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StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN ( is currently the most popular and VPN providers according to our TrustPilot index.

The inception of StrongVPN dates back to 1995, and has been an industry leader ever since. StrongVPN is a company that is known to offer excellent customer service along with a number of different servers located around the world. This is backed up by years of technical innovation and experience in providing state of the art VPN services for anonymous browsing.


At VPN Creative we can definitely vouch for StrongVPN and they offer a 7 day money back guarantee with any subscription package. In general we recommend this provider, but we have a few suggestions on how to improve it further. Read on to find out.

Setting Up And Configuring StrongVPN On Your Computer

There are two ways on how you can use StrongVPN. You can manually configure your computer (or other devices) with the specific settings, or simply download and install a dedicated StrongVPN client app. Either way, you will be able to get stable and fast StrongVPN connections.

Not so long ago, StrongVPN didn’t have any software on offer to make browsing habits completely anonymous. While this does void the tedious process of downloading a software, installing it into your desktop and then changing the settings every now and then, it wasn’t really giving customers the “single-click VPN” experience that other VPN services were already offering at that time. Gladly, StrongVPN had caught up with its competition and is already offering its very own VPN app. Such major change have catapulted StrongVPN on top of the industry.

Strongvpn client

StrongVPN’s client app is available on Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Users can download the OpenVPN client to be able to make StorngVPN work on an Android device. Since they support most security protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, users will be able to secure most of their internet connections.

StrongVPN will also work on Microsoft Surface, Linux, Amazon Kindle, Bada, HP Web OS, Chrome OS and DD-WRT routers. There are exclusive graphical tutorials available on their website to help you with setups and configuration process.

Pricing Options & Packages At StrongVPN

StrongVPN price

StrongVPN had ultimately changed its VPN packages. VPN plans used to be based on the users’ country of residence. As of this writing, StrongVPN now offer three basic plans that are packed with varying options / features for the different packages. The pricing varies from $7.95 for a month to $210 for the entire year.

StrongVPN plans are now categorized as Lite, Special and Deluxe. Under each VPN package, users can choose between a PPTP-based connection or OpenVPN depending on their VPN needs. For the Lite plan, one month worth of subscription for the PPTP connection costs $7.95 and $11.95 for OpenVPN. Note that for the Lite plan users will only get access to US servers. Users can also avail huge discounts if they subscribe to a multi-month VPN plan (3-months, 6-months or 1 year).

To access VPN servers in the US, UK, Netherlands and Canada, users will have to subscribe to the Special StrongVPN plan. This specific plan will cost you $34.95 per month (OpenVPN + PPTP). Unfortunately with this plan, users are only allowed to subscribe to a per month or annual terms. One year of PPTP connections costs $55 and $85 for OpenVPN.

The Deluxe VPN plan is the most expensive StrongVPN offering costing about $16.95 per month to $210 per year. The advantage of subscribing to the Deluxe plan is the multiple server accesses to 21 countries including US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Mexico, Malaysia and Japan.

Every StrongVPN subscription package is offered with a 7 day money back guarantee – you can use this opportunity as a free VPN trial. You can choose StrongVPN packages according to your monthly budget and specific requirements. There are also different payment options, ranging from online payment gateways to credit card payments, online money transfer and even Bitcoin.

Internet Speed When Using StrongVPN

The most important aspect of choosing a VPN service provider is the connection speed, which is followed by reliability. But immaterial of the other features on offer, speed is an absolute necessity. In this respect, StrongVPN offers unmatched speeds and reliability when compared to conventional VPN service providers.

At worst, you will be losing around 20-40% of the traditional speed, or the speed as mentioned by your ISP. That is not a huge loss, seeing that the ability to view blocked information and transfer data is limitless. The speed difference is not drastic at usual browsing speed, and will not hinder your data transfer in any way. You might not notice speed deterioration at all, unless you are downloading or streaming HD content or using other heavy applications.

StrongVPN said it does not throttle any of its servers. In some cases, users are even able to bypass their ISP’s throttles when they are connected to a StrongVPN server.

Number Of Servers, IPs and StrongVPN Server Locations

StrongVPN hosts over 457 servers in around 22 countries, and counting. They also offer around 10,000 IPs from these server locations, which is by far an impressive number. This will help you bypass your national firewall by hooking on to the server nearest to your location. StrongVPN is also adding more servers and countries to their existing network to provide customized solutions to their customers.

StrongVPN Customer Support & Website Access

StrongVPN offers a wide range of customer support options, varying from direct email to ticket support and live chat. You can also call them by contacting a customer service representative, or the live chat function will also be of assistance. For other issues, you can always send a support ticket using email.

StrongVPN online chat is available 24X7. This will ensure that customers from different parts of the globe have access to the customer service when they require it the most. StrongVPN is the industry leader in terms of immaculate customer support and satisfaction.

Glitches And Troubles At StrongVPN

StrongVPN maybe a top-notch VPN service but it is still not 100% perfect. There are a few errors and troubles that are usually associated with the configuration settings and IP switches. But their online support is more than helpful to take care of all your configuration settings. There can also be errors on some of their servers which can potentially lead to downtime and inability to unblock geographically restricted websites.

StrongVPN allows unlimited server switches. StrongVPN only allowed 5 switches per month in the past, and if you wanted to enjoy more switches, you will have to pay extra, which was certainly a disadvantage. Gladly, StrongVPN decided to drop the switches limit.

StrongVPN Review Verdict

On a final note of this StrongVPN Review, we would like to give StrongVPN our verdict. StrongVPN is an extremely useful VPN service that is packed with a number of features, quality servers, thousands of IPs on offer – all of which can help users anonymize their connections and be able to access almost all online resources. Its excellent customer support can help you through the sign up process, and will provide you with excellent assistance during the entire duration of your subscription. This is a great product for those who are not really concerned about the slightly expensive service costs.

Are There Any StrongVPN Discount Coupons?

StrongVPN rarely offer any promotions. However, there is always the 7-day money back guarantee offer that serves as a trial period for those that want to try out StrongVPN. If you feel like StrongVPN isn’t something for you then you can simply request for a refund as long as your subscription is still within the 7-day grace period.