PrivatVPN Review

In today’s tough economy, money is something that is scarce for many. That is why investing on the right things is a main concern. Many are opting to shop online for the things they need primarily because items sold online are a lot cheaper compared to those available at stores. Security, however, is something that we all need when it comes to online shopping. If you don’t have a way of protecting your web activities, your hard-earned money might just disappear without your knowledge.

A VPN technology is the best way to secure our web experience. No matter what you are doing online, whether you are sending personal messages to a friend, or shopping online – nothing can protect you better than VPN.

It’s just a matter of signing up to a reliable VPN service. But which VPN provider should you go for? We recently learned about a VPN service called PrivatVPN and so we did this exhaustive review to help users decide whether this provider is worth investing in.

Can PrivatVPN level with top-notch VPN service providers? You’re about to find out. Read along and learn what PrivatVPN has to offer.

PrivatVPN as an anonymity service

PrivatVPN is a VPN company owned by iLandsgruppen, a Sweden based company that provides all sorts of web needs. It was launched in 2009 and it has always aimed to providing total online security features.

PrivatVPN provides various supports for common platforms. It uses OpenVPN (128 bit encryption with 2048 bit key) and PPTP (128 bit encryption) protocols to ensure secured accesses. The service also works well with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS based platforms.

Windows users can install an OpenVPN based client app that comes with advanced features for better connectivity experience. Unfortunately, for it to work on other operating systems, it has to be setup manually. But there is really no hassle with the configuration process since detailed instructions are duly provided.

As of this writing, servers are spread across 16 locations. If you’re near any of the server location, you’d get better connectivity. Servers are located in Sweden, United States, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, Romania, Russia, Canada, Ukraine and Ireland. PrivatVPN offers shared IP addresses. The Swedish server though provides dynamic public IPs.

One feature that makes a VPN company stands out from the competition is P2P downloading. PrivatVPN understand the need for P2P so it’s allowing it on all shared servers except in the US, Finland and UK where there are strict rules and regulations about P2P and torrent downloadings.

It’s also worth mentioning that PrivatVPN delivers unlimited speed and bandwidth usage. This only means that users can stream HD videos from sites such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC and HBO On Demand.

As for its customer support, PrivatVPN provides the needed support systems. Users can either talk to the support staff through live chat or by sending a query email. Telephone support is not offered though. They respond in a prompt matter so we couldn’t really complain about the lack of telephone support.

And finally, PrivatVPN assures users that they do not log anything from their surfing activities. It’s reassuring to know that the company stays true to the purpose of VPN, and that is to be Anonymous.

How do you like PrivatVPN? If you’re interested in subscribing to it, continue reading, otherwise you can stop right here.

PrivatVPN pricing and refund policy

To take full advantage of PrivatVPN’s features, you need to subscribe to it. The cost of a monthly subscription is €7. Of course you get better rates when you apply to a multi-month term. Spend €18 for a 3-month subscription or €66 for the annual VPN service. The company does not offer free trial accounts nor does it have policies on refunds.

What we think of PrivatVPN

PrivatVPN is packed with tons of features. P2P alone is an amazing feature, what more for it’s overall service. In all honesty, PrivatVPN is an average VPN provider. It does not even come close to VPN elites.

But in fairness to PrivatVPN, it provides what the customers really need – and that is anonymity and security; plain and simple. It has a big chance of replacing any of the providers on our Top 10 VPN list. So watch out for this provider.

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