Secure VPN Review

There was a time when only computer experts, engineers, librarians and scientists were the ones privileged enough to use the internet. Today, each and every one of us can already surf the web anytime, anywhere. What’s worrying though is that there are individuals who are taking advantage of the openness of the internet to fool, steal and ruin other people.

We’ve all heard of stories about leaked photos and videos, online theft and unauthorized accesses to systems. If anything, internet openness has paved a way for criminals to play their games.

It doesn’t fail to amaze me that VPN service providers are popping everywhere. It must mean that more and more people are realizing the importance of having secured systems, which a VPN technology is very capable of providing.

It’s time to up your basic computer firewall to a much more dependable tool – a VPN. You don’t have to spend much for it too. There are VPN providers like Secure-VPN that offers cheap yet outstanding VPN services.

Here’s a short review on Secure-VPN. Find out just how cheap Secure-VPN’s service can get.

Securing your network with a VPN

With a Secure-VPN account, you basically have internet freedom. Like any other VPN service provider, Secure-VPN also claims to protect your privacy by allowing you to anonymously surf the web.

As far as the performance goes, it’s quite impressive for a new VPN provider. The service is compatible with every device – so if you want to simultaneously use a VPN service on a PC-based platform or on a mobile device, Secure-VPN is for you.

No need to be technically inclined to set the client app on your Windows / Mac or your smartphone. There is a specific setup page on the website to guide users configure their platforms.

Secure-VPN supports PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. It also supports Socks Proxy, Squid and HTTPS proxy for long-term VPN plans. It uses a 128-256 bit encryption system which is standard for most VPN service providers.

Base on the information provided on the website, their servers are located in 7 countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Netherlands. It does not, however, disclose how many servers are available on each location.

There isn’t anything new that we haven’t seen from other VPN services. Secure-VPN does a fine job at providing internet security with unlimited bandwidth allocations.

Securing your system without spending much

Now for the fun part. Like what we’ve said earlier, Secure-VPN offers one of the cheapest services today.

There is a free trial account that Secure-VPN is offering for those who want to get a glimpse of the service before subscribing. The trial lasts 30 minutes, which is quite a short period of time to test out the service. It’s all-access free trial account though – so whatever performance you’d get from a trial account, rest assured that’s the same thing you’ll get if you subscribe to Secure-VPN.

Monthly subscription costs $6.99. This is a bit high compared to other VPN providers. But here is where it gets interesting. For a 3-month subscription, you only need to pay $14.99. Subscribe to 6 months and only pay $23.99. Get Secure-VPN annual subscription for $35.99. Get a 3-year subscription and pay $69.99 only! That’s like $1.9 a month.

Payment processing is also flexible. Subscribers can pay through Paypal, AlertPay and all major credit cards.

Is Secure-VPN just a cheap VPN provider?

Secure-VPN provides basic VPN features that any typical VPN provider already offers. The service is in no way impeccable, neither is it terrible.

We’d say give Secure-VPN a shot. It’s a good enough service for those who are looking for a way to bypass internet restrictions.

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