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ProXPN is one of the best VPN service providers that offer anonymous web browsing services to their clients. ProXPN is based out of San Francisco, in California and offers servers across 4 key locations.

ProXPN mainly offers two packages, the basic and premium. Basic is the free package, while the premium package is dedicated to offering the entire range of services in a bundled package for a cost. That said, choosing the free package does have its advantages and disadvantages.

ProXPN offers a wide range of services, and are inclined to offer a part of their premium services to free users, which is by far a distinct advantage. Most of the VPN users are only aimed at using a few basic services such as data encryption and anonymous IPs. With servers available across different parts of the globe, their paid services also offer what a VPN customer would expect from a good quality VPN service provider.

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Installing ProXPN And Configuring Your Network

Installing ProXPN on your computer is quite easy. All you have to do is download their application and install it on your desktop. But for using their services, you will have to open up an account, and the account choice depends on your requirements. You can choose either the Free or the Premium account, but in either case, you will receive login parameters after completing the sign up process.

This login information should then be entered into the software, and all the VPN and data encryption process, LAN configuration and web browser compatibility is automatically configured by the software. You can then access ProXPN through the icon in the notifications area, and you have the ability to change a range of settings to suit your VPN requirements. The process is quite seamless and easy. However, for iPhones and other mobile devices, one has to manually configure the network settings to access ProXPN VPN services.

Due to the age of the company and their relatively fresh approach in the market, ProXPN is only available or compatible with Windows and Mac. Windows Mobile and iPhone/iPad are the only mobile devices that are compatible with ProXPN. ProXPN security protocols range from PPTP and OpenVPN, with the user being able to switch between or run both of them in tandem with each other. This more than makes up for lack of other security protocols.

The installation process is easy and seamless, but you can contact customer service at any time, if you do run into any trouble. There are tutorials available on the website to help you with network configuration, software installation, or even using the software.

How Much Will ProXPN Cost

This is perhaps the best in terms of VPN services and anonymous web browsing that one can offer. ProXPN offers a free basic package and a premium package. This is a simple plan, you either use the free package for relatively simple VPN needs, or you pay a certain amount for the whole range of features. There is no confusion here, and this is really a great aspect of subscribing to ProXPN.

The free package offers the most basic VPN services such as data encryption, anonymous IPs, OpenVPN security protocol and unlimited data browsing. But there is a speed limit to this free package, which is actually not bad, as ProXPN does need to cater to their premium customers, and offering unlimited speeds to free users will seriously hamper their resource capabilities. Also, the range of other options and features are inaccessible to the free user, which therefore sets back the free user by quite a margin. But if you are looking for free VPN service, you will have to make compromises.

The premium package will cost you $9.95 per month, which comes with the entire range of features and options offered by ProXPN. You will be able to access all the servers and choose between dedicated or anonymous/dynamic IPs. If you are choosing to sign up for the long term, you can choose the 6 months package, which will cost you $49.95, which helps you save up to 16% per month.

You can also opt for the premium package and try out their services for a risk free 7 days, during which period; you can enjoy their full range of services and cancel the subscription at any time. This 7 days money back guarantee is subject to terms and conditions. But you always have the option of switching to the free package if you don’t need the full range of services.

The payment options at ProXPN also vary from PayPal and Google Checkout, but they are currently in the process of adding Credit Card payments soon. This should be up and running by March 2012. The prices are really competitive, but still, for a lesser price, there are VPN services that offer more features as standard.

ProXPN Browsing Speed, Bandwidth And Reliability

The speed runs were fairly straight forward, with the speeds basically ranging from 50% to 80% of the available speed. Hence, there isn’t really any distinct advantage to be enjoyed while using ProXPN. Being similar to all other VPN services, it comes down to other features, reliability and bandwidth.

On the bandwidth front, ProXPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which is a boon for anonymous web users. Most VPN service providers put a cap on the available bandwidth. This is where ProXPN offers unmatched services to its customers, and is worthy of paying for the premium, or using the free service.

Reliability of ProXPN VPN is also standard, as there are a few issues and troubles that are usually associated with normal VPN services. Traffic rerouting and data encryption will lead to slower speeds and downtime, but you are free to switch between servers and IPs, which can help you combat with most of the issues.

ProXPN Server Locations

ProXPN offers varied server locations, but the total number of countries is restricted to 4. ProXPN has server locations in U.S, U.K, Netherlands and Singapore. While the entire globe is covered, they could have added more servers to their portfolio. ProXPN is on the lookout for more server locations, and seeing that they are relatively a new company in the industry, it will take some time before we can enjoy more server locations. But from a customer’s perspective, 4 countries can get the job done.

Free customers are restricted to servers out of Miami only, but free and unlimited server switching is available to all premium users. The premium user can also switch between dedicated and dynamic IPs, which is indeed on of the interesting features of ProXPN. Not all VPN service providers offer unlimited server switching along with the option of dedicated or dynamic IPs.

ProXPN Customer Service

Customer service aspects at ProXPN vary for customers and website visitors. If you are a customer, you can log in to the website and access the live chat feature. But if you are just a visitor looking to get more information, you will have to send an email or initiate a support ticket. But you can call directly at their phone-in number and get all the information that you need.

Overall, the customer service experience is pretty satisfying with the representatives on hand to solve most of your issues. ProXPN is certainly not the best in terms of customer service, but they are not bad either. Maybe they could have added more features, but the current scenario is typical of a company that has just launched their company in the VPN services industry.

Possible Errors & Issues At ProXPN

There aren’t particularly any problems with ProXPN on a standard LAN connection, but wireless connections can experience troubles, especially if the connection is not configured correctly. Then there is the lack of availability of any security protocols other than PPTP and OpenVPN. The customer service could improve, and the price could either go down, or ProXPN can offer a few more added features to justify the price. Adding a few more server locations can also help ProXPN sell their services to more customers.

ProXPN Verdict

ProXPN is certainly the best option for those who are looking for a free VPN service. That being said, their premium service is also an excellent option for those who like complete freedom in terms of speed, bandwidth, server switching and choice of IPs. If they had bothered to offer a few more features, or if they manage to cut the price down, it would have been the preferred choice of VPN. But it is still a great company where you can check out their services for a 7 day money back guarantee period to see if their services are good and satisfies your requirements.

ProXPN Discount & Coupons

There is a 7 day money back guarantee on premium VPN service, which you can use as a kind of free trial. Alternatively, there is a free basic service which might be sufficient for some, but you should know it has it’s limitations. For longer subscription periods, you can expect a further 16% discount for 6 months. There aren’t any other discount coupons or codes at present.

13 thoughts on “ProXPN Review

  1. ProXPN isn’t working for me. The typical connection in the US is running about 2 – 5 Mbps. The service has gone downhill over the past three years, I used to get 15 Mbps with no issues.

  2. I bought the special offer of a lifetime premium subscription for ProXpn several months ago for under $50 and I am VERY satisfied. Can beat the premium account for the price. Only thing I want: I hope they create a work-a-round for accessing NetFlix from other countries …

  3. Other than the occasional slowing down of speed which all VPNs do i have no complains about proxpn. The iPhone app is a must have with you’re using public wi-fi

  4. I’ve been using the VPN from proxpn for over a year now without any problems. I haven’t noticed any slowing down of the internet speed or sudden disconnecting as I was having these issues with my previous vpn provider (Hidemyass ) all the time. With the available coupons now the price is ridiculously low and paired with the 7 days money back proxpn is a steal. 5 stars fro me

  5. Paid for service poor to non-existant. Huge list of server countries – with most grayed out. Two thirds of ‘available” servers report failure to contact Those which apper to work do not conceal your actual IP address. All this on OpenVPN. No one with security in mind would use PTTP.

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