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The need for comprehensive security is immense in today’s world. Not only does one feel exposed and scared while using the internet with no safety protocols, it is highly inadvisable to do so. No matter how short your online session may be, hackers and mischief mongers are always looking for an opportunity to pounce on a victim of online fraud.

Using the services of a VPN Provider is therefore a must. Because this service has become a necessity, there are various companies in the market that will provide excellent features and benefits at very affordable rates.

During my search for the best VPN provider, I came across TrilightZone VPN. Established in 2005, Trilight is a venture owned by a team of IT specialists in Europe. Since its inception, the company has provided excellent security protocols to hundreds of users. Let’s have a look at some of the salient features of this service.

Server Locations and Access

TrilightZone has a number of years of experience in the VPN market. Therefore, it has expanded its reach and availability in many countries around the world, making it a Global VPN Provider. At present, TrilightZone has multiple servers in 6 countries. These include the United States, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia and Hong Kong.

The choice of countries makes it possible for users to access geographically restricted websites that are usually locked for international access. Moreover, since political censorships are becoming more and more common, TrilightZone is an ideal service to bypass government firewalls as well. Therefore, some of the most popular entertainment sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney and MTV can be unlocked and viewed with just a few clicks.

Moreover, TrilightZone also offers the opportunity for unlimited switching of servers between these countries so that users can decide which content to access at what speed.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

One of the features I liked about TrilightZone VPN is the offer to choose a package with limited and unlimited bandwidth. While the extra bandwidth may come at a price, such an option opens up opportunities to play around with the service- something most subscribers like to do.

Therefore, if you are one for metered bandwidth so that you can restrict the download limit on your account, by all means choose such a package. Moreover, because TrilightZone also works with Peer to Peer services, the speed and bandwidth is ideal for such activity.

Protocols and Privacy Settings

TrilightZone VPN supports the OPenVPN Protocol only. For the company, the justification for doing so is that this protocol provides the best safety and security measures. Since Trilight never compromises on security, OpenVPN is a highlight in all packages offered by it.

With this protocol, Trilight aims to secure all kinds of activities that include heavy internet usage. Some of these are, VoIP, FTP, managing email accounts and accessing remote resources. When users connect to public hotspots, the VPN’s security is strengthened further to make sure all your personal information and data remain anonymous to the outside world.

Systems Support

TrilightZone VPN works with some of the most commonly used Operating Platforms. These include Windows, iOS and Mac. Because the company uses OpenVPN Protocol, it can also be paired with software like Android, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Therefore, the advantages of using this protocol make Trilight shine like a star!
The installation and configuration of the software is a matter of minutes. It is easy to run and operate as well. However, it would come as a shock and a disappointment that TrilightZone is not compatible with iOS related mobile devices. For instance, if you want anonymous browsing on your iPhone or iPad, this company can’t help you all that much.

In line with its mission to provide cutting edge security, the VPN provider also offers dedicated packages for small businesses that have special online security needs.

Customer Support

Customer support, though timely and helpful, is limited. Users can only contact company representatives via email and a user forum that answers some common concerns and VPN problems. Options like Live Chat and Skype calls should also be introduced so that subscribers find it easy to get in touch with the technical staff and admin.

If you prefer to solve minor VPN problems on your own, take a look at the company’s website and the user forum entries for help.

Pricing Options

TrilightZone VPN is a rather expensive option for most of us. The company doesn’t offer any monthly subscription plans which is not only surprising, it is also highly inconvenient for small businesses and individuals who find monthly plans more pocket friendly.

VPN packages are priced according to the bandwidth required. For instance, if you want 50GB monthly limit, the subscription cost starts from 30 Euro per quarter. A similar plan with 100GB costs 50 Euro for 6 months and an unlimited bandwidth plan starts from 80 Euro per year. However, if you want access to a Multi Country Plan, the subscription cost goes up to 150 Euro.

While Trilight does not give free trials, it does offer a 3 day money back guarantee which is enough to help you decide if your identity is safe with Trilight.

Final Verdict

TrilightZone VPN is an above average service in terms of security provision. However, it falls short on a number of important determinants like compatibility, pricing options and customer support. While you decide which VPN service to buy for the long run, TrilightZone can be a feasible option.

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