Suissl VPN Review

A single look at the properly designed website and the valid content within, one can tell that this is no ordinary VPN provider.

Suissl Ltd. is a Switzerland based company established in 2009. The company has servers located in the United States of America and Switzerland. The company is a strong advocate of online privacy and does not share customer information with any third parties (as per the claims). Even governments cannot track your online activity. If your country name shows in the list of governments that track the activity of internet users, then you need Suissl Ltd. VPN. About the legality of this stance, one should know that this is legal and the company complies with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FDAP).


Suissl Ltd. is equally compatible with PCs and mobile devices. You can use it with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad. It uses PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. Though the servers are located in the USA and in Switzerland, the latter is preferred for maximum privacy with no restriction.

Data security is assured though 256 Bit AES encryption. For those who do not know what 256 Bit AES is, it is the highest level of data encryption that can be used. This encryption strength insulates the data from hackers.

Pricing/ Subscription

Suissl Ltd. offers three products each with a different set of benefits. There are no hidden charges so the total cost is the same as the price mentioned on the website.

If you use multiple devices to access the internet then you should opt for Suissl Pro. This package allows you to utilize the VPN service from two devices simultaneously. You can have free, fast and unlimited access to the internet from your PC or your mobile device. The charges are €10 per month. This package comes with mobile protection so you do not have to worry about virus attacks either. It uses both OpenVPN and PPTP protocol.

If you use a PC predominantly, then Suissl Easy is the right choice. It is compatible with Mac, Windows 7 and Linux. This package costs €5 per month. It has a speed of 2Mbits/ second and unlimited volume. It uses the secure OpenVPN protocol.

If you use your mobile devices to connect to the internet, then go for Suissl Mobile, which is a full package for mobile devices with a price tag of €5 per month. Suissl Mobile is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. It has the same speed as Suissl Mobile and uses the highly compatible PPTP protocol.


Suissl Ltd. accepts payments through PayPal, credit cards (VISA and MasterCard), Micropayment, Plimus and digital money.

Privacy Policy

Suissl Ltd. saves the information provided by you at the time of registration. This includes IP address, user name and log history. The log is stored to validate the user. Information can be stored up to one year under normal conditions. However, in the event of illegal activity or violation of terms of use, your information might be stored for longer time periods.

When you use Suissl Ltd., you can be sure of one thing; your information will not be sold to third parties for making money. Information is shared only when a user is indulging in illegal or harmful online activity. If you have any ambiguity about the privacy policy, you can email at [email protected]

Suissl Refund Policy

The company will inform you through email if you are entitled to receive a refund. The refund money is disbursed within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email. Remember that in case you are found in violation of the terms & conditions of use, you will not receive any refund.

Customer support

You can file a complaint or submit a general query through an online form present on the website. There is no direct mailing address. The website is multilingual and can be viewed in English, Deutsch and French.

A support staff that speaks English, Deutsch, Spanish and French is definitely a value added feature. You can live chat with the support staff regarding any technical issues.

The FAQ section has around 27 questions regarding technical issues, security, privacy and much more. There are high chances that if you face an issue you will find the solution in the FAQs and will not need to file a complaint. In addition, you can submit your feedback about the usefulness of the answer.

Final word

Suissl Ltd. is a premium service with good packages to offer. The prices are reasonable if one takes into account the features, i.e. unlimited volume, fast speed, easy configuration and mobile protection.

Suissl Ltd does not have separate monthly, semiannually and yearly subscription charges. Having such segmentation makes the service economical for the customer and offers greater options, so this is something the company might want to improve on. Speaking of overall service, Suissl VPN is a good option for people wanting an optimal VPN experience on multiple devices.

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  1. I am a suissl customer many years now. Unfortunately, what used to be a great service is now just some really bad smelling smoke. My windows 10 PCs cannot connect (was never able to since Win10 came out), my android phone was never able to establish a proper connection when on wifi and also my mac book pro, on which suissl used to run for years, I cannot connect anymore. The support doesn’t answer my messages anymore, while 2 years ago, it all run great, including a very good customer support.
    Don’t sign up to this website!

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