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Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy is a VPN company launched in 2008, based out of New Zealand, but with founding members from different countries. A global venture, Perfect Privacy can be considered a mainstream commercial VPN service provider rather than a dedicated home-grown VPN network.


It’s evident that Perfect Privacy is out there to make a profit but lacks the resources to become a large scale VPN service provider.

This is also visible in the subscription cost, which can be considered highly expensive at best. However, there are a few positives that give this VPN service some authenticity. Let’s take a closer look.

Installation & Configuration

Perfect Privacy offers an SSH client each for Windows, but you have to use an OpenVPN open source client for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. This is a major drawback.

The installation file for SSH can be downloaded upon subscription, and is fairly easy to use. Windows users can enjoy 256 bit encryption and added security features such as stopping the flow of data from the computer if a drop in the VPN connection is detected. Perfect Privacy does not offer any dedicated app for Android or iOS, but manual PPTP connection is available for both mobile operating systems.

Perfect Privacy Client

We really liked the security and encryption options offered by Perfect Privacy. As standard, Perfect Privacy offers 256 bit encryption, but offers up to 4096 bit encryption on their OpenVPN platform.

Apart from these encryption protocols, Perfect Privacy also offers SOCKS 5 and Squid proxies for additional anonymity. If anything, Perfect Privacy can be considered entirely security oriented, and such high grade encryption is almost like the kind available to government agencies such as the NSA. The regular 128 bit encryption is also available for users without any large scale encryption requirements.

Subscription Cost

Subscription cost is going to be the Achilles’ heel for Perfect Privacy. The entire quote in Perfect Privacy is denoted in Euros, but for the sake of simplicity, we have converted it into dollars. The cost for a month’s worth of VPN subscription comes close to $18.76 (conversion rate at present, January 2015). That is high by any standards. Yes, the kind of encryption on offer demands such high costs, which means that this service is aimed at users who demand high levels of online security and anonymity.

Perfect Privacy Cost

However, the cost comes down if you opt for bulk subscription. If you are choosing a quarterly plan, it will cost you $17.04 per month, while the half yearly and annual subscription plans cost $16.11 and $14.22 per month respectively. The cheapest option is the bi-annual pack, which will cost $11.84 per month. The bi-annual subscription costs the same as the monthly subscription cost for other VPN service providers.

The payment options vary between cash payment, PayPal, credit cards, PaySafeCard, WebMoney and Bitcoin. Perfect Privacy offers anonymous payment options, but don’t expect any free trial. Yes, no free trial with a large subscription cost has really made us surprised. There are no refund policies either.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Perfect Privacy promises 2000-3000 Mbps speeds, but realistically speaking, we never achieved anything near that figure.

Due to security features and encryption technologies, we knew that the speed would suffer. In our testing with high encryption, we received up to 40 percent of the available ISP speed, which is fair, and is line with our expectations. But dial it down a notch, and we received up to 55 percent of the available speed with normal encryption.

Perfect Privacy Speed

Reliability is nothing to boast about, but it gets the job done, especially for the SSH platform, which automatically detects a drop in VPN connectivity to terminate the computer’s connection from the network.

When it comes to bandwidth, we were sorely disappointed. 100 GB of traffic limit for peak hours, however, they theoretically offer unlimited bandwidth while using their VPN service during off-peak hours. But for us, the 100 GB traffic limit is a strict no, especially in light of the subscription cost.

Servers & Server Locations

Perfect Privacy Server Locations

Perfect Privacy has wide coverage with over 36 servers installed in 23 different countries. But not all the servers have uniform encryption protocols. Perfect Privacy has classified different servers into different encryption protocols and has assigned unique identities to each server such as ‘limited traffic’, ‘semi-limited traffic’ and ‘unlimited traffic’. Therefore, the user can choose a server according to their needs, but things get complicated when people want to surf through a secure network, but require a larger bandwidth. We would consider this type of VPN service as very confusing to the end user.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

Being a VPN service provider that takes extreme care in offering state-of-the-art encryption technologies, Perfect Privacy is very keen on user anonymity. Apart from offering an anonymous signup process and payment options, Perfect Privacy does not log any user data. The lack of any dedicated IP also means that all traffic is routed through a common port, making it difficult to pin-point the exact path of a user. Therefore, Perfect Privacy can be considered as a completely anonymous VPN service provider.

Customer Support

To be honest, we have heard a lot of negative feedback from the customer support department. Unusual delays were common, and we couldn’t get a direct line with any customer support representative. We had to contact them via email or the website contact form. The FAQ is pretty useless, and there aren’t any tutorials for installing or configuring the VPN on a system. Customer support should be excellent for any VPN service provider that offers premium VPN services, especially the expensive ones.

Issues & Problems

We can safely assume that Perfect Privacy is far from perfect. True, if you are expecting privacy, security and online anonymity, Perfect Privacy is a good choice. But low reliability, sub par speed, average customer support, high cost, no dedicated VPN terminals, lack of any trial or refund and restricted server choice are all major worries for a Perfect Privacy user.

Review Conclusion

We can only recommend Perfect Privacy to those who consider encryption and online anonymity as priority. For others, there are several other cheaper VPN options that offer far more in terms of value for money and VPN features. Visit the Perfect Privacy website to learn more about their services.