Last modified July 4, 2013 by Paul Nash

Unblock-US Review

We’ve been reviewing (and using) various VPN services to provide users and VPN enthusiasts a guide in determining which VPN providers are good investments. From the start, we’ve been comparing different VPN providers to one another for the purpose of shortlisting or grouping the bests from the so-so services.

As we all know, VPN services allow for the invalidation of any kind of online restriction. Using VPN service will allow anyone to access geo-restricted contents from anywhere in the world. Netflix and Hulu for example, are two of the most in demand streaming channels today. Unfortunately, only those who live in the US are privileged enough to access such service. One trick that we’ve been relentlessly recommending is the use of VPN service.

VPN services can indeed bypass all sorts of online restrictions. But in reality, certain VPNs can no longer access streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC, EuroSport and other region-specific sites. Another option of gaining such access is by using DNS solution.

If you Google, “Unblock US sites“, the top search is likely to be DNS-solution service called UnBlock-US. We’ve put up a short review of the service to help you understand the difference between a DNS-solution to a VPN service.

Unblock Us   smarter faster VPN

Unblocking US sites with a VPN-alternative

A DNS (Domain Name System) solution service works by interfering with the traffic so it can allow changes in the service location without affecting the rest of the connection; even during an actual access to a site. In short, it only changes the DNS setting.

But unlike VPN, DNS does not come with any security feature. UnBlock-US can help you access streaming websites, but it can’t provide you protection for your privacy.

So since UnBlock-US does not offer any form of encryption, it cannot be considered as a VPN service. However, if your only goal is to access several streaming websites in the US or UK, then UnBlock US would suffice. But if you’re looking for the ultimate online-freedom experience, better use a VPN service.

UnBlock-US term of use

This DNS-solution provider is offering a one-week free access for those who’d like to try out the service first. If you do decide to continue with the service even after the free trial, you’ll need to pay $4.99 a month.

Like what was established earlier, UnBlock-US is not a VPN service provider and does not offer encryption support. Thus, this makes UnBlock-US faster than any VPN access.

VPN services all have some speed deterioration issues. Since a VPN service makes use of an encryption system, it tends to slow down the speed. But this slowdown is just minimal and unnoticeable. If you’d rather compromise security than speed, then by all means go with a DNS service.

UnBlock-US: Is it a better alternative to VPN?

Clearly, VPN has more benefits than DNS service. However, UnBlock-US does a fairly decent job at allowing accesses to websites such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video.

While there are tons of VPN service providers that offers VPN access for the same amount ($4.99) or even cheaper, a DNS solution is a better option for unblocking geo-restricted websites. But remember that when you opt for a Proxy service, browser add-on alternatives or DNS services, you are at risks to cyber threats since such services does not provide any type of encryptions.

We recommend you to just stick with a regular VPN provider if you’re looking for the ultimate security feature. Certain VPNs can still allow access to some streaming websites while also protecting your privacy. Unfortunately, popular streaming websites such as Hulu and Netflix can only be accessed now with a SmartDNS service.