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VPN Baron Review

There is an increasing demand for VPN service all over the world. People nowadays are already conscious about their security when browsing the web. And not only that, users now want to be able to access anything on the internet – like streaming websites for instance.

Censorship is all over the internet these days and the only way to defeat it is by using a VPN service. If you need to get a VPN now, we advise that you only go for a trusted VPN service provider. Choosing a top-notch VPN service will not only give you the necessary protection you need from the internet, but it will also provide hassle-free and extremely reliable VPN accesses.

Unfortunately, not all VPN services provide anonymous connections. Some will log your activities and may even sell it to third parties. So it’s really important to know which among the many VPN providers are really dedicated to protecting user privacy.

We recently learned about VPN Baron and so we had to test it out. The question now is, is VPN Baron among those providers genuinely want to help users completely hide from the internet, or it is a VPN provider that sells user data to third parties? Let’s find out.

VPN Baron is one of the newest VPN service providers in the market today having only been established in 2014. The VPN service provider is currently based in Romania. So far, those are the only information we know about VPN Baron.

VPN Baron Jurisdiction and Logging Policy

VPN Baron is under Romanian jurisdiction which is basically a part of the European Union. If you don’t know yet, the EU takes privacy seriously and therefore it imposes specific laws aim at protecting user data and privacy. Under EU law, personal data can only be used legally under strict conditions and for legitimate purposes.
A VPN service that follows EU law is certainly more trustworthy than those that are located in the US or any other country with controversial surveillance laws. Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that VPN Baron does provide an anonymous VPN service.

The VPN service provider states that it does not keep logs of any kind. VPN Baron states that the company takes privacy and anonymity seriously. That is why it offers complete security at all times – regardless of what you are doing online, rest assured VPN Baron won’t snoop on your activities no matter what.

VPN Baron Setup and Compatibility


VPN Baron is compatible with the most common VPN-enabled devices today. VPN Baron offers a dedicated client for Windows machines. The VPN service will also work on Mac but you need to make use of Tunnelblick to make the VPN work. Same goes for iOS and Android devices – you can download and configure OpenVPN Connect to make VPN Baron work on a mobile device.

Not technically inclined? Don’t worry, VPN Baron offers a step-by-step tutorial guide on how to setup the VPN on your device. Unfortunately, the four operating systems mentioned above are the only platforms that VPN Baron is compatible with. If you are using Linux or any other OS, at this point VPN Baron still does not support such devices.

VPN Baron exclusively uses the OpenVPN protocol to secure its entire VPN operations. The VPN company makes use of 128 bit encryption with 1024 bit RSA keys to protect its users from any snooping and surveillance activities threatening the internet.

VPN Baron Product Features

It’s all about security with VPN Baron. The VPN provider makes sure that its users enjoy complete anonymity while connected to their servers.

Torrenting is allowed by VPN Baron too. The VPN service also promise fast connections and that speed won’t be compromise due to the high-level of security features imposed by VPN Baron. A fast VPN connection means that users will be able to stream restricted video contents without experiencing too much loading time.

VPN Baron offers a few selection of servers located worldwide. Below is the complete list of VPN Baron servers:

  • Sedan, France
  • Lyon, France
  • Munich, Germany
  • London, UK
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Austin, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Roswell, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New York City
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney, Australia

Unfortunately, VPN Baron is only limited to a few servers at the moment. It does not even cover most of the major countries in the world such as China and Middle Eastern countries.

VPN Baron Pricing Details

VPNBaron price

VPN Baron offer 3 types of VPN plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Basically, the Bronze plan is the VPN’s single month offer. The Bronze plan costs about $9.99 per month. If you want to save 33%, you should opt for the Silver VPN plan. This plan is a 6-month plan that permits 2 devices simultaneously for only $41.94 or $6.99 per month. As for the Gold plan, users will only be paying $59.88 for the entire year. Plus they get to enjoy 3 simultaneous connections for one single account.

The VPN service isn’t giving free trial accounts at the moment but they do provide a no-questions asked 7 days money back guarantee provided that you haven’t exceeded 10 GB of bandwidth usage.

Payments accepted are Paypal, credit cards and Bitcoin. The VPN service provider recommends the use of Bitcoin so as to maintain anonymity even at sign up.

VPN Baron Aftersales Support

All queries are to be directed to one support system which is thru email. There are no phone support, no live chat feature, no ticketing system and no knowledgebase.

Review Conclusion: Is VPN Baron any good?

VPN Baron is nothing but a new VPN service provider that hasn’t matured yet. It still has a lot of improvements and developments to do before it can be considered as a reliable VPN service. Right now, VPN Baron still needs work – lots of work. So to answer the question, is VPN Baron any good? Not yet, but it can be.