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SwitchVPN Review

SwitchVPN ( is an Indian based company, and straightaway, SwitchVPN gathers your undivided attention by offering industry leading 1024-2048 bit encryption. This is even greater than normal military level encryption, but it does come at a slight premium. Together with P2P capability, SwitchVPN does make a case for itself. Let us take a deeper look into this company through this brief review of the SwitchVPN.

Installation & Configuration

Being compatible for all mainstream operating systems, SwitchVPN offers a functional and non-invasive platform for Windows and Mac, which is pretty easy to install and use. SwitchVPN followed the route of designing a basic VPN platform with all the main functionalities available within the terminal itself. You can choose between the available protocols, namely PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and SSTP within the terminal, along with the servers. The dialer runs in the background, and can be accessed from the system tray.

For other OS users, manual setup is the only option. However, there are helpful tutorials that will help you setup a manual VPN connection on your Linux, Android and iOS devices. As far as encryption is concerned, we were pretty delighted to find a VPN service provider offering up to 2048 bit encryption. Full marks to SwitchVPN for leading the way here.

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Subscription Cost

SwitchVPN has diversified their services and offers two different packages, which is extremely confusing to the users. The different packages available are the COMBO PRO package and the BUSINESS package.


This package gives access to all the protocols with full access to the entire range of server locations. Users can even indulge in P2P file sharing. You are also entitled to 2 simultaneous connections (every additional simultaneous connection costs $1.95/month per connection). This package will cost you $9.95/month. The quarterly and yearly plans can cost you $8.95/month and $7.95/month respectively. The subscription costs are average as per industry standards, and we certainly believe that the encryption levels offered for this kind of cost is certainly justified.


The BUSINESS package is similar to the COMBO PRO package, but it allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. The cost for this package comes up to $59.95/month, which is very expensive. However, you can discounts on quarterly and annual packages, which can cost you $49.95/month and $24.99/month respectively. Each additional simultaneous connection costs $2.00/month.

Every plan now comes with a 7 days money-back guarantee, but not in the traditional style. The money-back guarantee is only available if you cannot connect to their VPN for any reason, and not if you are unsatisfied with the VPN service on offer. This is certainly a serious drawback, and we want SwitchVPN to reconsider their strategy and offer a proper money-back guarantee for users to fully understand their services.

In terms of payment options, users can pay using Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza and Bitcoin. SwitchVPN promises full user anonymity, however, they do require a detailed set of identifying information of the user at the signup. We want SwitchVPN to reduce the number of fields to ensure that users are comfortable in using their services.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

In our extensive speed tests, we achieved a maximum speed of up to 90% of the available ISP speed. We should be honest here, we did face a drop in speed while using PPTP and OpenVPN, for which we could only manage 60% of the ISP speed. This may also be down to the 1024-2048 bit encryption. For the fastest connection, you would need L2TP, but you will have to compromise on your online security.

Reliability was nominal, and we did not face any serious issues, but we did miss the much coveted ‘VPN Kill Switch’ feature, which is becoming a standard addition for all VPN service providers. We are really worried about the original IP being revealed once we lose the VPN connectivity.

Unlimited bandwidth is standard across the board. This should help users who require unlimited bandwidth, especially P2P users. P2P is only available on Netherlands servers; hence, we believe that the Netherlands servers will be the least performing ones in the entire range. Don’t be surprised if you experience a drop in speed while using any server from Netherlands.

Servers & Server Locations

SwitchVPN has servers installed in 22 different countries. The countries include USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Poland.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

We are seeing mixed signals from this company. First of all, being based out of India, the jurisdictional red tape is immense, and as there are no clear laws to protect online privacy, the company can be subjected to legal proceedings in the case of any dispute. Also in their Terms & Conditions, the company clearly states a ‘no-logs’ policy, but they also mention that they maintain logs for a period of one month before it is purged. While we have yet to see any legal proceedings by the company, users may be advised to be cautious.

Customer Support

We are pleased that SwitchVPN concentrated their efforts on providing excellent customer service. They offer 24X7 support through live chat and email ticketing system. The customer support staff is knowledgeable and friendly, offering us timely information. This certainly reflects positively on the company.

Issues & Problems

Our biggest concern is the privacy issue, and we are seriously worried about logs. We want SwitchVPN to be a clear in this regard. We also want SwitchVPN to work on redesigning their VPN platform to accommodate more features and offer a VPN kill Switch to protect the identity of their users in the event of a VPN malfunction. We also couldn’t fathom why SwitchVPN would offer a conditional 7 days money-back guarantee that does not re-compensate the user in the case they are not satisfied with the services.

SwitchVPN Review Conclusion

SwitchVPN is indeed a good choice of VPN, especially due to the encryption level and the speeds on offer. Together with an excellent customer support channel, SwitchVPN is a good choice, and we can live with the slight premium against other VPN service providers.