PureVPN Review

PureVPN (www.purevpn.com) was established in 2006, and is based out of Hong Kong. It hosts more than 450+ VPN servers in 100+ countries, which is better than most of most other VPN providers on the market.

PureVPN offers a three-day money back guarantee on their plans. This is an ideal opportunity to test out the product and review their service before deciding to sign up with the company.

PureVPN Review

Signing Up, Installation & Network Configuration

Initially, PureVPN was available only with manual LAN configuration and settings. Today, PureVPN now offer dedicated clients for Windows and Mac. PureVPN users can use the client software with almost all the features embedded into the application. At the moment, there still isn’t any client app for Linux. Until then, manual configuration is the only option for Linux OS users.

For mobile users, PureVPN offer dedicated apps for iOS and Android. These apps are available for download off the shelf, and all users get to enjoy VPN on their mobile devices. PureVPN is also compatible on Windows phone and Blackberry but through manual configuration.

Upon subscribing to PureVPN, an email will be sent to you containing your login information, including username, password and other LAN configuration settings in case you want to set up your VPN connection manually.

Users that are not technically inclined can use the PureVPN application to anonymously access the web. Expert users on the other hand can refer to the comprehensive knowledge base containing extensive and informative tutorials on how to set up the VPN service.

PureVPN services typical Internet users and corporate clients or large businesses. Since we’re now talking about big networks, PureVPN needs to offer high levels of security and encryption. The supported protocols on offer include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 and the system makes use of 256-bit SSL or AES Daya encryption. This is quite secure and safe for large organizations, therefore, it will do wonders as far as security and online anonymity is concerned for regular Internet users.

Pricing, Subscription Fee And Discounts

Previously, PureVPN offered three different plans – Standard, Unlimited Plan and Pure Gold. There were just a few differences between these plans, mainly with regards to bandwidth and a few other features such as port forwarding and DDWRT support. Only the Unlimited plan came with unlimited bandwidth, while the other plans had a capped bandwidth of 30 GB. They even had a Corporate VPN Plan priced at $275.

Today, PureVPN is offering a single VPN plan designed to suit anyone, both for personal or corporate use. PureVPN users can opt to pay on a per month basis or on a multi-month deal. The subscription fee starts at $9.95. Pay six months in advance ($44.95) and get 37 percent discount. Pay the whole year ($49.95) and enjoy a 65 percent discount. All plans can be used for five multiple logins.

Pure VPN Pricing Table

PureVPN is also offering additional features like NAT-Firewall and Internet Kill Switch (designed to stop all your activities as soon as the Internet gets disconnected).

There are multiple payment options available to the customer. Interested subscribers can choose to make payments through credit or debit card or other payment options such as PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, 2CheckOut and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the latest additions to the payment systems, and will help PureVPN enforce privacy for users who wish to stay anonymous while making the payment. It should be mentioned that PureVPN was one of the first VPN service providers that started offering Bitcoin as a valid payment option.

If you aren’t at ease with the online payment processors mentioned above, you can choose from other methods as illustrated below.


Browsing Speed & Bandwidth

PureVPN servers offer better browsing and download speeds than most of the VPN service providers. We were able to achieve around 60-80 percent of the available speed on a consistent basis. This is something that entices customers to keep their subscription with Pure VPN for a long period of time.

Reliability is also an excellent aspect, as most of the PureVPN servers are designed to handle particular bandwidth specifications. Paid customers can enjoy reliability and speed without having to deal with clogged up servers and server downtime. PureVPN takes pride in its servers, which are dedicated and highly optimized for online streaming that offers HDX streaming up to 20Mbps.

PureVPN Server Count & Locations

PureVPN hosts VPN servers in over 100 different countries, and have over 450+ different servers for their customers to connect from. There are about 80,000 IP Addresses that users can hide behind. What’s better than the thousands of IP addresses being offered is the fact that each user is assigned a new and unique IP address.

The comprehensive list of the 100+ countries described in the PureVPN website include United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Vietnam and Iceland.

PureVPN Customer Service

Another plus point for PureVPN is its customer service. There are multiple channels available for contacting customer support. First of all, there is a live chat feature, which is available 24x7x365. This is indeed required for around the clock access for customers from different parts of the world. This live chat feature is accessible to customers as well as other website users willing to receive information with regards to PureVPN.

You can also initiate support tickets, send emails, make calls, or even take part in the forum to get detailed answers to your questions. If you do find any hurdles while setting up, configuring or using your VPN router, you can take a look at their online tutorials, which are pretty much informative and thorough.

PureVPN Troubles & Errors

PureVPN is reliable so there shouldn’t be any server related errors or troubles. The trial account is only available for $2.50, which is a bit strange, and we can’t seem to understand why one would be requested to pay $2.50 for a trial account.

And there are known issues with the manual setup of the VPN connection. These are usually common errors associated with DNS and firewall, and you will need to contact the customer support, or browse through the tutorials to get the errors fixed. Most problems are faced by Linux users, since there isn’t a dedicated client available for the platform yet.

PureVPN Review Verdict

PureVPN is certainly an authentic VPN service provider that offers great speed, reliability and a host of features for VPN users. As we see it, PureVPN is certainly a worthy contender for the top spot in the VPN industry.

Together with an excellent customer service system, they do offer unmatched VPN services to customers to access blocked information and surf the web anonymously. We would advise you to try out the $2.50 three-day trial period before opting for the full subscription.

The service offered by PureVPN is significantly better than the industry standards, making it a good choice of VPN for anonymous web browsing or for viewing blocked website or content.

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  1. I bought this VPN so-called service for 2 yrs. Never got it to quit leaking my IP to everything.Gave up after a few months. Never seen a penny back! I tell all my enemies to use it.

  2. PureVPN is one of the worst services possible! TONS of connection issues, unreliable, customer service has problems communicating in English, trick you into a 2 year contract to only hold you hostage, ignore your technical problems, and refuse to give you your money back even TONS of problems and them promising they will give it back, and then they make up excuses and stop communicating with you. BEWARE OF THIS SERVICE! WORST OF ALL THE ONES I TRIED! Still without my money and service now. RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!

  3. I would recommend IPVanish with exceptional performance combined with outstanding online security, IPVanish VPN will help keep you from a myriad of threats present in the internet and it allow internet freedom. With 150+ servers located all over the world as well as securing your computer data with safe encryption tunnels along with protocols, IPVanish are going to be away cyber-goons and also protect your privacy. Have a look at this review

  4. PureVPN tried to double bill me the for the same amount as the annual fee. Used the same amount as the annual subscription to hide the scam as if it were an un-paid subscription renewal.Picked it when the invoice numbers were different.

  5. Nelson, did first time connection from difficult location many others have failed to achieve – great work. Thank you.

  6. @NELSON That’s a good service. Thank you for your help. Very enthusiastic, and also help me remote. Thanks.

  7. Dimirty on the PureVPN support team did a great job getting my PurePVN connection working. I’m in China with a Chinese version of Windows8, so installing and getting it working was a major effort. Thanks Dimirty.

  8. the connection dropped itself and what’s even worse, the bt software continues to download stuff after the connection is dropped, despite the setting that all activities will be suspended after disconnection.

    what a garbage.

    tried to cancel the service 1 day after subscription. won’t let me do it. keeps telling me to try new ‘solutions’.

    won’t refund my money either. They say ‘7 day money back guarantee’ on their front page, but this is a deliberate misleading message. You can only get your money back if you meet certain ‘hidden’ criterion.

    i suspect they hire people to give positive reviews. do not believe a word from those positive reviews.

    stay away from this company

  9. The feedback given to me was clear and easy to understand. Tq to Mckenzie, the technical person who assisted me.

  10. mr.mckenzie is the best service person. please encourage such people for purevpn to grow. this is my honest and un ambigious comment .i am your customer last 2 years. only this man is able to sort out customer issues properly i have seen.

  11. PureVPN is the best and mostly used on my desktop for watching Netflix since I’m abroad. Playing Clash of Clans on iPad abroad wouldn’t allow me to buy gems from the USA iTunes but I couldn’t get the APP to work and it won’t by the way. This tech helped me in the iPad general settings and very fast may I add. Five ***** to this good service rep.

  12. McKenzie (Technical Support Executive) did an excellent job with promoting PureVPN latest offers. I was easily convinced to subscribe a renewed 2-year plan. Thanks for the great service!

  13. I have purchased both the mobile service and the one that can be setup on the router to evaluate them. They both work great. I cancelled the mobile one just because my router will take care of all my devices.
    Please keep up the good work. Connection speed is great and the yearly subscription is worth every penny.

    Thanks again for the great work


  14. Signed up for SmartDNS thinking it was free with my annual subscription, but apparently is not included with the birthday offer of extra year – fair enough – online support McKenzie helped me cancel the invoice with no argument and no fuss in 30 secs – that’s fantastic support.

  15. What a great product. Fast and a great price.

    The technical support is excellent. I had to use it a couple of times to set my devices up and they’ve always been incredibly useful. All in all I’m very impressed. 5 out of 5.

  16. These guys have amazing customer service… Five better than any of the other VPN services I have used .

  17. simply best service from customer support kind regards to Albert for his great effort . I will spent more money with this company

  18. I have always had good service from your team. Just finished speaking with Albert who has helped me set up SmartDNS on iPad which I was very confused about. Thank you.

  19. Pure VPN is Excellent…I recently had a large problem..and Pure VPN was able to fix it

  20. I would like to thank Albert for being so patient with me, helping me set this up, I really needed the help and he was excellent and made it so much easier to understand. Thanks Albert

  21. I’ve been using PureVPN for over a year and it is absolutely the best VPN provider that I’ve found (I’m in Rusia but have used it in other countries also). It’s got the fastest speeds, is reliable and provides really excellent support. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

  22. I needed Albert to help me set up,never meet him because I live in AU,but he was a gem.he was patient and got me up and running.Great team.Terry.

  23. I had some problems with my vpn and computer, and went to live chat with PureVPN, and Albert answered me immediately and then fixed it! Really great service, highly recommended.

  24. PureVPN is great in Windows and Android (except 4.4.2?), manual configuration in Fedora 20 worked, but since I upgraded to 21 it has not worked on any protocol I have tried.

  25. Dont ever start with PureVPN. They are a ripoff, cant deliver speed. Didnt even reach 10% from my actual speed. Asked for a refund, passed the 500MB data limit, NO REFUND. How can a company use a 500MB data limit in three days? Are we back in 90’s?
    Bought a annual subscription, they dont give a rats ass… Worst provider EVER!

    I offered to pay for a month even if i used it just for 3 hours. They dont care, no refund, at all…
    Never put trust in this company.

    1. I agree, they are scammers. It’s unbelievable that the review hails their customer service. They don’t provide customer service, they don’t know what the word “service” means. Thieves!

  26. Very easy to setup and minimal assistance needed. The few questions I had, I didn’t even wait 30 seconds to speak to someone. I am impressed so far and have run the speedtest to verify their service. I would recommend it.

  27. I had a great service experience with these guys today. Access to a US server that was really hard to get – today. We tried a whole lot of options, tested several protocols, identified the IP server with state of the art tools, and switched several dedicated IP channels, and all of this, sharing my desktop at thousand-miles distance, until we BOTH saw that it was REALLY working. Competent support. Immediate response, great involvement, great focus on the specific problem. In general, Pure Vpn is fast and reliable. Great I discovered them. Real value for money. And – last but not least – very kind attitude.

  28. Its the best and simply vpn so far and as well has the very most reliable customer care i ever had since i got using purevpn

  29. I simply love PureVPN! Fantastic speed (boosts my speed up to over the doubble the ISP is providing), great support and simple software!

  30. I had a couple of issues when I first set up the application on my computer. I contacted support chat and they handled 1 payment issue and a technical issue with my phone very quickly and efficiently. The person on the chat was very professional and competent.

  31. Love the service. I would be using their service for watching the world cup cricket. Was having issues with using the VPN client, Bazel from support jumped in and helped me connect in few minutes. I would certainly recommend this service to everyone!!

  32. By far purevpn is the best vpn I have ever used and I have been using vpn’s since 6 years. Okay let’s make this short and sweet, the reason why I prefer purevpn over all the others is addons, addons and addons. I love
    smartdns, dedicated ip and my most favourite of them all DDoS protection addon. There are times when connection drops out and stuff but most of the times purevpn works like a charm.

  33. Paid for a trial account to test it out. I hate paid trials, but I prefer that, to paying for an account and having to beg for my money back.

    I’m able to connect to Amazon to get geo-restricted movies, but the speeds are just lousy. I tested using speedtest.net.

    I have a 10Mb connection, but I get nothing over 2Mb when connected over either PPTP or L2TP. I tried their “Find fastest server tool” and same result.

    I disconnected and tried the test using the same test servers in the US that speedtest used when connected, and I got between 9 and 9.8Mbps speeds.

    This service is crap for streaming.

  34. hi there community take care they are stealing your money, I bought 4 times 12 months licenses from purvpn to use them for the whole family but their servers are not secure at all german webpages find out your geo location with ease as I requested back my money as purevpn is advertising with their 3 days money back guarantee I was left aside for 3 weeks after I started a conflict through paypal who also did not support me with this as it is no phisikal thing a license so purevpn manager had a nice lunch on my costs and I also got no access to my new licenses anyway because I involved paypal. think twice befor you get there any license. greetings a friend

    Finger weg von PureVpn hatte mir 4 mal 12-Monats Lizenzen gekauft und festgestellt innerhalb der 3-Tages Geld zurück Garantie Frist, dass der GEO-Standort an Webseiten weitergeleitet wird und deren VPN Dienst ganz und gar nicht sicher ist, wurde 3 Wochen hingehalten mit Mails bis ich zuletzt Paypal einschalten musste, die mich leider auch im Stich gelassen haben weil eine Lizenz keinen physischen Gegenstand repräsentiert, somit hat der liebe Purevpn Manager ein nettes Steak auf meinen kosten genossen MFG ein Freund der Unwissenden

    1. Biggest Crap VPN ever! Speeds are horrible – not useable inside Mainland China, service only send you automated answers to the website – demanded my money back but no refund, as I opened a file at Paypal they suspended and terminated my account. As I am also based in HK I will involve a lawyer to get my money back – stay tuned.
      Good alternative: witopia – much better speed and very good service – they will provide “secret” IP addresses to you if you have speed problems at your location.

  35. This company is a bunch of theives. I purchased a VPN because i do alot of online shoping and because i stream netflix. My service provider has a dispute with netflix (ATT) and my stream speeds are at less than 384k. At any rate the service worked good for about a month, at which time they disconnected me for to many sessions. Now im not one to connect and disconnect and i use the app on my two cell phones. They told me to use TCP instead of UDP. Tried that and still got disconnected for “too many sessions”. they advertise unlimited on your cell phone but then disconnect. Honestly just wasted $50 bucks because i bought the year packadge. Avoid this company like the plague, there is a reason its the cheapest!

  36. Great great service !! I am using it to watch FIFA World Cup matches. Blazing fast streaming and best customer support. Have been using other services as well but PureVPN Rocks!

  37. Excellent support, fantastic company and superb data transfer speeds.This service is usually fantastic, really reactive and helpful.

  38. Just started using there service yesterday and im so impressed with it. The tunneling service they do is the best and well worth the asking price per year. I got it for $44.95 and so awesome. See before i would use another vpn but it would make my entire connect a vpn which was annoying cause google would go to that country and other problems i would have. NOW since joining them i can just say i want this program to be vpn’d and bingo bongo bango it is! Its awesome do recommend.

  39. Excellent service, great provider and superb speeds.
    The support is fantastic, very responsive and helpful – thanks guys.

  40. I have used PureVPN some months back on my friend’s recommendation to unblock Netflix in Australia, and I have no words to express my love for this product! It works like a charm especially after incorporate their dedicated streaming addon. I rate it 5 Star and recommend as an excellent product!

  41. I was skeptical, but PureVPN really does work, it multiplied my internet speed times 4, and unblocked Hulu from China. Live chat was very patient and helpful. Give them a shot!

  42. After having trouble with slow reply from customer service on other websites I was quickly helped via Team Viewer and the staff fixed my issue in minutes!

  43. Thanks to Fiz, online chat support , we would be able to watch fifa worldcup online. I wanted to thank him/her for the great help and support today and hope all customer service agents are as helpful as Fiz.

  44. I was extremely happy with PureVPN, great speed and 100% for the past few months. Then today I get an email that my account is disabled for downloading a movie with a p2p client.
    Which is a complete fabrication. I have never used a p2p client, and in fact I have my PureVPN account setup in a router and only connect a bluray player to it to watch Netflix.
    I have been trying to get this resolved for an entire day now and get constant runaround from their email support staff. I’ve tried their online chat all day and never have n operator answer it.
    I am very close to contacting the BBB about this company.

    1. @Brian, Sorry for the inconvenience. Your account was already enabled while you contacted our live chat. Moreover, I personally checked this deeply and come to know that the tie stamp provided by the Data Center was wrong. Actually we get warning from Data Center if any such activity is performed through our server and we must need to block the accounts otherwise our servers will be blocked. Thanks for understanding.
      Best Regards,
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  45. so far so good! Pretty helpful to have a 24/7 chat option for dummies who can’t be bothered working it out themselves

  46. im moving in different country all the time and i wanted to find an app like this for a long time.
    So i tried it and it went a little bad but then i try again and i found Deniz who is working on customer services and who help me a lot took is time and did a great job
    thanks for everything
    take care my friend !

  47. Short take: Five Stars \ Double Platinum .

    Long take: OK if you’ve been shopping around for a VPN you might have the impression that a lot of these services are run by script-kiddies and such like. You also might wonder if there will be any level of professionalism, customer service and reliability at all.

    First the service . Wow I can tell you that the level of customer service I get from PureVPN is absolutely world class.. I have never had better or more forthcoming tech help from any company of any size., ever. Despite asking upteen questions over the course of 40 minutes, the tech help was unfailingly clear, on point forthcoming and accurate. I got all my (many) questions answered quickly and helpfully including how to set up OpenVPN , everything I didn’t know about their client (which itself is very professionally done) and even how to answer Windows7 and Anti-virus questions my computer and AV software was throwing up at me. Nothing seemed out of bounds and I was never told “ask your other software provider about that” or anything of this sort.

    What’s more easy access to help constitutes fully 1/5 of the GUI in their app, so when they say “help is always available”, you know they mean it.

    With respect to the connection speed, reliability and selection goes, I have no complaints at all. With an VPN it’s going to be hard to match the speed of your raw connection. I getting 7 Megabytes / second on my connection with the highest level of encryption applied. Since Netflix and HULU tops out somewhere near there (I read it’s 4 megs for those services but I haven’t confirmed) I can say that it will serve my needs just fine. Obviously for working, communicating, surfing and watching YouTube and whatnot it’s more than fast enough.

    As far as reliability goes, as far as I can tell, it’s never dropped even once. If it DOES drop it’s good to know that you can set it up to disconnect you immediately so you’re not surfing anonymously one second and then de-anonymized the next without you knowing it, which would sort of makes surfing anonymously a dicey proposition.

    Selection is beyond anything I’ll ever need. There are tons of servers in very many countries all over the world, all of which are highly usable; none of them are on anyone’s banned list that I have encountered.

    I use VPN because my provider Comcast, although it supposedly assigns a dynamic IP in reality keeps you to the same IP month over month no matter what you do to try to get it changed, and believe me I tried everything.. changing MAC addresses, disconnecting for a week while on vacation, everything. You don’t want to be surfing with what amounts to a static IP, it’s just too easy to be a target for every troll and creep online. That and I started using the Firefox plugin Ghostery and I saw exactly how badly I was being tracked, indexed, databased, and all that information being made available to whoever wanted to pay for it, like potential employers for instance.

    Tracking and profiling is a much bigger problem than people realize. They can apply any kind of characterization to you that they can conceive of and there’s nothing to say any of it’s true. So my motivations are anonymity and security and I can say that PureVPN delviers me everything I need in spades with a cost I can live with.

    I encourage anyone concerned about privacy to use a VPN and from my personal experience with PureVPN I can recommend them without reserve.

  48. I really like this VPN provider. I use the Egypt server for streaming services. I download 6.9 MB/S with it. Unbelievable speed for only around 35 euro a year!! You cant find this anywhere else.. Thanks guys!

  49. Great provider, fantastic service. Operator Fiz has been incredibly helpful with connection issue. Thanks for your endless patience and great customer support. Thank you Fiz and thank you PureVPN!

  50. nicomorrthanks for your precious feedback. Your suggestion has been forwarded to the development department, they are working on adding attractive features, support and servers though and hopefully you will get shortly what you expect from PureVPN.
    Best Regards,
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  51. I renew my 1 year contract every year & I am a big fan of PureVPN; my only tiny gringe is that I wish the client (Windows) could be started minimally thus saving me the clicks to get it minimised & then kill the bubble. It’s such a minor point would would be awfully nice 🙂

  52. pravdajeangumbao I have given the reason in my first reply above. Your order was flagged for verification and in order to make it work you need to verify.
    Best Regards,
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  53. qazinm pravdajeangumbao  
    may we know the reason why the account purevpn0s1087668 was disabled so that we can avoid the same issue in the future?

  54. pravdajeangumbao please send the verification in reply of that email as advised in the email then we will proceed accordingly.
    Best Regards,
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  55. pravdajeangumbaoyou were sent an email for additional verification. Please proceed to verify and your account will be enabled.
    Best Regards,
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  56. Hi support team, we are having issues with VPN and I can’t get any help from your chat support. please try to check purevpn0s108768. we’re getting a notification that the account was disabled. we didn’t reach 1000

  57. qazinm CuongNguyenQuang  
    I confirm that I agree won’t repeat more than 1000 session per day and due to repeating the breach of policy your account has been disabled.
    Thank you.

  58. CuongNguyenQuangYou were informed earlier about more than 1000 (automated) sessions per day and due to repeating the breach of policy your account has been disabled. If you agree that you won’t repeat we may enable your account. Reply our email with this confirmation and account will be enabled.
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  59. Never use PureVPN, stay away from them. They are sucks. My account disabled permanently. They limited login sessions and further more, user can’t check how many sessions. That mean user is blind, then they can disable any one. Then contact support, only get reply “please first reply to this email, concerned deptt will assist you accordingly” after 30 mins waiting, so what online support using for? My business hurt, all my customer complain.

  60. qazinmI don’t “suppose” anything other than supposing that I should get issued a
    refund without hassle after I canceled my service. And note that I
    canceled my service within your company’s 3-day refund window AND I never
    used anything close to 500MB. So why don’t you explain your company’s
    refund policy if I’m misunderstanding something. Please explain why your company’s so awesome that it can’t issue a refund in a timely fashion.

  61. CB_, only those customers are refused to refund who do not qualify for refund as per refund policy. So do not suppose that you may avail this service for FREE and misuse the 3 day policy. If you think you are within conditions then contact us and we will confirm you if you were refunded or not and why.
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  62. I have to agree with “BEWARE SCAMMERS” below. If you’re looking to try this company’s service, their supposed 3-day refund policy is frankly a scam. I signed up for service, did not care for it, and requested a refund within one day. I also did not go over their usage limits for qualifying for a refund, but they still refuse to issue me a refund.

    I do not recommend PureVPN

  63. armyguy1227Thanks for your precious feedback. Yes that is an additional option, once again only being offered by PureVPN, like split tunneling, as a salient feature which boosts up the speed  up to 90Mbps as well as double the security. Try it once it worth a lot.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  64. This is the best VPN, they offer and high bandwith option which will boost ur MBPS up to almost 90mbps , Get premium PureVPN and the download streaming option and u will have blazing speeds.they helped me out so much they were so nice.i strongly recommend them

  65. @mrg1847 i am using purevpn to connect to US for watching appletv, their speed is better then HMA, which i also have subscribe. but too bad that they did not support buffalo ddwrt and this is the 2nd reason that i select purevpn. last but not least, there Technican Mr Danizl provide excellence help to me on setting up my network.

  66. Been using Pure for a while and just had to configure it on my laptop.   HAd an issue and contacted Fiz through the website – 3 minutes later I am working.    Awesome Fiz and PureVpn, a great service 🙂

  67. I have to say after struggling for over a year with another VPN company what a pleasure it is to have PUREVPN as my provider.Help is always first rate, quick and superb.Today I had “Fiz” help me with setting up with ANDROID and even though I was struggling I was helped fantastically.Great VPN !

  68. qazinm thoraldus It was all my fault. I failed to see the link to the extra instructions for Pure Gold accounts at the bottom of the credentials email from PureVPN. Could have saved all of us a lot of time if I had paid more attention to the details. 😉 Thank you for your kind patience! 
    Rick aka  王 仁 忠

  69. The level of response and support from their live chat is way above my expectation!! Very professional and prompt! Its easy enough to use and minimal settings….nearly none. Simply plug and play! I cannot be more impressed!

  70. thoraldus Thanks for the precious feedback. We are always there to support our all valuable customers but one favor we must need from customers too i.e. make sure to share with us the issue at least once and hopefully it would be resolved by the support team.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  71. Had a problem right out of the box, was going for refund, but help came from managerial level that quickly put things right 
    5 STARS!

  72. qazinm Glad I checked this again. Current contract runs out soon. Would be willing to wait a bit. Will check back. p.s. thanks for the prompt response and listening….didn’t expect it.

  73. @wombatWe are glad to inform you that your request was forwarded to higher management which is approved and we will be offering Italian server too in next week.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  74. @wombatThanks for your feedback. Let me inform you that we add servers as per the voting of our customers and recently launched 3 new servers. As you need Italian server, we have recommended to the higher management and you are also suggested to vote for it on our website and social media.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  75. Have been looking at different vpns the past few days having been with the same vpn for the past 2 years (speeds too slow hence looking). Finally opted for Purevpn  but stopped as I realised there was no Italy. Quite gutted as read they’re a good provider.

  76. Just signed up.  Was having difficulty getting connection, but received excellent help from Fiz on their online chat help line.  We fixed the problem and now it works great!  
    So far appears to be pretty fast!

  77. @FergusleaThanks for the feedback. If you get such problem ever you may switch to other server and check if the issue is persisting on our server or on your ISP.
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  78. EdericoRocha Thanks for the review. We hereby suggest all of our customers to let us assist you once if you face any problem and hopefully you will be glad.

  79. I have a very peculiar that stopped me to connect to a customer’s ftp and upload files. It was very weird because this only happened with this specific server. 
    I bought a pure vpn and it didn’t helped at all. I called support and after nothing worked, Nauman, the manager, came to my assistance. He took support to a degree I never been before, walked with me all steps for me to describe my problem and finally we got to a solution where I could finally upload files to my customer. 
    I am so very thankful to PureVPN personnel. If you need a vpn and want someone to really care for you, get PureVPN – you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

  80. @BillCampR I am very
    much thankful for such great compliments and customers like you (we
    love our all customers though) make us standing against the giant
    market and cause us to keep serving you in the best way.
    We know that our dedicated customers don’t need any such compensation
    as they love PureVPN and due to them we are able to overcome that
    situation. I do hereby request you to accept that as a thanks for
    supporting us and it is as per our normal practice as we keep offering
    best price and discounts time to time to our all customers.
    On behalf of whole PureVPN team I am thankful to you once again and
    hope to have a long term relation with you.
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

    On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 3:30 AM, Bill Camp R <> wrote:
    > Naaah, I was affected by the email in question, but
    it was not you who
    > was at fault. What impressed me was the information
    or updates you
    > were sending to your clients. That information is
    priceless. I do not
    > want the “compensation,”because it would be ethically challenging to
    do so.
    > Instead, I do congratulate for the job you did in
    keeping customers
    > informed. So many other program sites would never
    bother to tell us
    > anything.I
    am really proud of you guys and, needless to say, I(*
    > still remain a devoted fan of pureVPN.

  82. On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 3:30 AM, Bill Camp R <> wrote:
    > Naaah, I was affected by the email in question, but
    it was not you who
    > was at fault. What impressed me was the information
    or updates you
    > were sending to your clients. That information is
    priceless. I do not
    > want the “compensation,”because it would be ethically challenging to
    do so.
    > Instead, I do congratulate for the job you did in
    keeping customers
    > informed. So many other program sites would never
    bother to tell us
    > anything.I
    am really proud of you guys and, needless to say, I(*
    > still remain a devoted fan of pureVPN.

  83. Never choose this provider if you care about privacy. Their website got hacked last week and customers personal details got leaked and compromised. I cancelled my account right away after getting the notice as i cannot be with a VPN provider who cannot protect themselves.

  84. Fantastic support. Thunmbs up for operator Nauman!
    My computer is behind the Great Firewall in China, and also the local firewall of my university… that means I usually have a slow connection and can’t really freely surf the internet.
    PureVPN provides Open VPN. Operator Nauman did all the work, setting up my computer in remote. I sat back letting him doing the hard work.
    In no time my computer was up and running.
    Now I can surf the web, access youtube and facebook.
    Thanks Pure VPN, thanks Nauman!

  85. PureVPN software is excellent, I switched from my previous VPN provider Overplay and have never looked back. I have been a customer for around 15 months or so now and had no issues at all. Any questions I’ve had have been answered by the in program direct chat facility with the commendable customer service team. Id recommend to any of my friends or family.

  86. @Maco Thanks for your precious feedback. If you face any problem in using our service or software feel free to report it to enquiry@purevpn.com. Your feedback will help us to make the software as per your desire and YES we consider all such feedback.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

  87. I purchased and installed purepvn today.  Thus far, I am very pleased with the install procedure in Windows 8, pretty much a fully automated install after a few basic questions.  A little harder in Ubuntu but not too bad.  I will be installing it in Windows 7 later, and am curious to see how that goes.  Did a few speed tests and the speed loss was minimial going through the purepvn servers.  
    Try it for a month, read up, test drive, and if you want to be a ghost on the internet, this is about as close as your going to get.  Works well, very satisfied so far.

  88. One of the best support I have dealt with, especially Operator Fiz. he is one of the expert really thanks to him and to pureVPN team

  89. THERE IS NO FREE TRIAL. I wanted to test streaming speeds first so they offered me a NO RISK 3 DAY TRIAL. I paid for it and got lousy speeds between uk and thailand, could not stream.!!  So i asked for a refund as they could not make it fast enough to work.
    THEN they said it was non -refunable.!! HOW IS THIS NO RISK.??? And i bet you cannot find where it says this on their web site.  They are just out for your money and DONT CARE when they cannot offer the service they say they can in your region. This is the action of CONMEN AND LIARS when it comes to playing fair. If you are in the Thailand area and need uk streaming stay well clear of this company.!!!!

    1. @BEWARE SCAMMERS So you lost $2.50 and now you’re screaming and yelling behind a secret identity? Well well, I’m sure there’s some kind of misunderstanding between you and Pure VPN which can be solved in a more productive way.

    2. @BEWARE SCAMMERSAs you know VPN operates within the internet connection so the speed depends upon below given factors:
      1. The speed of your internet connection
      2. The response of server with which you are trying to connect which varies according to load e.g. hulu.com, bbc iplayer etc.
      3. Geographical distance from the server.
      4. VPN speed will be slower than internet connection.
      5. If you have 30Mbps connection it does not mean you will get 30 Mbps on streaming etc. as those sites / servers also need to serve other visitors and they limit the speed so you may get maximum 3Mbps.

  90. I have been in China for 2 months now.  I purchased StrongVPN before coming here from the US at recommendation of a friend and it was a huge mistake.  Rarely can you stay connected to StrongVPN for more than 3-5 minutes the speed is laughable.  I can only describe it as “like the old days of the dial up modem”.  I finally tried PureVPN and what a difference.  It connects quickly, stays connected and the speed is wonderful.  Not only is it cheaper than StrongVPN but 10 times better in every regard.  Easy to set up on Notebook with Windows 7 as well as my Samsung Note II with Android 4.  It is really great and allows me to surf the internet in China with no complications and at wonderful speed.  PureVPN is worth the money.

    1. @jimco309 We can proudly say that connecting to our UK servers from China the customer connection speed is doubled up where normally the speed decreases after connecting to VPN.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  91. Excellent help service which took me through in simple steps until the service was up and running. All operators were highly professional and helpful – Fiz, Nauman and Kaspar M. Just so no-one is left out!

  92. The customer service was honestly extremely extremely helpful! Special thanks and a shout out to agent Fiz. for helping with me with so many of my questions!! Will definitely be back if I need a VPN provider again.

  93. This program is very good. I was having some trouble using it on VMware and the customer support made sure i got it working, very satisfied with the customer service !

  94. I love the program,  and a big huge tanks to the agent AMoiz, you r awesome at your job, thanks for helping get the program working, I give your program 5 stars

  95. The customer support from PureVPN is fantastic.  Any issues you have will be dealt with immediately and to your satisfaction.  The same cannot be said for other VPN’s I’ve seen other people deal with.
    Great stuff!

  96. Excellent support and service. I had troubles with router configuration, and Amoiz operator has resolved the issues with perfection. Glad to buy PureVPN

  97. Fiz @ pure VPN was most helpful today .. . I have been using pure VPN for more then 6 months now and seriously think its the best around. great service great helpdesk… ty guys

  98. Very helpful and friendly customer service.
    The speed and dependability of the service is also top notch.
    A 10!

  99. I’ve been using PureVPN for over a year and it is absolutely the best VPN provider that I’ve found (I’m in China but have used it in other countries also).  It’s got the fastest speeds, is reliable and provides really excellent support. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

    1. @ChinaExpat Thanks for the feedback. Yes, some of our customers had slow speed from ISPs in China but got doubled after connecting to our servers.

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