VPN Privacy Review

The serious issue on invasion of privacy is bigger than NSA’s PRISM program. Even before this surveillance or intelligence-gathering tool, the government and some skilled individuals could already access any information they want.

It’s quite scary to know that someone is watching all your activities. With such spying capabilities by unauthorized individuals, is privacy becoming a thing of the past already?

Since the revelation of the PRISM program, many people started taking measures to secure their internet activities. One way of keeping online activities as private as possible is by using VPN.

VPN and privacy, put together, we get VPNPrivacy, a Montreal-based VPN service that offers secure browsing activities. In this detailed review, we will look at how well VPNPrivacy performs and whether this VPN service is worthy of entrusting our privacy to.

VPNPrivacy Availability and Compatibility

VPN Privacy

The company’s VPN servers are located in 4 cities in 3 different countries. Currently, it only has servers in California and Pennsylvania in USA, Montreal in Canada and Luxembourg in Europe. Even with limited servers, VPNPrivacy is still a good choice for accessing geo-restricted websites such as Netflix and Hulu.

In terms of speed connectivity, VPNPrivacy’s servers are connected through a 100 Mbit – 1 Gbit channel to assure fast browsing activities. There are also no bandwidth limitations.

VPNPrivacy support common security protocols OpenVPN, SSTP (SSL) and PPTP. Regardless of what device you are using, whether it’s a PC or a smartphone, the service will pretty much work no matter what.

VPNPrivacy Pricing Details

VPNPrivacy’s rates are somewhat expensive. The company offers weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual VPN plans. Its 1 week VPN service costs $5 – this is already a monthly fee by some top VPN providers. Pay $15 for a month of VPN access, $40 for 3 months, $75 for 6 months and $140 for a year. Quite frankly, we are not a fan of VPNPrivacy’s pricings.

The good news is that there is a 3 day money back guarantee. The bad news is it’s not really refund “guarantee”. It has to not work on your system so as to get qualified for a refund.

VPNPrivacy Customer Support

For its pricings you would expect that VPNPrivacy offers various customer support options. However, queries are only entertained via an email-based system.

VPNPrivacy Review Conclusion

VPNPrivacy certainly is a good VPN service. However, it appears to have more disadvantages than advantages of using the service. Protect your privacy by choosing a complete VPN service.

While VPNPrivacy do offer high levels of encryption, it’s better to consider other VPN services that are more reliable and reasonably priced. At the moment, VPNPrivacy still needs improvements on a lot of areas.

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