SeedST VPN Review

Seed ST ( is a service that focuses primarily on providing the best possible service to individuals that utilize bittorrent, but are not able to use peer to peer networks with their current Internet, without raising red flags with their ISP. In this regard, they have done a great job in providing their services to individuals since the company was first launched in 2012. Initially, they began offering beta invites to their service over forums to users that were interested in having a seed box, so that they could better evaluate and contribute to the peer to peer bittorrent services that they provide.

Installation and Configuration

Seed ST makes utilizing and configuring their software as easy as possible, with a number of different guides available, helping individuals to properly set up the VPN software. Seed ST offers their own VPN client, that comes complete with initial instant automatic set up. This means that new users that have never utilized the VPN before will be able to quickly and efficiently set up their VPN service, without having to go through all of the hassle that typical providers utilize. The easy to use software is excellent, allowing users to connect to a variety of different protocols including the OpenVPN protocol, PPTP protocol and L2TP protocol. The installation and configuration process is as simple as could be, and the fact that the company is constantly adding servers is just another reason to like the offerings that they have. The installation and configuration of their software could not be easier, requiring just the entering of your username and password for their service, and and all additional configuration is done for you.


Subscription Cost

Currently, Seed ST only offers one subscription. They charge five dollars per month, for the ability to utilize therapy and for a number of different purposes, and then browsing the Internet anonymously, using it to get around geo-IP restrictions including Netflix, Hulu, and other content providers that continue to limit the amount of content that individuals around the world have access to. For the cost of five dollars per month, along with the seven day money back guarantee that they offer, they provide an excellent service overall. Each of their plans offers unlimited bandwidth, which can be utilized for a variety of different purposes, including streaming HD content, and downloading large files.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

Seed ST was first launched as a seedbox company, mostly focusing on bit torrent users. Since that time, they have become one of the best available VPN providers, because of the speed in reliability of their servers. They rarely take their servers down for maintenance, and when they do go down, they are quickly added back into the server line. All of the servers are connected to fast nodes which means that they are able to provide excellent speeds, no matter which server you are connecting to. Seed ST continues to place themselves above and beyond the competition, offering excellent seedboxes in conjunction with their VPN service. The speed of their services quick enough to utilize services that stream HD content such as Netflix and YouTube, as well as a variety of other activities, such as bypassing government Internet censorship, or simply just having additional privacy available to you.

Server Locations

The company has more than 50 different servers in a variety of different locations. On their “stats” page they outline the different servers, that are connected to a wide range of different nodes including 100 Mbps knows, as well as smaller and larger nodes as well. If you are looking for a wide range of different countries in which you can connect to, Seed ST offers a great range of different servers, giving you access to connections in more than a dozen countries. Each of their servers is connectable, along with a wide range of different statistics that can be utilized to determine which server is going to be the best for you overall. This makes connecting to the faster server much easier in the long-term, and helps them to provide a better overall service to their users. They even allow users to connect to their servers from behind the router, and bypass the port restrictions that are put in place by their ISP.


Customer Support

The company offers a wide range of different support options. For individuals that need to quickly and efficiently get into contact with customer support in order to deal with the pressing issue, they have a live chat available that is only available during business hours. Additionally, they have an e-mail support system for presales questions that allows you to get into contact with the company. After you subscribe to their services, you can utilize the ticket support system, which allows you to put a ticket into the system, in place a level of urgency on your particular question. This tells the company how urgent your request is, and helps them to sort of within the system. They respond to all support requests quickly, usually within a few short hours, helping you to deal with any of the problems that you are having with the company.

Review Conclusion

In all, Seed ST is an excellent company, providing high quality seedboxes as well as excellent VPN servers as well. Because they provide you with their own software, connecting has never been easier, and the automatic connection that they have through their software means that it is excellent for new VPN users as well is veterans alike. With the fastest servers, you can get blazing connection speeds that allow you to access streaming HD content, or even download objects through peer to peer services such as bit torrent. They are an excellent provider that I would recommend anyone that is looking for a fast, and reliable VPN service that provides them with privacy, while also not forcing the customer to sacrifice speed. Seed ST is one of the best providers in the industry, and they continue to grow the number of server locations that they have available, bettering their service as time goes on. Getting in on the ground floor would be a good idea for anyone looking for a high quality service.

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