Pro VPN Accounts Review

Internet privacy, personal information, financial details, sensitive conversations – if these things are important to you, you should definitely protect your online activities with a VPN service. Connecting through a VPN network while surfing the web will allow you to browse the entire web anonymously, privately and virtually invisible.

Hackers, sniffers and online spies have sprout all over the web. If you do not protect yourself with a VPN technology, you simply are exposing yourself from all sorts of cyber risk. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the answer to prevailing issues in online security.

In order to completely secure your web use, you need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service from a well-established VPN company. PRO VPN Accounts, a VPN service that has been in operations for almost 4 years now, is being run by a team of IT professionals who have a vast experience in networking.

We went ahead to test the service and below is a short review on PRO VPN Accounts.

Pro VPN Accounts Availability and Compatibility

Pro VPN Accounts

Pro VPN is among the few VPN service providers that disclose its actual server count. On its website, there are about 33 servers located across 32 cities in 18 different countries. Here is a complete list of all its servers:

London, UK and Chicago, US have 2 servers due to high demand. The locations below have one server each.

Vienna, AT (Austria)
Toronto, CA (Canada)
Bern, CH (Switzerland)
Prague, CZ (Czech Republic)
Frankfurt, DE (Germany)
Talin, EE (Estonia)
Cairo, EG (Egypt)
Paris FR (France)
Hong Kong, HK (Hong Kong/Chinese Territory)
Budapest, HU (Hungary)
Rome, IT (Italy)
Amsterdam, NL (Netherlands)
Warsaw PL (Poland)
Romania, RO (Romania)
Moscow, RU (Russia)
Stockholm, SE (Sweden)
Asheville, US (United States)
Atlanta, US (United States)
Dallas, US (United States)
Fremont, US (United States)
Los Angeles, US (United States)
Miami, US (United States)
New Jersey, US (United States)
Orlando, US (United States)
Phoenix, US (United States)
Charlotte NC (North Carolina), US (United States)
Seattle WA (Washington), US (United States)
San Jose CA (California), US (United States)
Washington DC, VA (Virginia),US (United States)

Pro VPN Accounts provides high level of security through OpenVPN and PPTP. The service will also work on most platforms; Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Even DD-WRT routers are compatible with the service.

Although it is guaranteed to work on the platforms mentioned, the company does not provide a dedicated VPN client app. The VPN company provides a step-by-step guide on how to setup the service on all types of systems.

Pro VPN Accounts Pricing Details

Pro VPN Accounts provide reliable VPN services for $13.98 a month. You can also avail of discounts by subscribing to a multi-month VPN plan. 3 months of Pro VPN Accounts access costs $38.39, 6 months for $68.26 and $95.88 annually.

Compare to other VPN service, Pro VPN Accounts’ prices are a bit too expensive. The company does not impose a refund policy as well. As for a free trial access, there seems to be no information relating to the availability of such offer.

Pro VPN Accounts Customer Support

The best part about Pro VPN Accounts is its customer support. It offers a number of methods for making queries. There is a live chat option, a telephone support and an email-based support system.

What’s lacking though is a knowledgebase and a forum. The support staff seems to be knowledgeable and responsive to most queries. Pro VPN Accounts’ available support system methods should be enough on most cases.

Pro VPN Accounts Review Conclusion

As a VPN user, I would probably hesitate to give the service a try basing from its current prices. But having tested the service myself, I can say that it’s worth investing in.

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