Last modified March 2, 2016 by Paul Nash

Privatoria Review

The first thing that worries users about a new VPN service is whether is it safe to use or not? The industry already has a number of reliable VPN companies so when a new VPN player comes into the picture, users’ initial reaction would be to doubt the reliability of the service or company.


When we heard about Privatoria, we too were a bit sceptical about this never been heard VPN service provider. And when did a quick Google search on this new VPN we also didn’t find a single review of it. So, here we are doing the first review and giving the service a try to provide users an overview, share our experience, opinions and recommendations about Privatoria.

Privatoria Privacy Policy

First things first. Since this is a new VPN service provider, we have to be certain about what information it collects and how the company protect users’ privacy.

Privatoria makes it clear that no data mining is happening at the backend. The company states that they offer a no-log policy for their VPN service. Although they claim to keep no traffic logs, they also stated in their Privacy Policy that when compelled by the law, they would eventually release user information.

The only information Privatoria collects is user IDs. The company, however, disclose that such information will only be used for statistics purposes in order to improve the service.

Privatoria Services

Privatoria offers more than just a VPN service. It has this Secure Chat feature wherein it allows users to create one-on-one chat rooms to conduct secure conversations with another person.

Another amazing feature is the Secure Data Storage. Users can upload text messages or files and send it (the unique ID) to the recipient/s for secure retrieval.

Other services include Secure File Transfer, Anonymous E-mail, Anonymous Proxy and an upcoming Secure Call feature. As for its main offering, its VPN service supports L2TP via IPSec, OpenVPN (port 1194) and SoftEther (port 992 or 8080) clients.

Privatoria VPN will work only on Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android devices. To start using the service, users will have to manually configure their devices by following the instructions that can be found on the user dashboard.

Privatoria Price

We’re not a fan of Privatoria’s pricings. Privatoria’s monthly subscription starts at 11.90 EUR or about $15.00. For secure VPN connections, most users would just opt for other more reputable names in the VPN industry. Privatoria offers discounts for longer subscriptions, but it’s still a bit pricier compared to well-known VPN services.

But come to think of it, Privatoria offers more services. $15.00 per month for all Privatoria features / services is probably well worth it.

Privatoria Performance and Servers

There’s not much we can say about Privatoria’s performance. Using the service was just okay, nothing exceptional about it. As far as server count goes, Privatoria seems to have only one server at present. Privatoria is based in Praha, Czech Republic, so we’re guessing its sole server is also located there.

Privatoria Review Conclusion

Again, all we can say about our experience with Privatoria is that it’s just an ‘okay’ VPN service. Are we going to recommend it to our readers? Not today.

For the price of $15 per month, you’d be better off with a top VPN service provider. We recommend signing up for any of the top 10 VPN service providers listed here.

But, hey, we noticed you Privatoria. So, we got that going for you for now.