PerfectVPN Review

Is there a way to change IP address without talking to the ISP to request such? Even if an ISP has the capability of changing IP addresses, they wouldn’t do it even if you pleaded. And even if they do, it would probably come with additional fees.

If your intention for changing IP is so that you can protect your online activities, you need not approach your ISP provider. You can simply subscribe to a VPN service – it will allow for online anonymity and it’s a lot cheaper compared to what your ISP may charge you if they grant such request for IP change.

What you need is VPN service that is capable of securing you while you surf online. A service that is capable of hiding your IP address so as not to fall victim to hacking and spying practices.

Is there a VPN service that is perfect in all aspects? From our long list of VPN providers, only a few are deserving of the recognition “the Perfect VPN”. However, a specific brand called Perfect VPN confuses a lot of VPN users and enthusiasts.

Our task is to provide you with the most honest and complete review of each VPN service / company available. For this review, we are tackling PerfectVPN. Can this VPN provider exceed our expectations? Let’s find out.

PerfectVPN Availability and Compatibility


PerfectVPN or VPN Seek is a VPN company that was established in 2008. Even though it started operations in 2008, there seems to be very limited information about the service on the internet. It seems like only a few number of people have used the service.

We didn’t find any information about the actual number of servers PerfectVPN have. The VPN company, however, named their server locations. Here are the server locations basing from what is stated on the website: New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Florida, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Arizona, Denver, Kansa City, Seattle, Ohio, Asheville, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Massachusetts, London, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia and Austria.

The service is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Both Android and iOS devices will also work with the PN service. If you need help with the setup, you may refer to the detailed instructions provided on its website.

As for security protocols, it has support for PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. A “VPN Error Codes And Solutions” page is also available on the website for those who have troubles using the service.

PerfectVPN Pricing Details

Subscription plans vary based on data limit, type of IP and server / country packages. The lowest monthly subscription is for the USA VPN Plan; this only costs $4.99/month (shared IP). If you need a Dedicated IP, it’s going to cost you $10 – $15 per month. Bandwidth allocation also varies per plan. Data limit ranges from 20GB/per month to Unlimited traffic.

Good news for those who looking for a VPN test account. Well, actually, it’s not something to be excited about as the free trial access only lasts for an hour. If you ask us, 1 hour isn’t enough to test out the entirety of PerfectVPN’s features.

Money back guarantee is up to 3 days prior to subscription only.

PerfectVPN Customer Support

PerfectVPN promise to provide a fast and 24/7 reliable customer support. For technical or any concern for that matter, you may open a ticket and the support staff will get back to you ASAP.

It turns out 24/7 isn’t really 24/7. We wanted to test out the live chat support, unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time we needed it. Upon opening the live chat box, we learned that support is only available via ticket due to the high volume of visitors.

PerfectVPN Review Conclusion

PerfectVPN isn’t the “perfect VPN” after all. The service seems to be a bit pricey as well, considering it is only an “access-to-one-country/server” service only. The service doesn’t have a dedicated client app as well. Although the company provide detailed instructions on how to setup the service on various platforms, not everybody can keep up with a technical guide.

PerfectVPN didn’t impress us enough for us to recommend it to our readers.

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