Secure Tunnel VPN Review

Secure Tunnel is one of the few VPN service providers that also offer SSH tunneling to US based servers. The company is fairly new but they offer free 14 days of free trial service, which should be enough to give people a chance to decide if they are willing to plunk down the $10-15 monthly fee.

Can this VPN company compete with other service providers that are dominating the market today? Those considering this VPN service, you may want to check the review below first before subscribing.

Specifications and speed test

As expected of any service that provides VPN or SSH tunneling, there will be a little slowdown due to the encryption of data. With that in mind, Secure Tunnel’s speeds are well within the average compared to competitors.

As of writing, Secure Tunnel only has servers in the United States, Russia and Europe. It supports PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSH.

Availing a free trial account

Secure Tunnel offers a free trial period in order to give people on the fence enough time to decide whether the service is for them or not, and without any financial risk. The free trial allows users to experiment with different features so that they will have an idea on how Secure Tunnel performs.

However, to avail of the free trial, you still need to provide valid credit card information. This is only to protect the company from people who may try to use the service for free indefinitely by signing up for a new free trial after the last one has ended.

Pricing plans and money back guarantee


Secure Tunnel’s plans are separated into three tiers – the Surf, the Private Network, and the Complete.

Surf is worth $5.95 monthly, and only provides SSH Secure tunneling. Users will need to install a plugin to their favourite browser in order to protect their system so they can anonymously surf the web. Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, Secure Tunnel Surf will work on it.

Private Network is worth $12.95 per month and offers SSH Secure tunneling along with PPTP VPN. With multiple servers, users can securely connect to the web no matter where they are. Secure Tunnel Private Network will bypass any geo-targeted website such as Hulu, Netflix and BBC.

The Secure Tunnel is worth $14.95 monthly or $149.95 a year. Users subscribed to this plan can have access to SSH Ssecure Tunneling, PPTP, OpenVPN, and even basic Usenet access.

All plans are under a 30-day money back guarantee.

Against the Competition

Secure Tunnel is a bit different than most standard VPN service companies, simply because ST was just an SSH tunnel provider. They just added VPN solutions when the VPN market grew. Here are the some of the pros and cons of the service.


• The company has been around for quite some time, and is therefore more stable
• You have SSH tunneling, so you have an option even if you live in a country that bans VPNs


• Their service offering seems overpriced compared to the competition
• Their VPN servers are limited


If you’re in a country that forbids VPNs, then Secure Tunnel may be a good option as it also provides SSH Tunneling service. Otherwise, the price seems too high compared to more popular VPN service. You’ll be better off with some of the VPN services in our list of Top VPN Services.

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