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UnoTelly UnoDNS Review

Unfortunately, some websites and web content aren’t globally available due to geo-restriction problems. Bypassing geo-restriction is however very much possible thanks to the solutions provided by VPN or DNS providers.

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In unblocking streaming websites, it is ideal to use a DNS service rather than a VPN. Smart DNS services are meant to unblock all kinds on media content online. Opting for the DNS option has its drawback though. VPNs are generally more secure than DNSs due to VPN’s encrypted connections.

DNS service providers like UnoTelly claims to be able to unlock the Internet altogether. UnoTelly’s Smart DNS service called UnoDNS offers unlocking solutions for TV, film and music not available in your current location.

Is UnoDNS a good Smart DNS service? Let’s find out.

Pricing Details

UnoTelly offers two types of UnoDNS packages. Its Premium Plan costs $4.95 per month while its Gold Plan costs $7.95 per month. The Premium package is its basic Smart DNS offering granting access to 30+ fast DNS servers.

On the other hand, UnoTelly’s Gold plan offers more than just its UnoDNS service. Another feature that comes with the Gold Plan includes the company’s UnoVPN service. Users who opt for the Gold plan will have access to the UnoVPN servers located in the US, UK, Canada and Netherlands.

Supported Devices

UnoTelly supports major operating systems and Internet-capable devices including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon Kindle, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs and wireless routers.

Supported Sites and Services

UnoTelly channels

UnoTelly claims to be able to unblock 316 channels worldwide. From TV and video streaming websites to music streaming services, UnoTelly has them all covered. Some of the popular channels that UnoTelly unblocks include Netflix, Animal Planet, ABC GO, FOX, Disney, TBS and many others.

Subscribers can also request for channels that UnoTelly hasn’t unblocked yet.

Customer Support

UnoTelly puts satisfaction as their number one priority. The company offers a 24/7 on-Demand support that can be accessed via ticketing system and email. UnoTelly also provide helpful advice and easy to follow instructions for configuring every device. UnoTelly also claims to have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Verdict

Is UnoTelly’s UnoDNS worth it? Yes, you actually get more bang for your buck. The service offers access to a wide range of channels and streaming services worldwide. We’d recommend UnoDNS for accessing geo-blocked websites anywhere you are. Give the service a try for free today.