Spice VPN Review

SpiceVPN is a Netherlands based connection service. Let us take a look at SpiceVPN in detail.

SpiceVPN provides significant protection as it keeps no login history. It operates through six servers present in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine and USA. Switching between serves is free of cost. Signing up and getting the connection is fully automatized and free of human-intervention which means you can have the connection up and running quite fast. SpiceVPN is compatible with all the major operating systems. This implies that you can use it for Windows (Vista, XP or 7), Mac OS and Linux.

The choice for VPN Protocols is somewhat limited. SpiceVPN offers only Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and OpenVPN. New users are usually recommended the PPTP because of the ease of use. However, some critics regard PPTP as a severely insecure connection but this isn’t so. Coming to device compatibility, SpiceVPN is compatible with Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Windows mobile devices and Android devices.


If you register with SpiceVPN, you are given a free account of Jabber services. Jabber services allow instant messaging service with other authorized users.


SpiceVPN offers the following types of packages: dedicated VPN and double VPN connections. This means you can make a pick between having a dedicated IP and a dynamic shared IP address.

Spice Double VPN uses the dynamic shared IP address. This is how it works: Dynamic shared IP gives you a non-static IP that is shared/ used by other users on the network as well. Every time you log in you have a separate IP address. This is a good anonymity measure as no one can detect the user identity through IP. Double VPN is for users paranoid about their online security and anonymity. Whenever you log into a double VPN, your IP address shows as if you logged on from another server. Even the other server does not know your real IP- online protection is guaranteed.

While signing up for Spice double VPN you have to choose two servers (with SpiceVPN you have a choice between six geographically dispersed servers). The other option is a dedicated VPN which gives a specific IP address for your use. It offers safety as the unique IP is under the use of only one user. It acts as a highly secure mode of accessing corporate information or personal information (bank/account details).

The two options, dynamic shared IP and dedicated IP, are exact opposites of each other so making a choice between the two won’t be a hard task.


Pricing for all the packages mentioned above is set based on:

  • Usage duration (daily, monthly, semiannually or annually)
  • Traffic (400 MB or Unlimited)

Regarding the VPN connection, the unlimited traffic has daily charges of $1, monthly charges of $20 and the yearly charges of $200. For a 400MB VPN traffic the daily charges are $0.5, monthly charges are $10 and yearly charges are $100. For any use exceeding the limit, the charges are $0.003 per MB of $3 per GB.

Refund policy

The money back guarantee lasts for one hour after purchase/ use. If you decide to change the package within one hour of purchase then you get a 100% refund. However, for a package change after one hour a $2 refund fee applies. The refund policy is not applicable to packages, which cost less than $2.

Payment Modes

Once you opt for a service, you make an account with SpiceVPN. Then you have to credit your account and after that, you are given access to the service. Remember that the selection of service package comes before adding money to your account; this is to overcome any inconvenience later on. The acceptable payment modes for SpiceVPN are PayPal, credit card, Perfect Money, WebMoney and Web currency (i.e. Bitcoin).

Customer Support

SpiceVPN provides multiple mediums for customer support. You can contact the team through email ([email protected]) or Skype (SpiceVPN.com) or dial at 498-647-382. Another option is to send a query and receive an answer through live chat 24/7.

In addition, the site offers some good FAQs. The help portion has a step-by-step screenshot guide to installation. I assure you that if you are a new user then you will not be having any problem installing SpiceVPN. The website is bilingual and can be viewed in English or Russian.


SpiceVPN is rated highly by most users. The speed (upload and download) is more than satisfactory. The free switching between servers (Across countries) and VPN protocol (PPTP or OpenVPN) is amongst the best features. However, the refund policy and the limited choice of VPN protocols can be a turn-off. If SpiceVPN were to be rated then it would get:

  • High rank for convenience (speed and installation)
  • Moderate rank for product variety
  • High rank for ease of payment

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