Review is the provider of one of the cheapest VPN services at a massive scale. You can literally connect to it from any country around the globe. is a Seychelles based company. It has a wide network of servers in more than 50 countries. offers PPTP, L2TP/ IP sec, OpenVPN and CGI proxy protocols. When you connect to the network you can use any of these protocol options depending on your device (mobile or PC). All the packages by allow un-metered traffic. In addition, you can switch between servers free of cost.

It is compatible with both PC and mobile devices. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad all support It is even compatible with blackberry and Xbox 360. You can connect to the network through the company’s own path, i.e. Safe jumper or through third party OpenVPN client. You can use any SSL enabled browser to avail the service. The choice between the paths is dependent on your OS. Safe jumper is preferred for Windows and Linux.


Consider each server location as a node; the more nodes you utilize the higher are the charges. At $10 per month, you can benefit from access to all the nodes. pricing starts from as low as $2.

Packages has no subscription model in place. It uses a simple approach towards offering service: You pay when you activate the service and when you wish to renew it. This means you do not face the hassle of deactivating a subscription whenever you plan to discontinue a service. The company sends you only two reminders in this regard. has four packages available:

  • Quick: This allows you to avail the service for 72 hours at $2. You are given access to 15 nodes in 2 countries (USA and Ukraine).
  • Basic: This package gives you access to more than 50 nodes in 5 countries at $5 per month ($39.96 per year).
  • Solid: This package gives you access to over 200 nodes in more than 40 countries at $10 per month ($90 per year).
  • Dedicated: This package is meant for individuals who are heavy internet users and are paranoid about their online activity. It gives access to all the nodes in the server network at $25 per month ($249.99 per year). If you opt for the service for less than six months then you will have to bear a $50 setup fee. For service greater than six months, setup is done free of cost.

Most of the packages have a shared bandwidth of 1Gbps. Apart from these packages; you have the freedom to order a custom-made VPN to meet your security and privacy needs.


Payment processing is outsourced to third parties and plays no role in it. You would be amazed looking at the list of payment methods offered by It will not be wrong to say that it has the longest list of acceptable payment modes among all VPN providers. You can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards and debit cards, just to name a few.

Privacy Policy

The company keeps no log history of its users. All the VPN tunnels are run from RAM, meaning that as soon as the system is shut down the information on it is removed. The technical staff claims that they are not even aware of the IP address of users. This seems valid if you look at the information demanded in the registration procedure. During registration, the only information asked is your email address and password. Even a fake email id would do the trick.

Customer support

You can contact the support staff 24/7 through the online form available at the company website. The standard response time ranges from 4 hours to a maximum of three business days. Urgent queries are answered within minutes. However, keep in mind that the team does not entertain a query that is not relevant to the stated terms and conditions of usage.

You can view troubleshooting guides on the website. You can also refer to the knowledge base for guidance regarding connection issues, IP binding, ongoing business and speed issues. The website has guides about installation for most of the operating systems, e.g. Apple iOS, Mac OS, Linux, OpenBSD, Windows (7, 8, vista and XP) etc.

Final word is an established VPN provider and capitalizes on its wide server network. Choose when your ultimate concern is anonymity. The large number of nodes means you can easily jump between servers and remain anonymous. Moreover, rates very high in the convenience factor by offering numerous payment modes and a no-subscription business model.

Critics say that the low price packages have poor quality and do not perform up to mark. I would suggest, go with this VPN provider if you are a heavy internet user and want a service for a longer duration (6 months or one year).

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  1. Could not get the service to work, or use tiny interface, and customer support is via email tickets, no real time support, no chat or phone, no clear way to cancel service other than letting your plan time to expire (mine is for 1 month, good thing I didn’t sign up for a year)… My internet connection has slowed dramatically, cannot watch youtube videos nor stream Netflix, and my ip address is still exposed… Inotherwords, this is (you fill in the blank).

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