Last modified September 29, 2013 by Paul Nash

TunnelBear VPN Review

Understanding the entire process of how VPN works will definitely leave your mind blown. Some users don’t want to try out a VPN service simply because they are not familiar with its concept – or even if they do, it’s not something that an average internet user can fully absorb.

For first time VPN users, there is a VPN service that suits you best. TunnelBear is a VPN service that concentrates in offering a simplistic and minimalistic approach on presenting its service.

In this comprehensive review, we will look at an overview of the service. Let’s take a look at how the service performs and whether it is worth subscribing to or not.

TunnelBear availability


TunnelBear has numerous VPN servers in the United States and United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the company does not have sufficient servers in a many major VPN markets, it still offers a great way to unblock local content from these two countries.

Other countries where there is a TunnelBear VPN server are Canada, Germany and Japan. Like what was established earlier, TunnelBear does not have a lot of servers. The good news is that the company is open to dialogues in putting up new servers in other places.

TunnelBear is an ideal VPN solution for unlocking geo-restricted sites anywhere in the world. If you live in a country where Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter and the likes are being banned, then TunnelBear would be a perfect choice for you. At no extra cost, you can also switch servers at the click of a button.

The service is available to all users all over the world with the exemption of China. At this time, TunnelBear will not connect in China. Come to think of it, are TunnelBears afraid of Panda bears?

TunnelBear supported systems

TunnelBear allows simultaneous accesses from 3 platforms on a single subscription plan. If you have a desktop computer, a smartphone and a tablet-PC, you can use the TunnelBear VPN service at the same time.

The service supports OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec security protocols and major operating systems Windows and MAC. The service will work well on iOS and Android devices. TunnelBear provides a minimum of AES 128-bit encryption but it can be up to 256-bit depending on the subscription plan.

Pricing and customer support

TunnelBear’s rates are quite competitive too. I like how they represent their service thru different bear forms. Starting at the Little TunnelBear, users can avail of this service for free. The catch though is that data usage is only limited to 500MB per month. This serves as the company’s free trial access / account offer.

If you need more than just “bear” necessities, you can opt for the Giant TunnelBear. This VPN subscription costs $4.99 per month. I was initially priced at $9.99, so if you’re thinking of subscribing to TunnelBear, now is the right time while the prices come with big discounts.

And then there’s the Grizzly TunnelBear subscription plan. It’s basically the same as Giant bear, it only lasts for the entire year. If you choose this package, you will only pay $49.99 for the entire year. It’ll save you a whopping 17% cash.

As far as customer service goes, the TunnelBears seems to wonder around when users need help with something. TunnelBear can be reach via email support. Simply send them an email regarding your concern or query and they would get back to you soon.

Some users complain about the way how queries are being handled. It can take up to days to get a reply from the support team. If there was only live chat option, things would be a lot more convenient.

The good thing though is that there is a knowledge base section where almost all common queries are answered. I must say, its knowledgebase is quite impressive. TunnelBear can also be reached via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Final verdict: Is TunnelBear a reliable VPN service?

We say, give TunnelBear a shot. We like is simplistic approach to everything; from the client app to its tutorial – everything is straightforward. Our only complaint is its lack of customer support. But other than that, we liked how the service performed.