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TorGuard Review


As the name suggests, TorGuard is a VPN company that is dedicated to providing stand-alone VPN services for torrent users. And in nominal terms, this is a good indication of the general VPN capabilities of the company when it comes to online privacy and anonymity.

Launched in 2012 and based out of Panama for jurisdictional purposes, TorGuard values privacy of users to the utmost extent, and the simplest fact that TorGuard allows P2P file sharing indicates that the company stands by its policy of “no-logs”. Let us take a deeper look into this VPN Company through this brief TorGuard review.

Installation & Configuration

TorGuard offers a multitude of installation options for VPN users. In this regard, TorGuard is a compelling choice for a large array of users. As standard, TorGuard offers dedicated VPN platforms for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. TorGuard supports security protocols namely OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, ikeiv2 and SSH Tunnels.

TorGuard Viscosity

There are two different versions available for the desktop platform. The ‘TorGuardVPN Lite’ version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is a pretty basic VPN dialer with a set of pre-selected server choices. The lite version comes with Stealth VPN connections that bypasses DPI firewalls in countries like China or UAE.

The advanced version, Viscosity, is only available for Windows and Mac, but comes with a host of VPN features and flexible customization options. This client is licensed per machine as well. The viscosity platform is the best option and is certainly more convenient and user-friendly than other VPN platforms offered by competing VPN companies.

TorGuard also offers a dedicated Android VPN app readily available from the Google Play Store. iOS users will have to follow the manual PPTP or L2TP/IPSec configuration route, and this method is available for all operating systems as well. And of course, TorGuard can also be configured using the OpenVPN platform.

Offering up to 256 bit encryption, TorGuard also offers a DNS leak protection feature, which automatically disconnects your computer from the network if there is any drop in VPN or proxy connectivity. This is an important and functional feature that should be made standard across all VPN service providers.

Subscription Cost

TorGuard offers three different types of services to their users. The first type of service is called the Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy service, which is an exclusive proxy service aimed at offering IP changing or IP proxy services for BitTorrent users. A BitTorrent proxy will let the user hide their original IP address, therefore ensuring online anonymity while sharing files using the P2P file sharing platform. However, a proxy service will not ensure data encryption or online security. Packages start at $5.95/month, but there are discounts available for the bulk subscription of quarterly, semi-annual and annual packages, which provides a proxy service at $4.98/month, $4.99/month and $3.91/month respectively.

The regular VPN service subscription starts at $9.99/month. The simple fact that TorGuard allows P2P file sharing justifies the market price. Most major VPN service providers frown upon P2P and torrent activities, but TorGuard readily allows any torrenting activities without any limitations. There are discounts available for bulk subscription, and you can subscribe for a VPN package for as low as $6.66/month for the quarterly pack and $4.99/month for the annual pack.

All VPN members also get a free 10MB encrypted email box.

Every package comes with a 7 days money-back guarantee. Payment options are varied, and you can pay using credit card, Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal , Bitcoins, litecoins, Alipay, CashU, PaySafeCard, Gift Cards, and many more. TorGuard has certainly covered the basics here by offering online payment options in a flexible and anonymous manner.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

TorGuard surprised us with their speeds, and we were able to enjoy between 75-90% of the available ISP speeds. Realistically, one can expect speeds between 60-85%. Due the extent of torrent users, we naturally expected a lot less in terms of speed and performance, but we were pleasantly surprised to notice that TorGuard did their homework perfectly to accommodate all heavy torrent users, and even offer unlimited speed and bandwidth without any drastic drop in speeds.

There were no major reliability issues or concerns as such, and the DNS leak protection feature also gave us that extra sense of security and confidence. In terms of bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth is standard across all proxy and VPN packages.

Servers & Server Locations

TorGuard is home to over 1000 servers installed in 42+ different server locations. The countries list include Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Romania, Russia, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, South Korea, South Africa USA and UK. TorGuard also offers a stealth option, which basically mimics the VPN traffic as normal HTTP traffic to fool firewalls into thinking that the traffic is normal, legitimate and unencrypted. This type of stealth VPN mode is specifically aimed at users from countries where excessive internet censorship is prevalent.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

TorGuard maintains a strict ‘No Logs’ policy, but incidentally, TorGuard will store your VPN connection data for up to 24 hours before purging it completely. All traffic is passed through shared IPs, therefore, it is difficult to pin-point the exact traffic history or actions performed by a single user. All things considered, TorGuard allows torrent traffic, which in itself is a reflection on the company’s confidence about their anonymity and privacy settings. There have been no issues or cases of DMCA or EUCD takedown notices, which proves the fact that TorGuard is completely private and anonymous.

TorGuard will entertain court requests, but due to their shared IP network sharing, it is close to impossible to pin-point the exact user behavior, which makes it impossible for any investigative authority to correctly track the activities of any particular TorGuard user.

Customer Support

TorGuard promises 24X7 customer support, but there is no live chat function, and all correspondence is made through email or website ‘submit ticket’ form. This is a major inconvenience for users who can otherwise receive greater customer service from other large VPN service providers who offer world class VPN services for lesser subscription cost.

Issuers & Problems

We have not faced any issues or problems until now, apart from a few customer service related issues. We will be keeping a close watch on the reliability and speed of the VPN service to understand the effects of a large number of VPN users utilizing the same resources for torrenting and P2P file sharing.

TorGuard Review Conclusion

TorGuard is an excellent choice of VPN for those who value their privacy and for those who use torrent platforms extensively for P2P file sharing. Online privacy and anonymity is a strong suite at TorGuard. TorGuard also impressed us with their speed and overall efficiency.

The P2P feature, addition of more servers (locations) and a reasonable cost of subscription are the strongest selling points of TorGuard. We also commend TorGuard for concentrating their efforts on improving their customer service channel by adding a phone number and a live chat function. We, therefore conclude that TorGuard is indeed an ultimate tool for protecting online privacy and going stealth on the internet.