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SlickVPN is a US based company established quite recently in 2012. Speaking of the latest figures, this company has a sever network spreading in 40 countries! You can opt for server location from the 112 spots in SlickVPN’s server network. This is a huge network if you look at other VPN Providers in the market.

Moreover, since SlickVPN service allots dynamic IPs, every time you login you have a new IP. Translation: you can surf without the fear of being tracked. Plus, you can bypass regional restrictions and view your favorite content with full anonymity


For those planning to avail this VPN service, the interactive server-location map on the company website can prove to be very helpful. The server in Atlanta, USA offers the highest download speed (i.e. 12.97 Mbps). However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get this speed even if you log in from another continent; to avail better speed you should go for the server in your proximity.

Coming to functionality, SlickVPN can support multiple protocols i.e. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. OpenVPN and L2TP offer higher security but are ‘relatively’ slower. If you value speed over everything then you should chose the PPTP protocol (depending on your operating system and device). It is fast but not as secure as the other two protocol options.

SlickVPN allows you to surf anonymously on PCs as well as smartphones. It is compatible with Windows (7, 8, Vista and XP), Mac OS and Linux. Regarding smartphones, it can be used with Android, Nokia, Windows phone, iPhone and iPad. However, you cannot log in to the same account from multiple devices simultaneously.

Subscription packages

SlickVPN offers the same VPN features for varying subscription periods. You can get the subscription for a month, three months, six months or a whole year. The charges are as follows:

  • One month subscription at $7
  • Three month subscription at $19
  • Six month subscription at $25
  • Yearly subscription at $55

The price mentioned above are special offers, normally the prices are slightly higher than these are. Originally, a monthly subscription costs $10. Slick VPN, however, is slashing the price for a limited time. Anyhow, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth at a very fast speed for all the subscription packages offered by Slick VPN.

Block package

If you do not want to be stuck in the long subscription period then you can avail the block package. This allows you to opt for the service for ‘block’ of days. You can get a block of as few as 4 days and maximum of 20 days. The price for a block is $0.75 per day.

Payment: You can pay through your credit card or Paypal account. Quite recently, the company has started accepting digital currency-Bitcoin. This payment mode adds more anonymity to user’s online activity.

Moreover, if you don’t want your account to be terminated then do not delay the payment any more than 10 days past due date.

Privacy Policy

To make an account you only need to provide your name, email id, address, user name and password.

As for log history, the logs are kept for the company side and not user side. The company records the IP address allotted by them, the login duration, the data transfer and the timestamp. Note that they are not logging your original IP rather the dynamic IP given by the company itself.

You should expect to receive promotional emails from the companies at the email address you provided. However, that can be unsubscribed if you find it annoying.

Money back guarantee: You can get a refund only if you submit a request within 30-days, beyond that your request will not be addressed. Remember that you have to request for a refund, the company is not obligated to offer it when you cancel your account.

Customer Support

Regarding any issue, whether technical or general, feel free to drop an email at [email protected] You can lodge a query on the company website as well. I tested the response speed of the customer support by submitting a general query. The response time was approximately 2.5hours, which is pretty reasonable. Apart from this, I found the response effective as well.
There are some pretty elaborate pictorial setup guides available on the website. The FAQ section is majorly about the general service-related queries.

SlickVPN Review Conclusion

In my opinion SlickVPN rates above average considering the functional features. The compatibility with all major user devices/ OS is an upside. No user-side log is another plus point. The block package gives the user an opportunity to check the service for minimal amount of time, which is appreciable. Plus, you can view the rates in USD, GBP and Euro, this isn’t a technical feature but it is a notable convenience factor.

However, I did notice some lacking in the service. It was slightly disappointing to see no ‘live-chat’ option in the customer support section. Though email support is good, but with competitors offering multiple customer support options, this does not seem like a big thing.

Overall SlickVPN is a good service provider since the benefits outweigh the costs.


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2 thoughts on “SlickVPN Review

  1. I’ve been a vpn customer for about over a year, as part of a package bundled with newsgroup service.

    These are my problems:

    Seattle server never connects.

    On any server i am able to connect to, I’ve never been able to transfer more than 10-12 MBs per day per server for some odd reason. This is reflected in Netflix only lasting about three minutes. ewill also hault part way through because of a lost connection.

    I’ve just sent a support ticket, but I suspect not much will improve since it’s always been like this.

  2. im in Botswana and recently bought a month package from slickvpn. problem is it has not connected and i have tried numerous times to get through to them for their 3o day moneyback guarantee but have failed misserably. i also tried inboxing their facebook profile but still no answer.. im very unhappy with slickvpn i just wish they would give my money back. when you try email them they will ask for a captcha that not there and therefore making it impossible to mail their support team. how can i get help

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