBPS speed, which is more than enough to accommodate its growing users’ needs. If your browsing activities involve P2P downloading, VPN Shazam is a great choice for a VPN service. Users can connect through the Swedish and Slovak servers to allow torrent downloads.

This VPN service supports major platforms as well. It supports PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN. VPN Shazam is also compatible with Windows, MAC OS and Linux operating systems. Now, if you want to be able to bring your VPN service with you wherever you go, VPN Shazam works well on iOS and Android devices too.

The Price and Trials of VPN Shazam

First and foremost, anyone is entitled to a free trial access. Just fill out the form on the free trial page found on the site to claim your free trial account. The bad news though is that the free trial access is only good for an hour.

There are various VPN packages to choose from too. VPN Shazam offers four packages; Unlimited VPN, Dedicated IP, Smart VPN and Dynamic VPN. Each VPN package has a regular price and a discounted price for multi-month subscriptions.

Unlimited VPN is worth $11/month but can get as low as $8.25/month. Dedicated VPN costs $10 per month but if availed on a multi-month basis, it can get as low as $7/month. The Smart VPN package is the cheapest VPN plan on offer. It costs as low as $4 a month. As for the Dynamic VPN, its regular price is $9 monthly –but if you subscribe to a long term contract, you can get the service for as low as $6.58 a month.

It also offers a 4 day money back guarantee. However, refunds are not easily rewarded. It only issues refunds if you are unable to use the service.

VPN Shazam’s Support Team

The support staffs are reliable and responsive to most queries. The VPN Shazam support team can be reached through ticketing system and live chat. There is also a Knowledgebase found on the site to aid users with their concerns.

VPN Shazam’s Weaknesses

Based on the comic book, Captain Marvel’s only known weakness was to get attacked while he’s in his normal form , or prevent him from saying “Shazam” – or make him say “Shazam” at the middle of the fight. But other than that, there is no such thing as “Kryptonitic” vulnerability for Captain Marvel.

With regard to VPN Shazam though, we also didn’t find anything problematic with the service. It performed the way we were expecting it to perform – and that is to the level of marvelousness.

VPN Shazam: Is it powerful enough to protect you?

So in a way, the VPN service does live up to our expectations for having the name SHAZAM! If you are looking for a super solution to internet censorship, then give VPN Shazam a shot. We highly recommend the service for protecting your privacy while surfing the web.

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