Remote VPN Review

In the movies particularly on sci-fi films, there usually is a tool that can make someone invisible. In the Harry Potter film series for example, there is what they call an “Invisibility Cloak” that allows anyone become invisible upon wearing it. Such thing, however, is still distant from reality.

Having the ability to become invisible anytime and anywhere is one of the most desired superpowers. But not many people know is that every day, a lot of people are already turning invisible – virtually invisible that is.

In the virtual world, an Invisibility cloak is what we call a VPN. Virtual Private Network works by hiding the IP address so as to stealth oneself to avoid hackers, stalkers or spies. Actually, VPNs are already all over the internet. Some are dependable, and some are not-so reliable.

RemoteVPN, one of the many US-based VPN companies, promises to provide internet security and anonymity, thus somewhat restoring internet freedom. Take a look at what you are getting when you subscribe to a premium RemoteVPN plan.

RemoteVPN Availability and Compatibility


RemoteVPN was established in 2009. Having been founded just a few years ago, RemoteVPN does not have a wide collection of servers. As of this writing, there are only 4 server locations which includes the United States, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Germany.

The VPN company provides 128 bit encryption through PPTP security protocol. Although it is not the most secured protocol, what’s good about PPTP is that it is compatible with most platforms. The service will work on the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices.

No dedicated client app is also available for download. For a quick and step-by-step guide on how to setup the VPN service on your system, you may refer to its website, under the FAQ page.

RemoteVPN Pricing Details

RemoteVPN offers two types of subscription plans. There is an Unlimited VPN and a Premium Unlimited VPN. The main difference of the two is the Dedicated Bandwidth (10 MB/Sec) feature which is only available under the Premium Unlimited Plan.

For as low as $5, you can already subscribe to a month-long access to the Unlimited VPN service. The Premium on the other hand, is indeed “premium” as it is being priced at $25 per month.

RemoteVPN also used to offer free trial accounts. The trial access is now available for a one-time payment of $2. But take note that the trial period will only last for 48 hours. 2 days is enough to test out the entirety of the service.

RemoteVPN Customer Support

There is a live chat option that is available during business hours only. Also, an email-based support system is provided by the company.

RemoteVPN Review Conclusion

RemoteVPN lacks a lot of VPN features. It has limited servers, its pricings are a bit expensive, trial access is not free and support staff takes a while to respond.

RemoteVPN is a new VPN player. However, we have seen newer VPN providers that offer better services than what RemoteVPN is offering at the moment.

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