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We are always on the lookout for new VPN service providers to review and this time, VPNArea caught our attention. After reading mostly good things about this VPN provider, we decided to give the service a try. So, here’s our brief and honest take on VPN Area.


Installation and Configuration

VPNArea offers a variety of support for different platforms. This VPN provider also offers a dedicated VPN client for Windows and Mac OS. For other devices, users can configure the service through the OpenVPN client software. The service will work on Android, iOS devices, Linux as well as DD-WRT routers.

We like the fact that VPN Area made a system that can work on almost all platforms. And we applaud the VPN service provider for its initiative to support in-demand devices.

We wanted to test out its VPN app call the VPNArea Chameleon. And by the way, the setup instructions are only accessible by paid subscribers. We needed to logon in order to access the setup page.

Upon reaching the members area though, we were quite surprise as to how comprehensive the guidelines available were. All information about the service, from configurations to latest news, to the status of the network, all these knowledgebase are available to VPNArea subscribers. As we went over the massive information, we learned about everything there is to know about VPN Area.

We encountered one problem when installing the VPN software. Upon downloading it, our computer’s anti-virus detected it as an infected file, thus it automatically deleted it. So we had to stop the anti-virus first so we could re-download and install the VPNArea Chameleon software.

Finally, we were able to install the VPN software on our Windows 7 PC. For every review we write, we usually start by running a speed test to determine whether our internet speed slows down to an acceptable level. Connected to the closest VPN server, there was indeed deterioration in speed, but not as much to cause terrible browsing experiences.

We also did some testing using the open source OpenVPN software. Utilizing the open source OpenVPN software can be clunky and difficult, and is required in order to utilize their service. Another thing to take note is that one of the problems that many people run into is the fact that some of their servers tend to encounter some problems. Reading through the comment section on the Setup page, we came to know that other users are finding it impossible to connect to certain servers, particularly on the Turkish server.

Subscription Cost

VPN Area currently only offers one package option. This package option allows you to access all of the different VPN servers they offer, and they also claim to provide users with up to 10,000 IP Addresses.

The package is available for $9.90 per month, $8.33 per month when you sign up for six months, and $4.92 when you are willing to obligate to a year of their service. The price is reduced when you are willing to commit to a larger amount of time.

They do not seem to offer any free trial though. Upon further inspection, we learned that VPN Area simply gives a seven day money back guarantee. For serious subscribers, money back guarantee shouldn’t be an issue.


Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

Speed is an aspect where VPN Area has dramatically improved at. The VPN company claims that a minimum of 97% servers are ONLINE and working at all times. 3% could be down in case of maintenance.

Over the years, VPN Area’s servers have undergone major fixes in order to provide what is considered a good service to the customers. It now provides an impressive speed of 300-880mbp/s which is shared available speed on the server that is taken directly from the server and not through a VPN connection.

They even offer unlimited bandwidth through a Blowfish / AES encrypted network. Five different devices can also simultaneously connect to VPN Area using a single account or login details.

If you’re concerned about torrent downloading, know that torrent and P2P downloads are allowed but only through certain servers.

When you buy a dedicated IP, you will get your own dedicated VPN server. Only if you are willing to pay for an additional $15 a year.

Server Locations


VPN Area claims to have 180+ servers available in over 51 different countries. The company servers are said to be located in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Malaysia, Panama, and a host of other locations as well.

If you are able to connect to the servers, this will allow you to deal with many of the geo-IP restrictions that have become so commonplace in recent years for services such as Netflix, Hulu, and other content.

Customer Support

VPNArea offers various ways to get in touch with their customer support. They provide email support, live chat option and support via Skype.

The customer support provided by VPN Area are the basic support options people are looking for in a great service. We tried sending some queries and quite frankly, we are surprise as to how responsive they are which is considered an adequate customer support service.

VPN Area Review Conclusion

If you’re after a reliable VPN service that is a bang on the money, all we can say is that VPNArea is worth giving a try. And while it’s more expensive compared to other more established VPN providers, we really didn’t encounter any major disappointing factor.

The VPN company still has a lot of things to polish with their service offering though. Only been established in 2012, this relatively new VPN provider can definitely compete with other VPNs that have been around for longer years than VPN Area has.

12 thoughts on “VPN Area Review

  1. Been using this for 3 months there customer service is first rate either on there chat line or FB very happy with VPN area 👍

  2. always worked with Netflix, fast utorrent speed and best support!! good job! been using Vpnarea for 2 years, when my colleague vpn started getting blocked by Netflix i was worreid Vpnarea may be blocke but it always worked. i hit 80-90% of my org speed on utorrent.
    when i contacted support to help me setup my ASUS RT router and Kodi they were competent and helped on livechat

  3. No refund policy , good luck in getting your money back from these guys , have chased for two weeks and am now getting the silent treatment. Used it for two days , service is just not worth it in South Africa.

    1. There is a refund policy: https://vpnarea.com/front/home/refund

      We have successfully refunded the user, however his made it his business to damage our reputation.

      We don’t have a single user who can prove we have not refunded him in 5 years of business. We’ve impeccable record of refunding users. It makes no sense for us to risk our reputation by not refunding a user.

      We have a ticket system available 24/7 and live chat. Any customer can easily get in touch with us and it’s our priority to make sure all users are happy, those who stay and those who leave.

      One of our strongest base of customers is in South Africa and they highly praise our service. We have 5 South Africa servers, 2 of which with 1 Gbp/s speed.

  4. VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area.
    Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVPN app for ios. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support Openelec VPN.

      1. We do support OpenElec Kodi and we do have iOS App. We do use OpenVPN Connect App to handle OpenVPN protocol on iOS, just like every single VPN company does.

        The claim about proxies is of no relation, we’re not a proxy company, we sell VPN services, not proxies.

  5. Pro: Super easy setup click,click,click, connect.
    Selection of servers:Good
    Cryptography in place: Good but unfortunately uses Cipher Block Chaining method.

    Note that this software uses TAP not TUN.

    Con: Unfortunately soon to be out-lined in VPNarea’s acceptable use policy section, no tools like Nmap will be allowed on their networks, note that these tools will not work as of this post due to filtered results on all servers. Utilities that conduct network probing or binding, reverse shell. Will not work through this service.

  6. VPNarea application is the “ONLY” software that after completely installed requests for your computers password whenever you change it! None of the other applications ever installed asks for your computer pass after installed…

    I asked an Apple technical representative and this is his textual response:

    “That is an unusual behavior for an application. There is a lot vulnerability involved and your password can be exposed. I would be very cautious before deciding to install that application. All applications should be installed following a standard procedure”

    1. Not true, our Mac App does not ask for your password after you change it.

      The one and only time the software asks for your Mac password is during first time installation of the App, like all major software like Adobe and others do, to gain privileges to make changes on your computer.

      Our current version is adhering to Apple’s best practices.

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