Relying completely on a VPN Provider is not always easy. With personal information and financial credentials constantly being used online, protecting this data from getting into the wrong hands is a top priority for everyone.

TOTOVPS is one such company that is committed to protecting online identities and personal information of users who subscribe to its VPN packages. Established in 2009, TOTO is a specialist in proxy and VPN services. From some of the strongest encryptions to the most sought after protocols, TOTO VPS sure got me trying its VPN packages!

Server Locations

TOTO VPN has multiple servers in one location, the United States. While this has worked well for the company so far; the more the server locations the better a VPN Provider can handle its customer base. Moreover, most VPN users only subscribe with providers that have multiple locations so that they can choose between several and access the maximum number of websites and content rich pages.

Servicing to make you anonymous from within the United States, TOTO VPN is suitable for all kinds of streaming and unlocking of websites. Be it blocked social forums in the Middle East or restricted library resources in the West, every website can be accessed by an anonymous IP easily.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

TOTO’s VPN packages are partly restricted with limited speeds yet unlimited and unmetered bandwidths. From 3Megabits to 40 Megabits, TOTO lets its subscribers choose packages with varying speeds depending on their internet usage and activities. For instance, if your time on the internet is mostly spent in transferring heavy files and accessing video links for download, you may want to choose a higher speed compared to another user who simply uses browsers and regular websites.

Moreover, with unlimited bandwidth, there are no worries about exceeding download limits every month.

Protocols and Privacy Settings

TOTO makes use of the PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP Protocols. I give it a high rating in this category because these protocols are some of the most secure ones for a VPN provider to use. Users can choose between either of them depending on the level and extent of security needed.

To add to the anonymity and safety provided by these, TOTO uses the 128 bit encryption to make sure all your online activities and personal information remain safe from abuse as a result of cyber crimes. Moreover, with uproars against mass spying by the NSA and many ISP Providers, such high encryption and security is a much needed necessity.

Needless to say, public Wi-Fi spots are some of the most common areas of concern in internet security. TOTO VPN makes sure your identity remains intact even you connect to such spots. To upkeep its promise of utmost security, the company recycles any connection logs stored for legal purposes.
Systems Support

Like all other top notch VPN services, TOTO VPN works with the most commonly used software. These include Mac OS X, Linux, Windows (7/XP/Vista), iOS and Android. Moreover, it is also compatible with mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and other tablets that work with Android.

Not only this, to make sure a subscriber can benefit from 360 degrees security, TOTO also provides VPN services for DD-WRT routers that connect gaming consoles and other entertainment hubs like the Apple TV. Therefore, even when you access the internet for online gaming or watching shows, you will do so anonymously!

Customer Support

To make the above installation procedures easy and hassle free, TOTO has published detailed instructions on its website. With such clear cut guides, it only takes a few minutes to get the application running on your device.
For technical support and queries, customer representatives can be contacted via the Live Chat Option as well as through the Ticketing System. I also found the FAQ section of the website quite useful for minor VPN troubles.
Pricing Options

Pricing Options are flexible and friendly at TOTO VPS. Depending on the speed you want, various prices are charged. For instance, if your speed preference is 3 Megabits your monthly subscription will cost $3.99 while for a 40 Megabits subscription the cost goes up to $29.99.

Instead, if you sign up for a longer term say 3 months, the company gives a 10% discount which increases with the increase in the period of subscription. Free trials and money back guarantee? Definitely yes! The company gives a 24 hour money back guarantee with a trial account as well.

Final Verdict

TOTO VPS has a number of years of experience in internet security. While it is generally lacking some basic user preferences like unlimited speed and multiple server locations, the security provided is pretty strong and hard to breach. Therefore, if your preference lies in strong security on a budget, TOTO VPN is a good choice.

TOTO VPS Installation

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Toto VPS

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Toto VPS

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Toto VPS

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Toto VPS

Step 5

Toto VPS

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  1. TOTO VPN services providing a secure and solid service and from performance, type of encryption used, transparency, ease of use, support, and extra features is great VPN provider. Especially all different VPN protocols “OpenVPN, Stunnel, TunnelPlus, PPTP, L2TP, Cisco VPN, Keiro VPN.

  2. Hi-
    It works really well and is available on most platforms. Toto VPN servers that are not that far away barely affect my max bandwidth and latency.

  3. I have used to totovpn, there vpn technicality is really good is great speed and great encraption level and no DNS caching or user data sniffing .

  4. Very Good and Fast VPN – what i like about toto vpn is they allow you to have multi login means you buy one and you can login up to 3 device at the same time that is winner for me .

  5. TOTO VPS only costs four dollars � well three dollars and ninety nine cents to be exact which is very impressive. The American company does look set to be a fairly good option. If you are going to look for American VPN then you will be best to choose a company like TOTO VPS

    over all VERY GOOD and FAST VPN also Torrent friendly.

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