Last modified October 4, 2013 by Paul Nash

SecurityKiss Review

If you want to become anonymous online, then connect to the internet with a VPN technology. A VPN service provider that is offering FREE VPN service for life is SecurityKiss Tunnel VPN. Read along and learn more about the services that SecurityKiss offers.

SecurityKiss Performance and Limitations

Anonymous browsing with SecurityKiss is quite good. Speed performance is surprisingly impressive. Connecting to any servers doesn’t seem to have lags or any slowdowns. For Free version users though, expect that the speed would be capped.

Free users are only allowed to access SecurityKiss with limited speed connections. If you want unlimited speed capability, better subscribe to a paid version.

Free version users are not supposed to access music or video streaming websites. However, some free users reported of being able to stream music and video.


Even if you can access video or music on free version, you might not be able to enjoy it since you are only allowed 300MB per day of bandwidth. Again, if you want unrestricted and uncapped connections, get a premium plan.

Other restrictions with free accounts are as follows: email client, online gaming, VoIP and video chats. If you are a heavy online gamer, a premium plan might be best for you.

SecurityKiss Client App and Servers

The client app has got to be one of the most convenient VPN client apps nowadays. You do not need to register an account to be able to download the app.

Just download and install the OpenVPN-supported SecurityKiss client and you can start anonymous internet browsing experiences.

The company is based in Ireland but is has various servers located in the UK, US, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands. The company is currently setting up new servers in other locations.

Paid version users get the privilege of connecting to more than 15 servers. Free version is of course limited to specific servers only.

How much is the Paid version?

There are various plans that SecurityKiss offers. Plans are named after colors. Free plan is called GREEN. Economy plan is called OLIVINE, basic plan is MALACHITE, premium plan is JADEITE and Ultimate plan is EMERALD.

Here are the prices for the various plans.


1 month

3 months

6 months

1 year


2.99 EUR

7.99 EUR

14.95 EUR

23.90 EUR


3.99 EUR

10.99 EUR

19.95 EUR

35.90 EUR


5.99 EUR

16.99 EUR

29.95 EUR

53.90 EUR


9.99 EUR

28.99 EUR

49.95 EUR

89.90 EUR

Conclusion: How’s Anonymous Browsing with SecurityKiss?

If you are satisfied with 300MB/day of bandwidth usage/allocation, then SecurityKiss is perfect for you. It offers quality VPN services, server connections are stable.

If you want unlimited access, you can simply upgrade to the paid version which is quite affordable as well – compared to other great VPN services providers that charges more for the same quality services as with SecurityKiss.