TheSafety.US VPN Review

Among the many VPN Providers that have surfaced today, TheSafety United Solutions is pretty well known in the market. Established in 2006, TheSafety US has been catering to the security needs of online businesses and their websites for many years. With their extensive server base and a Customer Support Department that never sleeps, this VPN Provider has been able to make room for itself in a market that is best known to be saturated.

In today’s online world, whether you need security or not is no longer a question. You need to secure yourself and your website from any possible harm in the virtual world. The question that actually matters is whom you can trust with your personal details. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy VPN Provider makes all the difference to your privacy settings.

How good is TheSafety.US? Below we analyze the company’s good and bad to give you an idea of how well it is performing. After all, if a company has been around for almost a decade and continues to satisfy customers day in and day out, there must be something right with it!

Server Locations and Accessibility

TheSafety.US server base is very extensive. Since 2006, it has expanded into various countries and today it has servers in a total of 19. These include The United States, Italy, Panama, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine and Lithuania. Because of this wide network, no matter where you are, if you have subscribed to TheSafety.US, you can unlock all kinds of geographically restricted websites including some of the most famous ones like HBO, YouTube, Flickr and Hulu.

Moreover, TheSafety.US also allows its frequently travelling customers to sign up for cross-country plans so that website access is not a problem when they are away from home.

Speed and Bandwidth

If you love to play HD movies or steam shows and videos online, TheSafety’s unlimited bandwidth and speed will impress you. This speed is a result of the multiple server locations hosted by the company. Therefore, sluggish speed and high downtime are rare occurrences.

Protocols in Use

TheSafety.US uses many different VPN protocols. These include, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSL, OpenVPN, SSTP, IPsec and Socks5 Proxy. With these protocols, it offers three kinds of IPs, namely Dedicated IP, Shared IP Dynamic and Shared IP Static.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another strength for TheSafety. Not only are customer representative available on the hotline, they can easily be reached via live Chat, Email and Support Ticket. The staff is well versed in all kinds of technical problems. In addition, because of its wide server base in many international countries, Customer Service at TheSafety.US is available in English and Russian.

TheSafety’s website also has detailed troubleshooting guidelines available, therefore, if you do not want to call the representatives, visit this page for details regarding VPN problems.

Privacy Settings

If you are a safety conscious person, you will like the extent of privacy offered by TheSafety.US. The most secure protocols available with the company are OpenVPN and PPTP. Apart from just hiding your original address and creating a virtual private network, TheSafety.US also ensures all your valuable credentials remain under lock and key with its Double VPN Plan. The Double VPN Plan adds an extra layer of security to give you unmatched and impermeable protection.

What’s more? Every time you connect to a public hotspot, TheSafety.US VPN will take note and be extra vigilant to safeguard your identity. To take security and safety to the next level, the provider also allows for anonymous subscribing with money transfers via Webmoney.

Systems Support

Apart from supporting popular systems like iOS, Windows, Linux and Android, TheSafety has designed its own propriety software for Windows Operating Systems called The Secure Kit. This software is completely customized to work with TheSafety.US VPN and has capabilities like auto-configuration and auto-error fixing. For Pro subscribers, the software also includes options like data protection and customer support.

Pricing Options

Pricing of TheSafety’s VPN packages is dependent on two variables: one, the kind of VPN you choose and second, the number of server locations you want access to. Contingent on these, the price of the most basic package, i.e. a shared IP +Single Country Access, starts from $30 a month. As you take these specifications further, the price increases. For instance, a package that has a Dedicated IP + Single Country Access starts from $37. Moreover, if you choose a double VPN package, your cost will be close to $33 per month.

Flexibility in pricing options means customers can choose any and as many server locations they like. Even though there is no free trial, the company offers a 7-day money back guarantee so that you can test the service.

Is TheSafety.US your choice in VPN Providers?

Perhaps the only drawback of TheSafety’s VPN package is their price. Even though the company charges heavily, it has a reputation of delivering on its promises and securing client identities in ways that are technologically advanced. Two thumbs up for TheSafety United Solutions!

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