Last modified July 22, 2015 by Paul Nash

Trust.Zone VPN Review

Mass surveillance is becoming a major concern these days. Although the government has assured the public that surveillance apparatus are only used for preventing terrorist attacks, we all know that such tools are also being used to vacuum up any information from everyone else.

Luckily, we can hide from Big Brother by using a reliable VPN service. There are basically hundreds of VPN services out there; the only problem with most of them is that they are newly established therefore it’s hard to trust any of them just yet. New VPNs tend to offer mediocre services because of various reasons – fewer servers, limited support etc.

TrustZone Website

One of the new VPN players that we recently came to know about is Trust.Zone ( Trust.Zone promises to help users overcome censorship. Basing solely on its website, we reckon it’s a legit VPN service provider. So, we gave the service a try and below is our comprehensive review about Trust.Zone.

Trust.Zone Log and Privacy Policy

Trust.Zone is based in Mahe, Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The company’s head office is strategically located in such location so that the VPN service won’t have to comply with any data retention laws. If it were based in Europe or US, then it’s a red flag already. Europe and the US are known to be the top culprits when it comes to mass surveillance schemes.

Under Trust.Zone’s privacy policy page, the VPN company says it does not collect, store or process user data. Trust.Zone says its primary goal is to maximize users’ privacy. Users can be assured that they can privately and securely browse the web as long as they are connected to any Trust.Zone server. Users’ actual IP addresses will never in any way be stored in Trust.Zone’s system.

In cases of DMCA notices, Trust.Zone said it will legally comply with such requests. But the VPN company assures its customers that no relevant information would be given away since all connections are anonymous in the first place. Therefore, even Trust.Zone won’t be able to determine what users are doing while they are connected to the VPN network.

Trust.Zone Compatibility, Accessibility and Server Locations

In terms of compatibility, Trust.Zone supports the major operating systems and devices today. Trust.Zone will work on a Windows machine running Vista and newer versions, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Linux Mint 17.1, Windows Phone, Android (4.4 Kitkat) and iOS devices. Trust.Zone support security protocols OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec and uses a high-grade encryption system.

Trust.Zone offers a dedicated VPN client app for Windows. Users will need to manually setup Trust.Zone if they are using a non-Windows machine or device. The Windows app looks chic too and it comes with the necessary VPN features (server locations, VPN port, subscription information / renew button).

TrustZone client

Trust.Zone allows P2P and torrent downloading on any of its VPN servers. There are also no limitations on bandwidth usage so users can enjoy unlimited data transfer and downloads.

Trust.Zone has 33 servers located in 19 different countries namely Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, US, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa..

Trust.Zone Cost of Subscription and Special Offers

First of all, Trust.Zone is offering a free trial to those who would like to test the service first. The free test has certain limitations though. The free trial will expire after 5 days or when 5GB of data transfer has been consumed already. Free trial users will also be able to run the VPN service on a single device only.

TrustZone Price

Trust.Zone offers its VPN service for $7.99 per month. Trust.Zone’s premium VPN service allows 3 simultaneous connections, unlimited server switching and unlimited bandwidth usage. Discounts are also available on multi-month subscriptions. For six months of Trust.Zone access, customers will only pay for $35.94 (or $5.99 per month). If you want to save up 50%, you can opt to subscribe to the annual VPN plan that costs $47.88 or equivalent to $3.99 per month.

Trust.Zone Speed and Aftersales Support

Customer support is as limited as it can be. As of this writing, Trust.Zone users can only contact support via a contact form. Aside from the fact that Trust.Zone lack phone support, forum platforms or a live chat feature, support availability via email is limited to (6:00 AM t0 4:00 PM GMT +0 on Mondays to Fridays).

During our tests, we tested the overall performance of Trust.Zone and the results were not bad. Speed was relatively fast, reliability and availability of servers were alright too. At first, it looked like there was no speed deterioration. However, when we tested torrent downloading, we did see a big difference in speed.

Trust.Zone Review Conclusion

Overall, we are quite happy with our experience with Trust.Zone. The VPN service decently performed during our test run. What we’re just not sure about is Trust.Zone’s commitment in improving their network / service. Since Trust.Zone is a relatively new VPN player, we can’t help but wonder if it can compete against top VPN names in the industry today. Aftersales support is also something that the company badly needs to improve in. Nevertheless, we can say that Trust.Zone is an OK VPN service. If you’re looking for a basic VPN service, Trust.Zone will suffice.