SwissVPN Review

SwissVPN is a Virtual Private Network service provider based from Switzerland (hence the name) that offers Point to Point and OpenVPN protocols. The basic idea behind their business model is that users will be able to use an encrypted VPN tunnel based in Zurich, so that they will technically be surfing the Internet from the safety of Switzerland, effectively protecting their privacy and anonymity online.

SwissVPN is just the business arm of a bigger telecommunications company called Mozon Networks AG, which has been known as one of Switzerland’s fastest and most reliable ISPs. SwissVPN borrows a lot from the credibility of its mother company, offering decently priced packages, stable connection, and user-friendly clients. You can check our review below to find out about SwissVPN’s technical details:

SwissVPN Client Setup and Usage


SwissVPN has support for all the major OSes, such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. They also have support for the iPhone, Android and DD-WRT routers.

Setting up their VPN took us only 3 minutes, since there is no need to install additional software.

Currently, SwissVPN only has servers based in Switzerland. It does not have any VPN servers in other countries, so your choices are limited in this case, but it’s a great consolation that Switzerland has very lax policies regarding the Internet (unlike countries like Iran and China), so you’re safe with SwissVPN’s servers.

SwissVPN supports OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec security protocols. It uses a 128-bit and 168-bit encryption with an authentication protocol of MS-CHAPv2. Connection speeds are also not a problem as 2Gbps runs over its network.

SwissVPN Pricing and Packages

SwissVPN is easily one of the cheapest VPN services you will come across, with their one month subscription amounting only to CHF6. If you want the added security of a packet filtering firewall, the subscription fee is CHF2 per month.

What’s amazing about SwissVPN is that they also offer a test account for free, so users can do a one day trial before deciding to subscribe to the service, which seems to be less risky than a money back guarantee.

To test out the service, you may use the following test credentials to log in:

VPN server:
Username: swissvpntest
Password: swissvpntest

Against the Competition

SwissVPN’s only disadvantage is that you’re limited to only one country, but if you don’t mind being based off Switzerland, then SwissVPN is easily better than most of the competition, with low prices, excellent and stable speeds, easy to setup and use client, and prompt email support.

It’s also worth mentioning that SwissVPN only provides an email-based support system. Most VPN services today already provide a live-chat support method – which is also one factor of considerations when shopping for a VPN service.

Errors Encountered

Some SwissVPN users have reported getting an “Error 619” when they try to get connected. According to SwissVPN’s tech support, the problem comes from the user’s router or firewall, if it is blocking GRE/PPTP packets. The recommended solution is to adjust the router’s settings or use a different one. Alternatively, the user can switch to OpenVPN procotol.

SwissVPN Conclusion

As one of the cheapest OpenVPN providers, as well as being the one that offers one day trials for free, SwissVPN gets our recommendation.

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