SurfBouncer VPN Review

Why would anyone want to surf the web in secret? It’s simple really – your government, your own ISP and some hackers and sniffers can access your system if they want to. And if they do that, they would be able to gain access to your personal and sensitive information which could put you in deep trouble.

But is there a way to avoid the prying eyes of those who’d want to access your system without your knowledge? And again, the solution is simple – you get a VPN service and you’re all set for secured and anonymous browsing activities.

To surf the web without any worries, you need a strong VPN service that offers the highest level of security features. SurfBouncer allows for anonymous browsing experiences which helps protect your identity and bypass all geo-restrictions from websites all over the world.

In this detailed review, we’ll look at the features of SurfBouncer and determine its outstanding features worthy to be subscribing to.

The company origin and its mission

SurfBouncer was founded in 2006 by a group of technology experts with decades of experience. The company, however, does not have any fixed offices or call centers. The team behind SurfBouncer believes that you do not need a physical office to offer quality service. They said they’d rather spend time optimizing and improving their service rather than trying to put together a presentable office just for the sake of having one.

The SurfBouncer professionals promises to only provide what is deserving to its clientele – and that is quality VPN services. And since the company does not have secretaries or call center representatives, whenever you send an email, you’re directly talking to the ones running the business.

SurfBouncer is also open to recording login time and bandwidth usage for a span of 7 days just for having organized maintenance diaries. It will never compromise customer data in any way – unless authorities asked for it. But other than those regular VPN logs, the company does not spy on user activities.

Platform compatibility and server count

SurfBouncer provides support for most devices. Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux are all compatible with the service. Use OpenVPN for desktop use to get the highest level of security. For mobile devices, it’s better to connect using PPTP or L2TP security protocols.

The company maintains VPN servers in 16 countries. According to its website, the servers are strategically located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Panama, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom and in the United States.

Pricing, data transfer and customer support

The company offers various VPN packages depending on what the user needs. These packages are Personal VPN, Family VPN, Secure Email, VPN Routers and Static IP VPN. Subscriptions are also very flexible. If you only need VPN for a week, you can avail of its weekly payment scheme. The cost for a VPN service for a week is $5.99, then $15.99 for a month, $69.99 per 6 months and $119.99 annually – this is for the Personal VPN plan.

Data transfer is unlimited and they don’t also impose restrictions or limitation on the speed.

There is no live chat support available at the moment. SurfBouncer, however, offers an extensive tutorials and instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix common issues. If all else fail, you can always email the support team to get further assistance.

Conclusion: Is SurfBouncer a good investment?

We give SurfBouncer a 2/5 rating. It’s not a bad VPN provider, it’s actually very decent. What led us to conclude that it only deserves a 2/5 rating is its price. For $15.99 a month, you could already get a VPN service from a trusted name – and that is for 2 or more months of subscription.

We also read various complains about the lack of options to cancel recurring subscription. Although it hasn’t happened to us, it’s worth noting in order to alert current and potential customers about this issue.

Overall, we’d use SurfBouncer anytime of the day – that is if it’s priced accordingly.

3 thoughts on “SurfBouncer VPN Review

  1. I’m 67 and not technically inclined. However, I teach at two US unis online. FERPA requirements and university policies mandate secure access so student privacy isn’t violated. The systems at both unis require a single off-campus access point because, prior to my arrival, professors only accessed the systems from home. I have an international consulting practice that requires significant travel.

    I’ve had Surfbouncer’s static IP service for two years now. The support people have always been helpful and prompt, and patient – important because initially my lack of expertise created some problems. I’ve considered other VPN services with lower price points. However, I’ve stuck with Surfbouncer because I value their service and responsiveness.

  2. update to my previous comment
    i have now received a satisfactory reply. they told me to edit the configuration file for switzerland and that fixed the problem

    this was entirely their fault.

    but the reply was accurate and now the service works perfectly.
    i have no complaint about how it works now from china and now to switzerland

    lack of a phone, a physical address or chat remains a negative factor

  3. i have a problem with this service. i am using it in china and the stealth china service does allow me access to blocked sites like the nytimes

    however, using this service from the usa, and elsewhere, i find it is impossible to connect to the switzerland server to gain access to the swiss tv

    i can connect to mexico, china, usa, uk etc but not switzerland

    lack of immediate chat is a killer. i tried smartdns and they answer IMMEDIATELY and allow me to see bbc and swiss tv [i know there are not a lot of people who want to see swiss tv]

    it takes two days to get an answer by email from surfbouncer and the help is very very bad. they just say, well it looks ok from our end. i am cancelling this service

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