Last modified June 14, 2014 by Paul Nash

Viking VPN Review

Viking VPN is one of the newest VPN players in the market today. This premium privacy solution was only launched in 2013 by Viking Connections LLC based in Kansas City, US. Viking VPN claims to be the Fastest and Most Secured Premium VPN Service Provider, so we had to test it out ourselves.

In this short but comprehensive review, we will find out if Viking VPN is indeed a reliable VPN service. At the end of this review, we will provide you a conclusion on whether we would recommend Viking VPN or not.

Viking VPN Availability and Compatibility

Viking VPN

Aside from its main purpose to secure, anonymize and encrypt everything you do online, a VPN service should also be able to work on different platforms. Viking VPN does that pretty well as it will work on different platforms including Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, iOS and Android devices.

Users can use Viking VPN on their Windows PCs by downloading and installing the OpenVPN client. Simply follow the step-by-step guide provided on the site.

Now, things get more complicated if you are using Mac. To use the Viking VPN service, users will have to download the Tunnelblick client to get things working. You can check this tutorial on how to configure Viking VPN on a Mac machine.

To use Viking VPN on a Linux or Ubuntu, you’ll have to manually configure the service on your PC platform. While it can be a bit complicated to setup Viking VPN on Ubuntu, users’ using the operating system shouldn’t have difficulty doing so. Besides, you’re using Ubuntu so you’re probably more technically inclined than other users.

Now, if you want to use the service on a mobile device, you have to download the OpenVPN client and then setup Viking VPN by following the necessary guide.

Viking VPN uses some impressive security features which include a 4096 bit RSA keys, 256 CBC bit encryption and a 2048 bit HMAC firewall to filter out viruses and malwares. While OpenVPN connections tend to be problematic at times, it does not seem to have an issue when used with Viking VPN.

Viking VPN Servers and Location

Providing more servers is something that Viking VPN needs to work on quickly! If the company wants to stay as a relevant VPN player, they have to put in more effort in building a broader coverage by adding more servers in more locations.

Currently, Viking VPN only offer two server locations namely in the United States and Netherlands. While users / subscribers would be able to unblock sites such as Hulu, Netflix, NBC and other US-based programming, they wouldn’t be able to bypass geo-targeted restrictions from overseas particularly UK-based sites.

The number and locations of servers could be turn-off for potential subscribers. However, the VPN company make up for the limited servers by providing a Tier-1 data centers that can facilitate robust speeds and stable connections. Another Viking VPN attraction is its P2P permissions.

Viking VPN Pricing Details

Viking VPN plans

Viking VPN offer three plans and packages. Depending on your preferences, you can opt to subscribe on a Monthly, 6 Months or on a Yearly basis.

The service costs $14.95 per month. If you want to get a good deal, subscribe to a 6 months ($71.70) or Yearly ($119.88) service.

The company promises to donate $1 per month per subscription to Electronic Frontier Foundation to show that they truly support online privacy. There are no free trials or refunds being offered though.

Viking VPN Customer Support

Customer support is only available through a ticketing system. They do not provide a live chat or Skype support, but they promise to provide prompt and expert customer service.

Viking VPN Review Conclusion

Expensive, lacking in server number, installation is too technical, no live support; this define and summarizes the entire review. Viking VPN is more expensive than other VPN providers that have already proven their reliability. That alone could turn off potential subscribers.

The good thing about Viking VPN though is that it’s not a typical VPN service. Yes, it’s expensive and too complicated to configure, but it offer top class and military graded security features. We recommend it to those that are looking for a VPN service that provide superb security service. But if you’re looking for something that is more hassle-free, lesser expensive with high security features, you’re better off with to a different VPN service.