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Looking for the best and most reliable VPN connection around is a tough job because judging between similar services is not always easy. However, for some internet and VPN enthusiasts, the fun in free trials and money back guarantees never gets old!

However, taking on board a secure VPN connection is serious business. Be it an office that needs to access information from its headquarters, or a teenager trying to unlock entertainment websites, a VPN can add so much more value to the time spent on the internet.

Amidst the many well known VPN companies, Versa VPN holds a small yet recognizable market. Established in 2010, the company is new to this field; however, promises users a highly secure and hassle free connection that will protect them from online mischief.

Is VersaVPN worth a try? Following is a detailed review of the service with a number of comparisons that I found necessary to jot down.

Server Locations and Access

Versa has a total of 80 servers located in 18 different countries. These include the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. Being relatively new compared to other long standing providers in the market, Versa has steadily expanded and built a strong presence with its audience.

With the choice of server locations, Versa’s clientele gets a number of options to build their own VPN Package depending on their security needs. Moreover, these strong servers are ideal for performing activities like streaming, browsing and file transfers anonymously. Also, geo-restricted websites and entertainment channels can easily be unlocked with VersaVPN.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Using VersaVPN to hide your online identity is the best way to secure your presence on the internet. Needless to say, for this you need access to speedy and efficient connections. VersaVPN offers average to high speeds and unlimited bandwidths that give peace of mind while you complete your online tasks or watch your favorite shows.
Independent speed tests assess Versa VPN’s speed to be average when compared to other premium VPN Providers and the standard connection speed in the absence of VPN.

Protocols and Privacy

Versa supports the most common types of Protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. These protocols are well known to provide high end security and are foolproof when it comes to cyber crimes and online theft. Because most VPN users look for these three protocols, Versa is right on spot in this category.

Versa provides packages with Shared IP as well as Dedicated IP; again depending on your security needs and concerns. Apart from this, it also makes sure all data exit and entry points are strictly watched for unauthorized access or attack of viruses. This measure is a must when users are logged on from public Wi-Fis.

VersaVPN Systems Support

Like VPN leaders in the market, VersaVPN supports all the famous Operating Systems. These include Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. In browsers, Versa works just fine with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. Devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad are also supported and the software can easily be installed on these devices.

Moreover, VersaVPN understands the need to secure all kinds of devices that are even remotely connected to the internet. In this regard, the company’s VPN software is compatible with DD-WRT Router as well, thereby making it possible for you to connect gaming consoles and other devices like Apple TV to the VPN as well.

The biggest disappointment I faced in this category was that Versa’s custom application only works with Windows. For all other platforms, the standard software has to be configured manually.

Customer Support

Customer Support at Versa is extensive. Apart from all the information provided on their website, subscribers can talk to the help desk and the customer support representatives via several avenues. These include, Live Chat, User Forum, Hot Line, Support Ticket System, Email and Remote Desktop.

Therefore, help regarding minor and major VPN problems is provided round the clock which makes it easier for global subscribers to stay in touch and connect with the company.

Pricing Options

Being an infant in the saturated Online Security market, VersaVPN is quite affordable. The choice to provide very basic VPN Services for now justifies this low cost and high utility.

As mentioned previously, the two most basic packages with this provider are those that either offer a Shared IP or a Dedicated IP. Because a Dedicated IP is more personal and gives users greater freedom, it comes at a higher price.

A standard package with a shared IP and unlimited download speed comes at a monthly subscription of $5. On the other hand, the same package with a Dedicated IP and unlimited download speed is for $11. To give users a chance to fully understand its service, Versa gives a free trial period as well.

Final Verdict

All in all, Versa is an average VPN service that can be a user’s second or third choice. In the face of global VPN services that are industry leaders, Versa is comparatively new and still testing its grounds. If you want to kick off your VPN using days, by all means sign up with this company and then move on to one of the more pricey options.


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One thought on “VersaVPN Review

  1. ” Versa is an average VPN service that can be a user’s second or third choice”… 
    Why? Price is ok, num. of servers too, no logs, many payment options, offshore jurisdiction… What’s the problem?
    Comparing this to IPredator /only Swdish server, 10$ a month/, this is not bad…

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